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History doesn't proceed in a linear way. (Francis Fukuyama)

Nonlinear interactions almost always make the behavior of the aggregate more complicated than would be predicted by summing or averaging. (John Henry Holland)

It is Sunday, after a captivating ICCF-19 week- no time for LENR philosophy. But to note that both the history of LENR (the links and relationship between the old and the new) and the LENR processes themselves- are non-linear. 

Mats Lewan
What to learn from an historical cold fusion conference — ICCF19:

Michel Vanderberghe
 LENR Cities great presentation at ICCf19, video:

Spontaneous voltage generation in Constantan


La ganascia termica nella generazione di calore anomalo - Introduzione
Over my head- it is about the thermal jaw in the generation of anomalous hea- dematerialization of hydrogen.

From Hydrobetatron
 Experimental Tests on Energy Localization: Anomalous Effects of High Voltage, Narrow Pulsed Electrical Discharges on Metal Powders, in Electrolysis and Gas 
#Ugo Abundo 1,2, A. Burgognoni 1,2, Q. Cuccioli 2 , M. Di Lecce 2 , P. Pieravanti 2 , F. Santandrea 2,3, L. Saporito 2 1J.Von Neumann Foundation, Neural Calculus Lab, Via Clelia 15, 00181 Rome, Italy, interprogetto@ 2Open Power Association, Opensharelab, Via Genzano 95, 00179 Rome, Italy 3 Int.Soc.Cond.Matt.Nucl.Sci., Latium Group, Via Cavour 26, 03013 Ferentino (FR), Italy

Cold Fusion: Still alive & kicking (But perhaps without the fusion)
Paul Pickering -April 17, 2015:

A possible explanation for observed LENR heating behavior and transmuttaions using simple physics principles by Stephen

A strange paper:
Shut Down Rossi Rossis E Cat A Scamfraud Or True

Andrea Rossi
April 18th, 2015 at 7:50 PM

You can find good material on
“Nuclear Models”, Greiner-Maruhn, Berlin 1996, pp 170 – 178.
Kinetic energy has been strongly underevaluated so far, and I think it is worth to study better its effect on the interactions between e.p.; I am convinced that a reconciliation between the anomalous production of energy and the standard model can be obtained by the study of the recoil energy and the Mossbauer effect (actually, its reverse). Obviously I can be wrong, but the more I study this issue, the more I make my calculations, the more I am getting this direction.
What are you looking for, if I may?
Warm Regards,

It is interesting how Andrea Rossi who has a revolutionary technology is a believer 
in scientifically correct, conformist physics. Have the E-cats a different ideology?
The future will show it.

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