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This is a new form of communication with my readers- a faster
one. I am trying to re-think LENR from the basics and to see how its existential and developmental problems can be solved.
In my most recent publication on the blog, I succeeded to define
the laws/principles governing LENR in the real word. For the time given- the “Otherness + Complexity+ Diversity + Metamorphosis + Creativity + Dynamicity” ideaplex cannot compete with the traditional simple cold fusion born and palladium-, deuterium- based vision of LENR. No problem, I will continue till the end. My end, obviously I want to see the old cold fusion dream becoming reality.
I have decided to tell you each day this month what I learn about LENR or in some connection to-, correlation with it.

Monday December 1, 2014-12-01

November, the nastiest month of the year usually was not marked by special events. A few LENR papers can be found easily here:
Much ado for Bill Gates’ visit at ENEA- Vittorio Violante does not say if he gets funding or what would he do with this funding.
Much negative enthusiasm from Rossi’s abandoned licensees.
No really new information regarding the Lugano experiment; the MFMP guys working hard and fast toward its quasi-reproduction.

My best and dearest American friend, Mike Carrell dies on Nov. 23 without achieving the certainty that Randy Mills’ new process will indeed go commercial. Painful loss, painful question: will I live enough to see “LENR” rising like a phoenix?

Yesterday late evening- my friend Russ George has sent me is
 excellent paper about patents published on his blog:
PATENTS MUST TEACH Realistic, pragmatic thinking re LENR patents including Rossi’s- a must read I think.

An inspiring short essay by Axil re the Higgs boson, LENR and theories on Vortex:

Ends with:
“Those physicists are hypocrites when they criticize LENR for not being well grounded in a single theory and LENR has been at it for only 25 years. The Higgs theory is more than 50 years in the making with no end in sight.”

A similarly consolating idea: Professor Tibor Braun has sent me his paper in pre-publication state re. High Temperature Super Conductivity- the vision of its development appreciated by the 11 Nobel prizes received by HTSC researchers from
1987 till now. No accepted theory for HTSC exists
Tibor is, by the way, a CF sympathizer and diligently waits for a really convincing proof that it works. I have sent him the Lugano Report; however he waits for something even better.
Prof Tibor Braun is founder editor of the following journals
Scientometrics, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry : Fullerene Science and Technology. To not forget Cold Fusion Flash- really the first CF publication in 1989. that
was ended after issue No 13.

Due to an attack of Defrostitis on one of our closed forums, it has started a discussion about the ancient question if LENR takes place in the bulk or on the surface. This dispute always
ends without a decision. My opinion was presented here:
and has never changed. I can reproduce in my blog only my personal contributions:

First starting from my paper cited above:
The paper had zero impact- for example it is not cited in Ed Storms great books. There must be reasons for this- most probably its low scientific level.
But it was conceived in the spirit of problem solving, I consider(ed) that the reproducibility problem is intolerable.
It was about the catalytic nature of CF (the reactions take place in active sites on the metal surface) about killer impurities, the essential role of the dynamics of the metal surface atoms. The most provocative idea was this: 
paradoxically, lack of reproducibility has an amazingly great informational value. 
I concluded that the R-problem is inherent to the experimental system used and says a lot about the topology, nature and mechanisms of the essential reactions.
I concluded that the common factor that can cause irreproducibility is the blocking of active sites by gas molecules from air- an unpopular idea in our circles. An interesting event- cathode 64 of Energetics which I thought to be due to the aleatory protection of the active sites by adsorption of a very thin layer of silicon oil has lead to the idea that the cathodes could be protected by quasi- monomolecular layers of surface active agents perhaps cationic plus non-ionic. I wrote about this to the greatest experimenters but the idea was never tried - its execution is not easy.

I have learned a lot from Piantelli and DGT, indirectly from Rossi and the facts have forced me to believe in things I dislike and I hope they will be shown to be false and even stupid. But I cannot ignore them, just because I have the mentality of a problem solver.

The general situation of LENR is marked by perplexity, we do not understand the basics and we do not have any known strategy for solving the core problem in experiments- reproducibility, scale-up-control.  

An unavoidable rule seems to be the following; "wet and not deeply degassed metal surfaces cannot assure usable (reproducible, scaled-up, under control results"- i.e. are not viable technologically. This idea can be rejected only experimentally.
If I am right (?) even the Manhattan Project’s money is unable to convert a PdD wet electrochemical cell in a new energy generator.”


the option is between "on the volume" and "in the surface"
It is a historical malheur that LENR was not discovered on Ni
or Cr or W but on Pd - a metal characterized by a desperate competition between bulk and surface for hydrogen; this fight leads to chaos and an almost unmanageable system.”

More coming tomorrow.


  1. Dr. Edmund Storms wanted to place here the following comment but had some difficulties with he blog- it happens::

    "Peter, you miss the reason why the surface-volume debate is so important. The present collection of theories have assumed the LENR reaction occurs within the ideal lattice of PdD. If LENR actually occurs in the near surface region, these theories have no value because the actual nuclear active material is not PdD, but instead a very complex collection of compounds and alloys. Therefore, the location will have a large impact on the various proposed explanations."


  2. Dr. Storms,

    I just wanted to thank you for that exceptionally lucid explanation of your reasoning about this topic. It was easy even for someone like myself, not trained in the physical sciences, to understand.

  3. Well I don't see how it can feasibly work in the bulk if Rossi has LENR+.

    There is simply not enough bulk.

  4. I understand LENR is electromagnetic in nature and as such, an analogy might well be drawn between LENR processes and electromagnetic circuits.

    If LENR was carried inside of the lattice, that would be analogous to a Direct current(DC) current. If LENR occurs only on the outside of the lattice, that is analogous to a Alternating Current(AC).

    There are different rules for designing a AC circuit as compared to a DC circuit. So it is important to determine how power moves from the source to the load.

    The energy source of LENR is heat which is analogous to a source of AC like a generator. Heat is a well know form of light. It is also well known that light transfers power in the form of waves. The wave motion of heat must be organized in the lattice and that is accomplished through dipole motion of electrons and holes on the surface of the lattice.

    Like any EMF circuit where power is transferred, concentrated, converted and focused, a LENR system might well be considered a complex circuit where power is carried from a source to a load. The source in LENR is heat and the load is the nuclei of atoms.

    Because heat is a wave like alternating energy source, there is an impedance factor to consider. The LENR circuit must be impedance matched between the source and the load to maximize power transfer between the heat source and the nucleus.

    In some LENR systems, the LENR circuit design is inherently poor and little power is transferred between the source and the load. In other systems(LENR+), the circuit design is much better where the wave nature of the power source is recognized so that power is transformed in a more efficient way.

    What is not yet currently recognized are all the rules for LENR circuit design and what LENR components will provide the maximum efficiency at impedance matching between the source and the load.

    But as an example, some rules are becoming apparent. Heat energy is best correlated, concentrated and focused by using micron sized particles whose size is resonant to the frequency of the light (heat) that drives the dipole motion of the electrons on the surface of these particles.

    But nanoparticle aggregations consistent with antenna theory can also be sized to some resonant fraction of the wave length of the light. This technique can work also.

    In order to become good LENR circuit designers, we must put effort into discovering and engineering LENR active components and understand how these components work together to unlock the electromagnetic nature of the nucleus.

  5. Dr. Storms, What is your opinion of Rossi now? Thanks.

    1. I believe Rossi has discovered how to make nickel nuclear active. I believe he does not understand how it works, hence has poor control of the process and poor reproducibility, but better than is typical of other efforts to cause LENR. I believe he does not reveal a great deal about his process to the causal observer, so his tests look confusing and incompetent. Nevertheless, I believe he has provided the investors with correct and useful information. He is a business man who is trying to make money. He is not a scientist who is trying to educate the world. Therefore, we need to judge what he does through this lens. Therefore, I accept none of the details he provides about his process or about the nuclear reactions he proposes as the source of energy. He can make nuclear energy. That is the only claim we can trust. The rest is illusion.

    2. Thanks, Dr. Storm.

      Isn't it possible that all the tests were badly done and Rossi could be hiding fraud? And are you aware of his extensive criminal record? Of the fiasco results of his claim to high power thermoelectric devices he received millions from DOD for? Thanks again for the replies. I value your opinions.