Saturday, May 31, 2014


I have received today this paper that has made me angry:

Actually, it is not about our Cold Fusion, bur from sci-populistic reasons it infamously tells that “cold fusion died an inglorious death”
This is completely false, however, sadly enough, after 301+ months of history, of bright and smart worldwide efforts, the desired contrary of that: “it has started a glorious and useful new life” is also not true.
We still have to wait while fugit irreparabile tempus however hope is still there…but for how many of us?
I have repeatedly stated that classic cold fusion/LENR is not what we wanted it to be and, as such, it remains weak and unmanageable. Few of you believe me, however cannot contradict me with facts. The new forms of CF (if we take it in its broadest sense) are under strong attack on many fronts.

The state of the field is not a source of happiness and I am asking with sadness:

What would my dear, good friends, already in the Heaven of Cold Fusion: Hal Fox, Chris Tinsley, Gene Mallove, Akira Kawasaki, say today about CF’s status?

A painful question and unanswerable- infinite energy generates also infinite patience?
I will ask them all  soon, but I am not in great hurry, so I am asking you now, my friends still in battle, old and young, what do you think- what would our Heroes say and DO? And you?



  1. 30 years back known as GuruMay 31, 2014 at 4:00 AM

    Dear Peter, easy. Some meaningles little boy is screaming. He is typical very lazy so called "investor" (in reality small speculator). He is so much lazy, that He not read 2011 E-Cat test papers, not 2013 test papers, not Defkalion XRFS papers. Importance of his "advices" is in thousand dollars lossess or saves for whole world. Absolute meaningless.

    Here folks who know some test papers may think whole different. For example: When 2009 financial crisis came, at what level sunk Oil Prices ?
    Yes Brent Oil somewhere to 47 USD and Texas West to 43 USD for barrel (from theirs 120 USD levels).

    And second question: Such 4,2 Trillion USD bad investment into repacked subprime mortgages was more important total strategic whole Planet Earth and future of humanity RELEVANCY then some technologies which at start will annihilate coal and uranium businesses, later gas, tarsands businessess and later oil businessess ?

    NO. Such bankers and mutual funds games was not greater relevancy then some LENR techs (or as Defkalion called them HENI, or Steorn called them "Magnetic" - yes avoid word nuclear).

    So it is easy to leave folks at SeekingAlpha to loss few thousands dollars on some bad advices from little lazy "investor". Whole world saw where sunk oil prices during 2008-2009 episode.

    What to write for "Seeking Better Alpha" column at Egou Out blog ?

    Yeah: Know OANDA UK ? Not bad company. It is possible open account at Oanda UK with as low as 100-200 USD. At OANDA UK it is possible buy or sell short from 1 barrel of oil. Brent and West Texas.
    It is possible to set up Waiting Orders. It is possible to set up Waiting orders at every possible price level. You may set up waiting orders for sell 5 barrels of oil at 99,6 USD price level, sell 7 barrels at 99,3 USD and 9 barrels at 98,7 USD etc. etc. etc. etc. end of this snowballing is sell 100 000 barrels at 53 USD level. It is legal. It is possible with 200 USD. And every waiting order is possible immediatelly accompanied with profit taking parameter.

    Insane ? No. When some bankers sold scammed repackaged mortgages and world realize this, Oil go down to 43 USD. Some day world realize that working LENR tech is reality and nobody knows to what level energy prices will sink. Is this better then nothing ? Sure.
    Better then blabbing around Krivitt and HephaHeat "is beyond some limits" ? For sure.

    Folks think twice fro your family, childs, grandchild and future. Value of risk ? Yeah 200 USD.

    Who not love Oanda UK, may look at FXCM UK (not worst broker)
    Both have very user friendly software and nice live charts.

    1. Dear Guru,
      I will tell the truth: I do not understand exactly what you say- cannot follow all the connections, correlations you make. But we are friends, we both like Czech beer(s) so my hope is youwill come back with step-wise clear explanations. Thank you!

  2. Dear Peter,

    sure. Step by step.

    1. What wrote Mr. Emerson is absolutely meaningless. Lesser then nothingness.

    And for some reason (probably not pasterisation) Czech (Zatecke) and also Moravian Beer (Radegast and Ostravar), also Hanusovice was 33 years back far better far full tasty then today. Today here beers tasted like water plus some synthetic added ethanol plus cheap bad foreign ingredients. After second swallow it is impossible to third swallow. Shortly slurry. Folks simply today not remeber what was taste of beers when they was great. I know what I am write, at these times We must go to mandatory summer job (brigade) and I choose local brewery.

    Dear Peter, what is your favorite brand ?

    1. Dear Guru,

      Thanks- I have to confess, I have a limited practical culture in matter of Czech beer- in one of my favorite books t(Svejk) there are many sorts described but..cui prodest? I have visited the country only once
      when I still was Romania's PVC guru- was at the Neratowice plant
      where I had a good friend, great specialist Josef Zdrazil. Focuused
      on technology, I neglected beerology.

      Now here in Cluj you can get mainly two sorts, Krusowice black and Staropramen- blonde. It happens I prefer black beer- very proletarian habit. Romanian beer is also good, there are many sorts
      my all favorite is SILVA black.

      The world will be OK when gastronomy will be the most important of all sciences.


  3. I think that in cold fusion we have two problems.

    The first one is a gigantic groupthink, that make the mainstream and the masses behave in a clearly irrational way, ignoring peer-reviewed evidence, and refusing to look into something that in the worst case is simply nor absolutely sure.
    this pahse is painful for us , like people denying a bird in the garden, whene we see a thousands.

    My sad prediction is that there is no limit to groupthink, until it gives practical advantage to people making money with the heresy.

    The second problem is engineering, as you say between LENr and LENR+.

    If we go back to the story of fission, people have to know that according to the theory of people who build the first fission reactors, the reactors should have exploded... hopefully their theory was incomplete, and they did not understand it enough, so they tried.
    the secret was that the negative retroaction from temperature to power, should not be fast enough to avoid explosion, if the fission and the neutrons was instantaneous as the theory was saying... hopefully there was delayed neutrons that dampened the reaction, making it controllable by the temperature retroaction.

    the wet LENr is hopeless, but as we see there is no need with wet systems. the retroaction is also a more serious problem, but if you les engineers works few years with few millions, they will find many solutions...
    Why not even use methods like TRIZ to solve the control-command problem of LENR.

    the only problems is that the engineers will start to work on LENR+ challenges when they will be funded.
    and they will be funded when the groupthink stops.
    and the groupthink will stop when there is a working LENR+ reactor.

    it have been the catch-22 of the 2 last decades.
    I hope it will end, and soon mainstream engineers will do what they do the best : solve problems, for a salary.

    i hop just that a campaign of citizen justice will bring all the participant of the groupthink in from of citizen justice, and I propose to build a People Tribunal to deter the next generation of grouthinker to enter the game.

  4. Dear Alain,

    Thank you- it is the sketch of an editorial I want to publish on Ego Out together with my answer; I like your approach and ideas, howevwe this does not mean I agree completely with them. Without a bit of Disputitis, there is no
    publishing and I want to publish your essay plus my answer. Please never forget that "Bis dat qui cito dat" is my personal favorite slogan.

  5. Roughly one year (maybe more) back a Benjamin Fulford, who has sometimes very wild articles and is in contact with shady folks of all sorts, wrote that some non-public session of agenda makers decided and agreed, that introduction of these new energy technologies must be perform with minimal losses to existing old (comrades) businesses.

    I laughed greatly because prior doing thousand simulations of what may happen when new energy technologies as LENR will introduced into markets and no matter what parameters, costs, timeframes etc. always the result was the same: substantial and later total loss of market value (market capitalisation) of wide array of old fashioned businesses. No matter what cabalists decide or what delay will. Always the same result.
    So I wrote to Fulford: What is this magic style of "right" introduction of new energy technologies ? And he was quiet.

    It is my comment for Alain: Some Cabalists are aware of arise of new tech and some Cabalist refuse these with note "It is impossible". Even my Brother-in-law who is 30 years a member of National Scientific Academy refused all LENR with the same one sentence: "It is impossible".
    So agenda makers very probably will pushing worst possible style of introduction of LENR tech: Shady, underground, quiet, without press conerences, without fanfares, after closed doors meetings, i.e. not too much public. Not too much glory in hope of minimalisation of panic or minimalisation of market capitalisation value of their companies.
    A number of these companies is state owned or half owned and these cabalists have seats in supervizory boards etc.
    These "fast-fermented" or "half-baked" economist/politics have false hope, that they will push slow, quiet, under-radar, non-public i.e. Rossi, IH, DGT style introduction, that they something miraculously will saved a giants old-fashioned companies in endangered sectors (industries).
    This is false hope. I see clear that some of them are already playing game - in our country card game called Cerny Petr (Black Peter) - it is card play where one card "Black Peter" is undesirable and all players are trying to get rid of this card. So it is desperate saw how dumb corrupted management of our country energetic giant CEZ is trying to BUY abandoned assets of Vattenfall. It is absurd. It is worst possible burlesque and result of this "safe style of introduction of LENR" - this style loved by Rossi, IH, DGT etc. If this awaiting report from 6 months test will again published somewhere in Uzbekistan or JoNP or ARXIV, so it is exactly about I write here.

    1. I don't think, for general behaviors, from market evolution, from human nature, that ther is any "business" coverage of LEBR.

      it is a pute, pathetic, frequent, academic groupthink.

      the businessmen should take notice that they are very wrong to trust the academics. They are fooled like kids of 3 by a nasty older brother.

      Academic save their buts by preventing the public to see the facts, desperately, unconsciously, visciously...
      and they are protected by watchdogs, member of fanclub, that can do the work the academics cannot do because they have a brain.

      never remember that Oild companies have funded cold fusion research and published their results.
      the people who prevented the result of Amoco, of Shell, even CEA, Toyota, mitsubishi, BARC, LANL, have been the academic, the scientific media, the mainstream media...

      finance guys are victims, not cabalist.

    2. Dear Alain,

      fortunately a academic inquisitors not own a reserve funds of big corporations. These reserve funds (cash and cash equivalents) are at highest ever level last 2 years.

      Publicly traded companies must mandatory publish important news. So: IH with some publicly traded manufacturing partner, big podium, NOT at Sunday or Saturday or Friday (it is baddest possible), 300 press folks, 30 TV folks, 50 banksters, 100 Venture Funds, BusinessWire, Bloomberg, Reuters - shock & awe press conference with 2 simple graphs from 6 months test (energy in, energy out) and 14 signatures and next few months academic world will irrelevant. Academic will banned abusive word. Respected as naked shaman from Amazonia at Bilderberg cabal session.

      Although most probably style will again Rossi, DGT style: dark secret contracts, talks behind closed doors, foggy, fuzzy introduction. XXX billion more losses. Extreme unscrupulous. Black Peter card play for 1-2 years more. Trying transfer hundreds billions losses on some other entities or better taypayers again (proven way).

      Shock & awe is only one right style. Other style will generate much higher costs and losses.

  6. So is STEP 2 for Peter: As above mentioned, cabalist do not understand that total lossess will greater when they will quietly, slow, under radar with help of Swedish Radio introducing new tech. They want get rid of "Black Peter" card. (sorry it is pure coincidence).

    Scenario A: Fast, shocking, awe introduction in full swing:
    This will cause XXXX billion USD of losses in Market capitalisation
    and minimal losses in next future sunk costs into old technologies

    Scenario B: Moderate, mild, insipid introduction with half doubts, half "if", somewhere in Iceland Popular Scientific magazine for teenagers and press conference in Corfu:

    This will cause exactly the same XXXX billion USD of losses in Market capitalisation plus some XXX losses in next future sunk costs into old technologies

    Scenario C: Worst possible cabalist introduction behind closed doors, without press (or press release sink between Justin Bieber last news).
    Rossi style, DGT style some blabs at NIweek and it is all what public and We here will know. Some 3-5 manufacturies will buy this new tech, after few years some more news will "allowed".

    This will cause exactly the same XXXX billion USD of losses in Market capitalisation (although in longer timeframe and transferred onto new owners of such "Black Peter" cards)
    PLUS XXXX billions USD in next future sunk costs into old technologies by error and ignorance.

    So is looking Fulford reported "introduction of new energy technologies into world with minimal lossess for existing old businesses"

    Conclusion: It is no matter what scenario IH, DGT and cabalists will choose. In every case heavy losses of market capitalisation will occured,
    which is not secret - it is possible to heavy profited - even for small one folks

  7. Daer Guru.

    I have followed the fight of Cold Fusion for survival and, in a sense I even was in the frontlines at Fusion Facts, Infinite Energy, New Energy Times - on the Web, at conferences. It is very difficult problem having many sources.
    Evil conspirators can be one of these. I wrote a lot about evil see please my:
    "Stop Koalemos!" tragically realistic.
    Can you please explain - by private post if you wish- how the quality of Czech beers has degenerated, is thi true-true or something personal? The minimum age of a Guru is 35 so you cannot be very young now! And old age is not for... you know what.

    1. Dear Peter,
      it is bizarre fact that during communist regime We here had better taste beer.
      I remember tastes and aromas for more then 40 years without problem.
      In communism breweries have not hard currency, so they use superb quality our domestic malt and hop. Our country hop was always so superb quality, it is often sold out 1-2 years forward.

      After communism collapse a Staropramen and virtually all branches/trademarks was sod into foreign supranational companies. For Staropramen going last 15 years at minumum story they not use superb domestic hop anymore, they supposedly buy low quality Japan or Taiwan or something.
      During communism times domestically sold beer was not pasteurised, except small quantity for export.
      So these beers was unbelievable tasty: for example
      a special Hanusovice with yeast (leaven) was so fantastic that everyone and me also drink up (dry up) a half liter glass at one draft.
      Few kilometers around Ostravar or Nosovice (Radegats) wa s fantastic odour of malt. Folks immediately salivated.

      Today for me it is impossible to drink up more then 2 gulp (sip).
      It is pasteurised and taste as water with colouring, saponate.
      In truth it taste as urea. So much bad as all German beers which I tested some 24 years back except of Bittburger.
      Today Czech and Moravian beers are half scam or their head brewers don't remember what taste their beer had 30 years back.
      My guess: Half of this tragedy is caused by mandatory pasteurisation and second half by scam - low quality foreign components, synthetic saponates - shortly: scam

      Beers was once our national treasure and cultural inheritance.
      Today it is scam. And young folks love this urinae taste, they never know that once beer was fantastic. What a joke!

    2. Simply demoralizing what you say, I cannot even answer.
      Sincerely. In Romania it is different- during the Ceausescu years
      we had a very modest supply of loq quality beers (queeing in summertime) I had good wine Rose directly from the wine research institute plus tzuika plum brandy from the peasants directly. the local ursus beer was dreadful- yaesty in the worst sense.
      After 1989 a lot of beer factories using mainly German licences were built- it is a fierce competition and many brands are tasty.
      It happens today I was with my wife at our favorite restaurant
      ROATA Cluj, take please a look at the website- for trip soup mainly ("ciorba de burta") that can be really good only at restaurants and i had a Carlsberg beer- quite good.

      Perhaps you can travel to Romania for a study- be my guest in Cluj!
      Re drinking during socialism, please take a look yo my classic: "
      Sue Ellen Principle and Kaltwasser Doctrine" you will resonate with it, I thiink. (on my Blog)

    3. Dear Peter,

      I greatly appreciate Your invitation to Romania. Last time I was in Romania 46 years back as very little boy. I remember: some roads near river ferry was so much steep, We must ride at backward speed with Wartburg car (front axle powered). And billions mosquitoes and medusas at beaches at Black Sea. A local Gypsies which wait until we drink up our soda bottle and they scoop every empty bottle (for some small profit). And some vegetable soups similar as borscht in only one local restaurant.

      Last years I am physically handicapped and not capable to drive 800 km. When I held emergency duty 2 years back - because DGT threatened to be published report, my back collapsed. I can only be transported lying down.

      So maybe after some markets turbulences, I can arrive by ambulance van to Romania. No joke.
      I am working in bed, around bed I have few computers and displays. Keyboard on chest. Funny part of this is I am earning 4 times as much then I was healthy. Handicapped folks simply may be more focused.

      My note about chance of profit was real thing. Sometimes banksters and brokers use some wars, crisis or disasters as extraordinary opportunities. It is not my fault. Banksters and hedge funds folks love this. Some of them probably also lying on the sofa or designo lounger and execute trades. With modern technologies there is no obstacle for common folks doing similar way. With today FX and commodity brokers a common folks may doing highly leveraged trades with few dollars on account. It's no matter whether first in news will IH/Rossi ot-Cat report or start of selling OverUnity water heaters by 2 biggest manufacturers (name HephaHeat will not used). DGT will probably late and by price/performance uncompetitive.
      Such opportunity is once per life.

  8. Dear Peter,

    From experience, exchanging messages with "Guru" is about as rewarding as talking to a wall.

  9. Infinite energy generates only infinite stupidity...

    Infinite energy generates gonzos and believers that talk on a Blog.

    1. True! Welcome and thanks for your contribution to the Koalemos Effect!

    2. You're welcome!
      You deleted my previous but it doesn't matter.
      Like an old gullible and dud man you can just try to hide the truth.

    3. I have deleted it because it is not adequate to "welcome" me to my own blog. It is not relevant that I am old as far as I have no Alz officially. 'Dupab'le was better that 'gullible and dud', but anyway
      we will see if it was true. OK?

      Who are you? A new star of the skeptics or some traditional attacker? If I will start ever a new Blog, anonymous people will not allowed to comment, why should I encourage cowardice?


    4. Dear Peter,

      as is immediately apparent that You are good-hearted man, who helps others, it is not fault simply steamrolled such these disrespectful provocateurs. Some folks are not capable small multiplication tables, others are not capable understand banking systém and some are not capable moderate analysis of LENR docs. They are bosses in kindergarten. Here is not their domain of excellence.

    5. Dear Guru,

      just to notice that your other, longer messsage has appeared only in gmail. Blogger is showing some occult phenomena, sometimes.
      soe in page visits counting. But no problem.

      Sincerely I do not care for trolls- they are as Mao would say ust electronic paper tigers.
      This summer interesting things have to happen in LENR- let's see.

      I appreciate and admire your human and heroic attitude re your mobility problem- can i help you with some websearch suggestions? I know lots of interesting places on the Web due to my over 10 years experience of editing websearch newsletters
      What are your hobbies? I for example I love opera music and know it quite well- see my writing on the blog
      Please write me to


    6. You're a goofy man that support Greek scam and fraud.

    7. However I have the courage to take resposibility of my opinions and
      I am not a morally handicapped coward attacking anonymously like you. Who are you?