Thursday, April 23, 2015



A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” 
― John Lennon

But, as the example of LENR shows it, only if you dream realistically, not disconnected from reality. We have to learn how to dream our LENR+ dream.  I already know it will go slowly But we will get power from reality and the generators will get power from the best recipes of LENR+.


Here’s Swedish LENR company Neofire

Q&A with Michel Vandenberghe of LENR-Cities on the LENG Ecosystem
What follows is not a LENR paper, however here are some known experts confirming what Michel says and does:
The 5 Strategy Rules of Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs
I think Michel has to try to publish a LENRG paper in HBR! This is a performance worth 20% of a Nobel Prize for Economy.

New LENR efforts reported, Rossi and Parkhomov could team up:

New analytical results from Parkhomov:

ICCF-19 start of “new cycle”;

Quantum Gravity Research on Cold Fusion

ICCF-19 presentation by Vladimir Vysotskii (video )

Edmund Storms, Thomas Grimshaw, Grimshaw & Associates LLC and LENRGY LLC:

ICCF-19 presentation by Anatoly Klimov (video )( not complete) :

ICCF-19 presentation by Volomdymyr Dubinko ( video )
Quantum Tunneling in Breather "Nano-Colliders"

LENR presentation by Peter Hagelstein (incomplete)

FOR MY RUSSIAN SPEAKING FRIENDS, Padua videos by Gennadyi Tarasenko:

ICCF-19 Падуа - YouTube

ICCF-19, Италия, Кафедра минералогии университета

It was a third, Vok Shop but it got lost! Ia sozhaleiu!


Jean Luc Paillet- whom I thank for this- sends the following, possibly LENR connecte scientific news/discoveries:
Electrons move like light in three-dimensional solid

Chemists create 'comb' that detects terahertz waves with extreme precision:

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