Sunday, September 2, 2012

Good Papers

Novel Nano-Structures to Realize Hydrogen's Energy Potential:

Politics and Prejudice Explored:

Network Theory Breakthrough Reveals The Origin Of Outbreaks
Researchers solve the seemingly impossible problem of using only a few measurements to find the first victim of a disease:

Researchers Probe Invisible Vacancies in Fuel Cell Materials:

It is more important to be kind than clever:

The Neuroscience of Creativity and Insight:

Myths and Truths About Atheism+:

How Humans Solve Problems, and Why it Affects Your Business Strategy:

Heat-Driven Water Splitting. An improved catalyst could lead to cheaper ways of producing hydrogen from water:

One-Molecule-Thick Material Has Big Advantages:

School Reform for Realists. Partnerships between business and education have a place in solving the talent gap, but not in http://wthe way most executives expect:                                   

8 Countries Where Atheism Is Accepted, Even Celebrated, Instead of Demonized
In many places around the world, this is an unprecedented era of freedom and social acceptance for non-believers :

In Search of a Perfect Shave. Can New Products and Techniques Make Shaving Better? Calling Out the Myths:

Barriers of Personal Knowledge Management:

Can Quantifying Our Lives Make Us Healthier?:

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