Sunday, September 30, 2012


Nanotechnology Ready to Treat Cancer, Alzheimer's & Obesity:

Human Nature in the Lab and on the Page:
Could the Internet Become Conscious like the Human Brain?

Mathematics of Opinion Formation Reveals How Moderation Trumps Extremism
Historians know that the best way to replace an extremist view is with an equally extreme opposing view. Now mathematicians have discovered how to make moderation spread instead:

New Chemistry Technique Reproduces Nature's Elusive Complexity

The Age of Big Data and the Death of Theory by Piero Scaruffi

Six degrees of mobilisation
Technology and society: To what extent can social networking make it easier to find people and solve real-world problems?:

As Children’s Freedom Has Declined, So Has Their Creativity
New research suggests that American schoolchildren are becoming less creative:

Life in the Extreme: Hot Acids and Heavy Metals Make Similar Organisms Deal With Stress in Different Ways:

Language Use Is Simpler Than Previously Thought, Study Suggests:

Biologists Replay 500 Million Years Of E Coli Evolution In The Lab. Astrobiologists have recreated 500 million year-old bacteria then watched them evolve. The plan? To look for universal laws of biological evolution:

The Myths that prevent change:

It seems GOOD PAPERS is not an attractive title, I tried a new one.

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