Sunday, December 21, 2014


LENR-CITIES event(s).

Yesterday, the following was announced:

LENR Cities to hold Event for Industrialists in Italy, February 2015

I have many reasons, some objective and some personal to be happy for this. Thanks to my early correspondence and friendship with Michel Vanderberghe I could follow the LENR-Cities Project from its start- have seen how a bright managerial idea  is becoming a Project and how now it is developing in an Organization. It can be of paramount importance for the advent and implementation of new energy source LENR and for the unstoppable start of the LENR revolution. 
A special reason to welcome with joy this initiative is the European origin of  LENR-Cities and its Euro-centric character; it is not about competition with the US based LENR, it is more about Europe new voices and Way.
The first LENR Cities will take place next month in Great Britain:                    It is a meeting between an group of LENR scientists quite homogeneous from the point of view of theory; a good idea I think because the externalization of  in-LENR disputes 
regarding theory and understanding could be counter-productive. I am convinced that many LENR  and meta-LENR scientists will establish mutually advantageous collaborations with LENR CITIES. One of their first tasks will be to learn the managerese language for a most fluent and harmonious communication with the
industrialists. This meeting will be kind of pilot episode of the LENR CITIES saga.

Now the second Italy a part of the organization's effort with scientists
and industrialists.

Michel Vanderberghe, CEO of LENR Cities has answere to one 'naturaL" FAQ like 
question regarding this Italian event:

LENR-Cities has no connection with Rossi. LENR-Cities is a pure player in ecosystem development, with a focus on developing an European-centric LENR ecosystem, open to any scientist who is willing to join in order to develop his own activity.

What seems to be strange for many people is that we are talking about an ecosystem, concretely about a kind of  "market sandbox', a tool to make the market, The reason is simple. scientists, industrialists and investors need to have mutual self interest to make things happen.  We think that Innovators and players in place must find a win-win deal. What we are doing is to operationalize a business model to implement this deal.

and, very astute, significant and complex what Michel also says:

Sometimes people ask me what I'm thinking about Rossi. What is really interesting to me is the market and Rossi' story. This shows that if LENR scientific challenge is huge, it is nothing compared to the market challenge. 

If you explore LENR Cities website, you will learn that the organization has opted for an extended, "largo sensu" understanding and approach to LENR- energy and beyond. I risked already from ancient times (1995, more precisely) to think that N is the letter with the most perishable sense  from our basic acronym and many new facts and ideas converge to suggest: "nuclear but less nuclear than thought and not only nuclear energy" LENR Cities has a rather pragmatical reason to change the sense of that endangered letter N:

I'm not a scientist and consequently, I need to keep things simple, that is to say, to have a vision.  I'm listening scientists, and what I've heard is that beyond changing matter properties, there's a way to change the matter itself at low energy,  that is to say making changes that are usually not happening at low energy input, including freeing energy but not only. Energy itself is “structured” and transformed during that kind of reactions or triggers reactions such as Nuclear but within structures which makes them parts of complex changes.

Our thinking is it's a disruptive and paving the way to a disruptive field of science and engineering: (Quantum) Matter engineering; that is to say, producing energy and resources, what the world needs: Energy and capabilities to transforming matter to address global challenges in sustainability and more…

We have a focus on this new field and we've chosen to use the term ‘Low Energy Nanoscale Reactions’, a reference to this field of Science and Engineering about  Energy and beyond energy, nuclear waste mitigation, transmutation, superconductivity, hydrogen production, direct production of electricity and so on. 

We've also chosen this name to foster the recognition of the work done during more than 20 years by pioneers in Cold fusion and other related topics 
Moreover, ‘Nanoscale’ term makes also the connection with materials science which incorporates elements of physics and chemistry, and is at the forefront of nanoscience and nanotechnology research. In recent years, materials science has become more widely known as a specific field of science and engineering.

So much now about the second European event. But the third, fourth and so on?
We here in Romania have just installed a new president -3 hours before I am writing tbis, a former Physics professor of German origin- very dedicated to praxeology- well done work. Romania is a member of European Union- we have creative industrialists too- so there are chances that one of the future LENR Cities events should be organized in my country, and, why not, in my town, Cluj there are many companies and universities here. The problem is only when?

My personal, ab definitio, shortsighted vision (so am I) about LENR Cities:

LENR Cities came just-in-time because 2015 is the game changer year of the breakthrough, of the great progress for LENR. As the Berlin Wall has  fallen 25 yeras ago, now the imaginary but impenetrable wall between energy dream and energy generation will fall too. And LENR-Cities is here, well prepared for what will follow, ready to lead the changes for countries, regions, industries, technologies and people. So be it!

A very smart, balanced comment on my blog: 

2B2 has left a new comment on my post "THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION ABOUT LENR!": 

Sure. I think the energy density is nuclear in nature and I think there is good evidence of transmutations but I don't think there is good indication of how the transmutation occurs, whether it's beta decay, some kind of fusion fission chain, neutron nucleosynthesis, etc. I think at this point it's reasonable to conclude there is a good chance we are dealing with multi body physics, and quantum effects of some yet understood nature.

I do think it exists for both PdD and NiH but I think right now the evidence suggests the reaction is stronger with Ni. 

Life asmodel for LENR
  Related-correlated- or just comparable news/discovery today- LENR is like life
created by a Synergy, and life is marvelous, powerful existing in the most extreme
conditions where food exists:

Scientists discover fish living deeper than any previously recorded:

The meaning of life itself, however the meaning of LENR is energy for Mankind not LENR per se.

Deep reading- for understanding the context of LENR:

Review of Michio Kaku’s, Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century

I make routinely lots of stupid things; what' much worse some uselessly. An example is ostentatively not reading the writings of or about great classic physicists who have spoken unfriendly about cold fusion/LENR, I do harm only to myself. The wise physicist futurist Mikio Kaku is an example. Actually the poor guys have the mistaken vision of a cold hot fusion and
their premises are different from reality or from whta we have learned. And the say some very smart and instructive things- as Michio Kaku says about Synergy - the very fundament of LENR. I promise myself to be more open minded. 

LENR's cousin surprises us again

First direct evidence that a mysterious phase of matter competes with high-temperature superconductivity

This is something rather negative, isn't it? 



  1. So Peter you will see a second Berlin Wall fall!

    thanks for the interview report.

    (I relay your article )

  2. I was hoping that science would accept LENR in my lifetime so that science could help me understand what LENR was really all about.

    But orthodox science and LENR are antagonistic at a fundamental level. The divide here is just too great. If LENR produces transmutation, fusion, and reduces and eliminates radioactive decay/isotopes, there are a few dozen Noble prizes in physics that will need to be returned. The standard model of particle physics has described four fundamental forces. LENR completely ignores how these forces are suppose to operate. The current thinking in Cosmology and how the universe was built is also all wrong.

    For example, the weak force requires 100GeV to produce the weak force carrier particles to activate radioactive decay. LENR does the same job at stabilizing radioactive isotopes for far less energy, that is to say for almost nothing. Something very big is missing somewhere.

    Cluster fusion as seen in LENR requires 100 times more energy is produced by strong force disruption than is involved in the weak force, but LENR also does the job for almost no energy outlay.

    Orthodox science and LENR are so far apart on a fundamental level and science has committed so much to laying fundamental scientific conceptual cornerstones that it will take more than a few generations of scientists to come to accept LENR as reality.

    Its just to much to accept that your Noble prize was issued incorrectly and all your theories are malarkey for those top level scientists to change course now.

    To get LENR out into the world and widely accepted, Rossi is right, industrialization of LENR is the only way to go. Proving LENR in a scientific demonstration to scientists is never going to be successful. Only those who don't know what is suppose to happen will ever accept LENR.