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THE SHARED FLAME OF LENR, December 24, 2014

Today it is a very special day- it has to be for religious and more secularist people alike: a day
of active peace, of creative harmony, of the best and most human feelings. 
I want to contribute to these good things however my time is over, I cannot start a new lab, I have as much persuading power as a toothless lion, I am a defenseless victim of the Cassandra Syndrome- but I am not complaining- I have a blog, a voice, a mission I love and enjoy.
When I wrote mission- I thought about the self-assumed infinite and impossible task  to support the new energy source that has started as Cold Fusion and will finish as a multitude of technologies having in common the really NOT platonic interactions of Hydrogen and Metal.
These technologies, despite their chaotic, uncertain present have a great future- unfortunately
not more my future I am sad but I well that the impossible alternative would be worse. So dear LENR please flourish in the coming petergluckless world, conquer that world!
What can I offer you, LENR? Ideas, principles are temporary and perishable- but perhaps an analogy would be a good gift, a stimulative metaphor with explicative expressive, exegetic, exploratory functions and virtues, will be OK?!

From the spiritual niche of my memory, under many layers of secular facts and values- a story came out, trying to convince me that it is the best for  LENR in the true spirit of Christmas:
"THE SACRED FLAME"  by Selma Lagerlof. Strange, because it is an Easter tale but it is about a transformation of vital importance of our LENR community. By  the way our favorite (and unique) classic music TV, Mezzo usually offers Cavalleria Rusticana around Christmas
and the Nutcracker in Spring time.
If you happen to not know it or you have forgotten it (I have sent tons of facts in oblivion just for remembering forever milligrams/carats of jewels as this one) - you can read it in many places on the Net but perhaps the best is to combine text: with audio:

The story starts with

"A long time ago, at the turn of the twelfth century in Florence, Italy, there was a knight named Raniero di Raniero." Nasty times - by the way you remember my septoe: "The 21st Century is the 12th, resurrected" this is true, we can understand easily the story. This Raniero was nasty too a man of great courage and a warrior of first class, however violent, a real bully, troublemaker, undisciplined- a difficult case, socially unfit,  a man of conflict after conflict. No wonder that after some blunders made by Raniero his beloved wife  lets him alone and goes back to her father. Raniero thinks if he will make deeds of great courage, she will admire him and come back. Eventually he participates at a Crusade, Jerusalem is reconquered by the knights and the story converges to putting Raniero in the following situation: he has to bring home the sacred fire to the Madonna's altar in Florence. A hyper-difficult task of logistics, I would say- the flame is so sensitive and has to be protected with so much care! A long adventurous travel and Raniero must change radically his behavior and then his character is also changed, protecting the sacred flame is his determinant task.. Selma Lagerlot is a wonderful story teller- I remember reading this book a few days before we had to sell our library because my father was taken by the Securitate- just as an example and we had no money for food.
I think the spiritual metamorphosis of Raniero is simply wonderful and the Sacred Flame is, with some adaptations a symbol for the general context of our LENR problems too.


Good education, politeness and Netiquette hides many things, but actually and collectively our LENR community is as conflictual as pre-Crusade Raniero, the external hostility against us is reflected by intense intra-group hostility rivalry, theory is theory's wolf. dogma eats dogma for dinner, alpha characters dominate but each want to dominate even more.
Very rarely you can see examples of reconciliation, dissensus is stronger than consensus. 
You will say, I am exaggerating and you are right, however the truth is that there are indeed too many conflicts in LENR-land; each researcher is running with his own flame and so many flames are thus extinguished. Palladium fans try to demonstrate that Ni-H systems do not exist, LENR-at-the-surface people are violently ignored by the LENR in bulk faithful, nobody accepts Widom - Larsen (or now it's Widom and Larsen?), Old Paradigm warriors  are mentally programmed to believe that New Paradigm technologies in statu-nascendi are all fakes and cobra-oil.
 LENR's best journalist became a teacher of conflicts, as aggressive as the hormonally impaired honey badger not much greater than a tom-cat who will not hesitate a second to attack a panther or a lion. LENR+ groups have similar behavior.

I am a bit more peaceful, knowing well that the Old Paradigm will never die just fade away.

We need a new flame , more powerful, heat and light. It is like fire, hotter and cleaner than fire but NOT fire. My heart of technologist and evolutionist hurts when I think that we use so much destructive burning-and if if we put a piece of wood on fire we simplify, destroy such a wonder created by life as cellulose and lignin and other complex macromolecules to lowly carbon dioxide and common water.
We will use a more constructive, more natural flame in processes based om synergy. And our actions will be also based more on synergies, real collaboration
and Friendship. We all, a composite XXI-century Raniero di Raniero, we must recognize that our Ordeal must end and we have work together.

I am happy to announce that his is not idealistic wishful thinking, more such events took place and will come- see please this first, very significant one. My thanks go to the scientist who 145 days after the Fleischmann Pons Press Conference has discovered the Ni-H system; it was LENR's first step toward its bright technological future.I am also thankful to those who prepare this Future as managers and industrialists part of the relay carrying our Flame. 

Piantelli’s Nichenergy Joining LENR Cities Ecosystem

This is also good news, but still needs confirmation:
Bill Gates sponsoring palladium based LENR:

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Tanmay Vora asking us to describe 2014 in 5 words- let's do it, my good LENRist friends:
Let's do it!

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How to Solve a Problem In 3 Steps -- Define It, Redefine It, Repeat

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