Wednesday, April 29, 2015


no MOTTO today because 
Quotations are the fig leaves of the intellectual nakedness- (Valeriu Butulescu)

I have got some comments to my idea re the great companies that will make the LENR revolution an every day reality. The last issue of the triad transport-transfer-transformation is the most difficult- it is making information and/or energy and/or matter more human , adapted to the needs of humans.I have asked about the energy revolution equivalents of Microsoft, Apple, Google and 
reader Richard Pollack had an idea:"it's very possible that these SAME companies will be involved in the ENERGY revolution"
I have a trend to disagree, these companies all are characterized by features of giantism, while really great deeds are made by companies having an exceptional ability to grow fast. But who knows... Richard can be right. I have tried to consolate myself for going downstairs with tons of curiosity inside by reading a dozen or so fine papers at: 

My sure prediction about the Energy Revolution is that it will come.

Other: If you have read my essay:
you will know that I am pro positive feelings, emotions,positive actions but I consider positive thinking as counter-productive and of negative effectiveness in most of cases, especially in research. However am reading constantly about positive psychology; today this habit has brought to my attention an important powerful concept, see:

What are the necessary "signature strengths" of the LENR+ pioneers?  Beyond a broad back able to host many arrows and being able to continue? We have to ask, for example the Lugano testers and our young MFMP heroes.


David Nygren discussing with Denis Vasilenko the new Parkhomov replicator:

Parkhomov Explains Cut-and-Paste of Plot Lines in March Experiment

A richness of information here: see espeecially about
future Parkhomov replications

Problem solving in a modern world                       

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