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"If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!

                            Rudyard Kipling "IF"                                                                                    

Yesterday - I wrote about re-thinking LENR for success; it is natural to continue with renewal, revitalization, resurrection- it is Easter for so many of my dear readers and I have preached in numerous editorials about a necessary awakening. Who will continue to do this, when in contrast with my desire  to contribute, I will take a long-long sleep?
I tell you who will do it- Reality. History of Technology. The Creators. The best of You.

Yesterday evening I had a fine discussion with friends on an Internet forum about the essence of our scientific field and its very "iffyness" (defined as 'having many uncertain or unknown qualities or conditions : not certain: not certain to be good'- it's related to VUCA, Isn't it?). Anything is valid, it goes, only if something else goes too, but we cannot be certain of many things in the fearfully conditional world of LENR. 
This must be solved and the defining part of the Solution can  also be called iffyness, more precisely IFfyness- that is the spirit, mentality, action described in Rudyard Kipling's poem IF. I told you that we have used it as a kind of secular prayer in the darkest years of communism when sitting in dark at 14 C in wintertime, when low IQ political activists have arrogantly judged our research projects or when expelled from the University for the unpardonable sin of bad social origin. 

The poem is a marvel, a masterpiece  with deep roots in the Greek and Indian stoic the author is great man of his age- a strong supporter of the now gone British Empire. It can be applied to LENR...

If, we, LENR-ists must keep our heads, even when everybody around including our best friend and  dearest uncle and the best physics professor who is our life model says LENR does not work because it does not exist. We must keep temper when insulted  as being gullible creatures of barely measurable intelligence.
If we can trust ourselves despite the people who say that LENR+ is crazy  just personal auto-suggestive thinking, then we can continue. (If or not If, I am very tired waiting)
If somebody says me lies and I believe them it is my fault, I am a mature researcher with broad 

If we, LENRists will be able to build smart dreams and convert them in industrial reality- always sacrificing dreams for facts and not vice-versa, if we can replace the disaster of irreproducibility from the past with the triumph of control at high power from the near future, If we can make millions of faithful friends and if we can get rid of all our false friends, greedy pseudo-LENR-ists, if we can abstain of saying slogans, lies or weak euphemisms for ever, if we call a LENR spade a spade, and not a tractor. If we can recover fast from real and from imagined experimental catastrophes, if we can reject false prophets and theory dervishes, if can survive accidents and experimental failures unexpected, if we learn to conjugate "to restart" at more times than grammar and existence have, if we can make annoyingly long duration experiments but we will know that other new ones could give us the core of LENR truth but wait. 
If we can work really hard with modest tools. If we can walk in our labs with kings and with Bill Gates but do not fall in desperation if they, dis informed by our enemies will not donate us a hecking cent.If we will learn really well how to solve seemingly unsolvable problems- moving them where they become solvable, if we will be able to make a really good and convincing Lugano-Parkhomov replication next week- then we will soon understand what we have and what we are doing- and our will be LENR+ with all the myriads of Kwatts and kWatthours within, for everand we will never burn an ounce of dirty fossil fuel again and our will be a clean blue Planet.
PS Dear Sir Rudyard (you deserve the title anyway) please do not punish me for this clumsy parody and do not send Shere Khan to eat me. I am much too gristly for him, the poor hungry cat is not young!


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1) EDUARD TSYGANOV's presentation for ICCF-19
Dear Colleagues,

My poster report on ICCF-19 Conference in Padua at April  12-17 has presented here
  • Additional information could be found in сайт1 и сайт2
    I am looking for your prompt respond.
    Edward Tsyganov
The ICCF-19 poster of this author is:  
Cold DD fusion in conducting crystals

In California the "GlowStick" experiment has started with a device analogous to that of A.G. Parkhomov



  1. Do you know if Cold Fusion power is a recent startuo ?

  2. Dear Alain,
    I don't understand this exactly, in which sense recent? You allude to its prehistory, presence in Nature or what
    Nothing is new under the Sun, in more senses.

    1. oops,
      I mean the company "Cold fusion Power" that Pr Tsyganov have founded...
      Is it an old company, or created recently , because of recent public interest and hope of applications with LENR+?