Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A word of caution regarding possible hacking of email account of participant of ICCF19 conference in Padova

Some words of warning from our friend Peter Bjorkbom, CEO of NEOFIRE

Dear LENR friends
I have today received disturbing news from one of my newly made friends that I met at the ICCF conference in Padova,
My friend has reported that his email account has been hacked during the visit in Italy. I myself has also had strange behaviours in my email client of which i do not now the reason for.
This shall cast no shadow on the very fine and well organised ICCF19 conference or on the beautiful city of Padova, it may have happened in any of the cities in Italy that my friend has visited.
It is not uncommon that computers get eavesdropped and/or hacked when connected to public wifi hotspots at hotels and other places. If someone has acquired the password for your email account they could be tapping your email without you knowing it.
If you belong to a security aware organisation you may already be protected by security measures implemented by your organisation. For example if you retrieve your mail from your office using secure tunnelling.
However I strongly advice all of you that have visited the conference, to promptly consider a change of password on your email account and on any other internet passwords that may have been used during the stay in Italy!

Peter Bj√∂rkbom 
Neofire AB 


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  1. what is strange is that most site today use HTTPS (SSL) when sumitting password, which should be safe even on an open network.

    one common error is to share a common password between your key login (mailbox) and accessory site (forum...)

    if you are not serious enough to memorize many good passwords, tools like lastpass and a very safe and never reused master password can help you.
    generate random password (and at worst ask for a reviwed with retrieval process, sometime by mobile phone onte time password like on gmail/facebook...)

    used as much as possible "social login" on forum and blogs (google,facebook,twitter, yahoo,...)
    they are very well managed.