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MOTTO (general)
The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.  (Vince Lombardi)

MOTTO (local)
LENR requires a unique and rare NAE (nuclear active environment) to form. The nuclear reaction takes place only  where this NAE is located. The amount of the NAE determines that how many nuclear reactions can take place per second. Therefore the power produced by the process depends on the number of NAE present in the material.  (Edmund Storms)

....a unique localized condition that is rare and difficult to form...Ed Storms knows perfectly the situation. In its original palladium cradle, LENR has no chances to be made more intense, viable and cannot be scaled up. I humbly apologize for using
the annoyingly stereotypical "no actionable parameters could/can be found."
However this birth defect is not at all a fatality, the Laws of Technology say it can and must be changed for good- for working LENR-based energy sources. The unique and rare phenomena must be converted in diverse and frequent, rich and abundant NAE-genesis (as many as possible active sites created)
That is LENR+ has to be created (and is, stepwise) however unbelievable this seems.

As you know  the ingredients of its recipe are:

Striking OTHERNESS- not only nuclear and nuclear as usual;

Amazing COMPLEXITY- multi-step, multi-sequential, multi-parameter...etc.

Surprising DIVERSITY- an entire new class of different technologies predicted for the next 25-30 years;

Total METAMORPHOSIS- no similarity or relationship to the originar PdD recognizable

Huge DYNAMICITY - of the active surface leading to very high power sand energy intensities- beyond those of known energy sources, including the nuclear based ones,

Unlimited CREATIVITY- both as demand and in results

These all define a RADICAL Paradigm Shift.

Is this just a wishful dream or a reality to come and develop and work for us- history will decide. Perhaps the coming great Event, ICCF-19 will tell something about it. For the time given we have only the titles of the presentations. In the group of 99 we have some very remarkable:
1 for strategy of the scientific field, by McKubre;
1- a road map for technological applications by Goryachev.

2 for university strategy
a) TOHOKU Univ_ by Iwamura;
b) Texas Univ. CEES by Scarborough.

4- for strategies of LENR-Industry alliances, markets;
a) Industrial Association- by Katinski
b) LENRG LENR CITIES-by Vanderberghe;
c) LENR Market by Houwelingen
d) Integrated Policy Making by Grimshaw

A paper about high power density effects by Nagel

Only two LENR+ researchers invited, both Russian: Parkhomov- representing New Wave and Bazhutov with his Plasma Electrolysis

Plus- 15 classic Pd D papers, 28 theory papers, 9 difficult to classify (mainly LENR with unusual materials)  and the rest not definable as LENR.

It will be interesting anyway!

What we need now is replication successes, and this also means avoinding failures due to vis major causes- i.e. the test cannot be continued till it is necessary.
Do not start what you cannot finish!


MFMP Glow Stick 2 Power vs Temperature


Konečně bez fosilních paliv ! (?)
This Czech blogger has opted for the WL theory

Alexander Prosvirnov speaks about W-L theory and ultra-cold neutrons
Well readable with Google Translate

Video Easterhegg 2015: BSM-SG
A bit exotic, anyway it is based onthe theory of the Canadian-Bolgarian scientist
Stoayn Sargoytchev (where are you, dear Stoyan, have not heard about/from you for a few months?)

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  1. The problem isn't palladium......the problem is that the original work used electrolysis to load the substrate. Electrochemistry is fiendishly difficult, with a huge number of very difficult to control variables.

    And yet, palladium/electrochemical systems HAVE given evidence of very large energy releases (Pons and Fleischmann's "cube" experiment, with boiled off all its water (D2O), melted through its containment, through a Transite benchtop, and some distance into a concrete floor). Other researchers have seen similar runs.

    The real first major advance (made by Arata), was the discovery of the use of "gas-loading" the palladium instead of electrochemically loading.

    That Pons and Fleischmann were electrochemists was probably the biggest initial "mistake", and the whole source of later problems....the "physicist replicators" (at least those who didn't commit outright fraud) just didn't realize now complex EC was. To them, it looked simple. But they simply didn't have the in-depth knowledge to realize that they were wrong.