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ICCF-19 INFO for APRIL 16 plus news

There is no substitute for presence- ICCF-19 information flows , however we still don't know important things about the Posters of yesterday and today. But we have many other fragments of information in course of processing in a global vision of the Conference.

ICCF-19- Third Day

Jean Paul Biberian in French:
ICCF19 à Padoue, day 3

Alain Coetmeur in  English:

Technical Discussion with Alexander Parkhomov on his Replications



First set

 Steven Katinsky
Industrial Association for LENR

Impact of Electrical Avalanche through ZrO2-NiD Nanostructured CF/LANR Component on its Incremental Excess Power Gain

LENR by low-voltage cathode plasma electrolysis

Off-Mass-Shell Particles and LENR

Second set.

Energy Release and Transmutation of Chemical Elements in Cold Heterogeneus Plasmoid

Transmutation of Cs133 Isotope to Ba Nucleus During Growth of Methanogenic Bacteria of Sea Sludge

Lithium-An Important Additive in CMNS

Technology of Environmentally Clean Remediating Radioactive Waste Based on Low Energy Transumation of Radioactive Nuclides

Katinski, Changling--> LENR+


01 El-Boher
Effect of Pd nanoparticles co-deposition on excess heat generation and H/D loading in electrochemical and permeation cells

02 Hamm
Electrochemical Analysis of Palladium Cathodes toward the Advancement of Reproducibility High H/D Loading Ratios

03 Biberian
Experimental Evidence of Excess Heat by Mass Flow Calorimetry with Ni-LiAlH4 Powder

04 El-Boher
Final Report on calorimetry-based excess heat trials using Celani treated NiCuMn (Constanan) Wires

05 Goryachev
Implementing Innovative Technologies for Cleaning Sea Areas from Solid Pollution

06 Houwelingen
LENR Market: Update and Opportunities

07 Lecci
Methods for F&P Experiments Electrodes Materials Key Features Investigation

08 Kidwell
Observations of RF Emissions and heat in electrochemical loading experiments

09 Parchamazad
Optimization of Zeolites in Cold Fusion Systems

10 Biberian
Pressurized Plasma Electrolysis

11 Goryachev
"Road Map" for Developing Engineering Applications of LENR Technologies

12 Dmitriyeva
Role of dopants in deuterium loading during electrochemical experiment

13 El-Boher
Search for excess heat in electrolysis using single-walled carbon nanotubes SWCNT and graphene-coated palladium cathodes

14 Marano
Synthesis and Characterization of Pd-Ni-ZrO2 composite materials for LENR investigations

15 Goryachev
Technology of Wasteless Low Cost Desalinating Sea Water Based on Low Energy Transumation Of Chemical Elements

16 Zatelepin
The Concept of Propulsion with LENR heat source for aircraft and ground application

Houwelingen, Goryachev, Biberian --. LENR+
El Boher (all), Kidwell, Hamm --> the future of PdD as subjects of scientific study; Celani wires

Day 4 news from Mats Lewan who has arrived to Padua this morning:
ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #5: Mats Lewan Reports via Twitter)


See please this dialogue:

April 15th, 2015 at 3:56 PM

Uh-oh! It seems fossil energy sector is not scared at all of ICCF people… quotes for crude oil have never been so high since december, soaring 9% higher than last week prices… or, at least, oil men are sure all energy sources will be integrated, as always Rossi said. Let’s wait for the last days of the meeting.

I don’t buy the story of peaceful integration, I’m a smart guy that look ahead and just previously of ICCF I sold my house, my MTBike, my mother and my little brother and bet heavily all what I’ve got on the fall of oil. It is only a temporary loss, I’m pretty sure some clamorous bombs will be dropped during next sessions in Padua. I’ll keep you updated
Andrea Rossi
April 15th, 2015 at 7:18 PM

Please try to buy back at least your mother and your little brother!
As a matter of fact, I agree that LENR did have no effect at all on the price of oil: LENR “aficionados” that say the price of oil is dropped for the LENR seem to me like a child that pees in the bed during the night and, when in the morning wakes up and from the window sees it’s raining, thinks it is his fault. About the other issue you raised, I insist on the fact that all the energy sources will be integrated.
Warm Regards,

Rossi is a realist here, nobody is scared NOW by the Big Bad LENR in the fossil energy sector

LENR-Cities Publishes White Paper Outlining Business Plan:

Jack Cole:
New Experiment Generates Apparent Excess Heat


About electron capture:

If found another explanation about electron capture from an expert as follows:
See below for a "borrowed" explanation from Jim Swenson at the Argonne National Labs (from their Ask A Scientist program):
"If an electron with enough energy collides with a proton, then what happens?
They just form a hydrogen atom?
Or they form a neutron?
If both are possible, then which factor controls the process?
I am asking because I heard that a neutron can decay to a proton and an electron and the reverse is possible.
To form a hydrogen atom, it is required that the electron and proton have almost no energy, almost no velocity relative to each other. A hydrogen atom ionizes at less than 20 electron-volts of energy, so reverse ionization requires energy less than about 20 electron-volts (eV) AND freedom and luck to radiate a photon of the right energy to render the electron "captured". It happens all the time in every electrified gas lamp (fluorescents, neons, mercury-arc, etc), and in the surface layers of the sun.
When a neutron decays into a proton, electron, and neutrino, it also releases energy, 780,000 eV, as the sum of the kinetic energy of the 3 particles.It is unreasonably difficult to get 3 separate particles to collide simultaneously, so the exact reverse of this never happens to a significant extent. It is particularly difficult to get the ghost-like neutrino to react on command with an electron and proton. Neutrinos are the particles that sail all the way through the earth, almost never bumping anything.
However, it is not so difficult for a balanced neutrino / anti-neutrino pair to be accidentally made out of pure excess energy, from the collision between an electron and a proton. Then you have the situation of the electron and proton and neutrino in the same place, merging to form a neutron, and an anti-neutrino flying away free carrying any excess energy (beyond the 780 keV that was needed to make up the neutron). I think this is one of the processes which together make sun-sized masses of neutrons when a neutron star is formed in a supernova explosion. Actually, in that situation the electron and proton are steadily squeezed together by pressure of others around them. Increasing pressure and temperature can smoothly change the energy of repeated collisions until the best energy is found, and the conversion becomes quite rapid and energy-efficient.
If the excess energy of collision is over 1,000 keV, other random particles might be made from the energy too. It only takes 1,020 keV to make an electron-positron pair, for example. I'm not sure what it takes to start emitting excess energy as gamma-ray photons. That might happen too.
Jim Swenson"
From this answer, we need a neutrino to be around and in the party when the electron and the proton combine. That is not likely to happen unless the neutrino is made out of energy. The chance of that neutrino production from energy is the chance that the reaction will work. 

The energy of a collision between an election and a proton must be real close to 780,000 eV to happen. Such precision just don't happen in the real world.  The chance of that energy being just right is very low. If the energy is not perfect, other particles will form instead or a gamma will form. But the point that kills the electron capture idea as the driver of the LENR reaction is that electron capture must happen 10^23 times a second to make any heat. That is impossible. Not when the electrons are carrying the energy of soft x-rays into the collision.


  1. Dear petter I updated the news for today.

    the russian and ukrainian are the starts today, with steven katinsky...

    feel free to correct... I don't understand Goryachev ETS RF generator... The Russian Tiger is mysterious for me.

    think also fo the LENR-Cities whitepaper...

    Technova slides given by Pr A Takahashi

    1. there are more news.
      The team of Clean planet, Celani, and otherse were interviewed by a local radio.
      Clean planet explain that the minister of economic developemet of Brasil is there to find energy solution for Brasil... this is much more positive tat what Italian report of his opening talk.

      note that ICCF20 will be in Japan then China
      thanks to 22passi

  2. Dear.Peter, it probably did not call your attention but this paper title got all my attention 15 Goryachev
    Technology of Wasteless Low Cost Desalinating Sea Water Based on Low Energy Transumation Of Chemical Elements
    Do you think is possible for you to get a pdf version of this paper to share with us?