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Man is the only kind of varmint that sets his own trap, baits it, then steps in it. 
(John Steinbeck)

My strongest weakness is curiosity, specifically LENR curiosity and I am angry beyond any limits seeing how slow it goes on its meandering way- and I will not see the real great victories of it. I am searching for LENR info many hours daily and due to excessive curiosity I am falling stupidly in some smartly built traps.
Probably this has happened- Google has detected some trouble with my account
and I had to change instantly my safety settings. I like my account, it is the oldest
of all owned by people of the same name- Google mail was in an incipient stage when I have obtained it. It is part of my life and it was stolen... but I took it back. Thanks Google.  Google knows the value of time and the value of personal values.

As you have already seen it on Ego Out many times, Technology progresses by solving the  problems of transport, transfer and transformation of information, energy and matter.
I had the privilege to live when this was accomplished for transport and transfer of energy; from the three giants who have accomplished this- Microsoft, Google and Apple I was connected to Google because I predicted they will be those who convert search in finding. I have worked for web search when this became a splendid reality- more than 10 years. And because for them my time too is seen as kairos not as chronos.
LENR is part and spearhead of a similar evolution for energy. The task is even more difficult- and it is huge, so three giants will not suffice. In practice now we have a monopoly of Rossi.
It happens that today I have met a friend Walter Braia, after an absence of more than 65 years- he lives in Frankfurt am Main- has made a fine career in mechanical engineering. He spoke about turbines, I have tried to inform him about LENR+. When I told him about the 1MW plant, he told very rudely that 400 days is an obscenely long testing period. Probably he is based here on his own, different experience.

Which companies will be the ET (energy technology, not what you think!) equivalents of the IT leaders- Microsoft, Apple, Google in the energy revolution? There will be 
tens of smaller ones- I am so curious to know!


ICCF-19 photographies made by G.V. Tarasenko;


ICCF-19 video made by G.V. Tarasenko;

All the posters of ICCF-19 compiled by Jed Rothwell


Report of Rochester, Minnesota Public LENR Presentation by Tom Wind (Ivan Idso)

Hank Mills's questions are good but not answerable, as you see:

Andrea Rossi
April 27th, 2015 at 5:32 PM

Hank Mills:
1- no, this issue is not that simple
2- the issue is confidential
3- same as in 2
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  1. Peter Gluck posted: "Which companies will be the ET (energy technology, not what you think!) equivalents of the IT leaders- Microsoft, Apple, Google in the energy revolution?" I think it's very possible that these SAME companies will be involved in the ENERGY revolution. I want an Apple LENR-electric car, and Google "blood relatives" were in attendance at ICCF-19, with Bill Gates and friends apparently visiting everyone. I would like to see some "fresh faces"! Tom Tarden et al may be the nexus of "commercialization" with their enduring support of Green Technology.

    1. this question is fundamental.

      my position, influenced by what I read is that the model of the big corps "à la Rockfeller" or "à la Exxon" is dead.
      even "google" is not as great as we imagine.
      those kind of companies are just aggregator of the entrepreneurship of millions of converging wills...
      apps developer, salemen, manufacturer, editors, writers, shopowner, landlords, ....

      the future of energy is more like AirBnb, a billions of reactors, run by a billion of owners working together for billions of clients, and managed by millions of servers, programmed by thousands of companies, who are piloted by a dozen of "orchestrators" companies... who just establish fair platforms where reactors, owners, clients, servers, programmers, traders, all feel happy and fairly treated or else they go elsewhere...

      LENR unlike oil or electricity don't need huge capital to be run.

  2. IMHO, my bet is likely to go with a Saudi owned/finaced 'greenfields' corporation. Probably an off-shoot of an existing utilities or technology manufacture & distribution company who otherwise might be faced with oblivion if a rapid emergence of LENR technology happens (who can really say). It appears clear to me that one important ingredient needed is expertise and manufacture and distribution of energy modules. Car companies have that expertise and global infrastructure. Large battery companies also have much appreciation of such complexities.

    It has been my own observation over many years of business, that names and money do not guarantee success in new fields. Names & money do not guarantee continued success for those people even within even their chosen fields of expertise. Most end up diversifying to survive but tend to stick to their known areas of expertise.

    Companies are usually best advised to stick to their core competencies lest they learn the very hard way that 'green fields' are mostly best exploited by those with young new fresh ideas and few inherent biases are fixed ways of thinking, that can tend to corrupt their goals.

    Money and names are certainly capable of influencing new startups and people. They are also capable of some manipulation of directions of new ideas and technologies.