Friday, April 24, 2015


Destiny only exists in the present tense.
The rest is up to us. (from Gapingvoid, today)

My wife has discovered recently a TV show entitled "Strange pregnancies"- and sometimes tells me about the most interesting, sensational but rather nasty stories from there. Being so strongly focused on LENR, it was natural for me to connect the idea of strange pregnancies- and what follows from them- bizarre births- with cold fusion/LENR an unusual bisociation  see it here, please

Cold Fusion historians are divided in two separate categories: I who say ceaselessly that something was absolutely not OK at the birth of it and all the others who claim it was a great, normal, conformist scientific event similar to many other discoveries. 
Both categories agree that the birth of Cold Fusion was an event of historical importance and we owe gratitude to the geniuses who made it possible. Howver I insist to say that the circumstances of the birth have determined a very unfavorable destiny to this science for many years.
The natural mother of Cold Fusion was Nuclear Physics but its real surrogate mother was Electra Chemistry- not a happy combination. I think it is elementary neo-natology
to know what is the Apgar score of a newborn- baby or  science in our case. 
 If you are too young for this please look to:

You get the metaphor? Please tell me - also metaphorically what Apgar score had Cold Fusion on March 23, 1989? Consider that in his cradle even today the vital signs of the creature do not appear each time, reproducibly!
The reaction of the donor natural mother was cruel and angry- this misborn is not my child, this one has no right to live!
Anyway a few very good, courageous, smart people have helped the child to survive and to prepare for re-birth and a Great New Destiny.
I am not an especially ambitious blogger/author and i will be perfectly contented if, after reading this mini-editorial there will be 2 people who think that the birth of Cold Fusion was not  as it had to be for such a science with an unlimited perspective.

The field has a great destiny and will change our lives for good- Mankind will have plenty of cheap healthy well moderated energy.

However, being a honest author, I have to tell you- I know well that for example in 2025 an UEHMDI (Useful Energy from Hydrogen Metal Deep Interaction) scholar reading this editorial will say that it is primitive, stupid and simplistic as everything 
prior to the deep understanding of the marvelous complexity of the phenomenon
coming from an idealized world: "Nuclear Physics is just the dear little auntie not the real mother, she is unable to conceive such a miracle..."  You will see, I predict.


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  1. Cold fusion was born in a manger amongst the sheep and cow shit surrounded by the ignorant. It doesn't seem to have a father and the mother being a male was far from motherly more like an aging frustratingly mercurial professor.

    The owner of the manger, physics, like cattle barons or malevolent Carpathian counts proved to be selfish, small minded, and evil but being the reigning landlord maintains legions of loyal minions to keep up the chant that no such baby was or even could have been born, lest it offer an alternative to their establishd fiefdom. What did you expect?

    Even amongst those followers of cold fusion after its birth that cadre rapidly became dominated and ruled by a ruthless and selfish inner circle of apostles whose main concern has been to strut and posture their interpretation of what it all means. Almost no true followers in the footsteps of cold fusion, significant experimentalists, have been revealed though many claim such titles. The worst are the temple priests who have created cold fusion honey pots designed to lure all and sundry to their doors (well staffed by money changers).

    Erascible "historians" abound without the temerity, patience, or committment to do more than be gadflys and groupies seeking some strange ego recompense for their reportage. Fortunately there are a few real scientist iconoclasts like Rossi who just hunker down and powered by true passion keep going.

    One regrettable thing about the story of the cold fusion baby is that the majority of those trying to work with it and its ilk have consistently thrown the baby out with the bath water. Or worse redesigned the bath such that the baby could never even be put into the bath.

    Last but not least the controversy fomented around the cold fusion baby has attracted all manner of lunatic fringe elements whose wacko flim flam finds a rich hunting ground of pre-tested suckers circling the one true baby. At times the flim flam crowd becomes so prominent that it's nigh unto impossible to know whether there is or ever has been a cold fusion baby.

    As for giving an Apgar score to the baby one needs more than one subject before the use of generalizing scores becomes relevant.

    1. A fun story but in reality an emotional rant. It does little to illuminate our progress. But I am sure you felt better after writing it.

      No doubt some see it all in this kind of light.



  2. Cold fusion has be discovered, forgotten and rediscovered a hundred times since the time of Tesla. It was just too small and puny to be of any real use. Now, nano-engineering has multiplied the tiny effect, untold trillions of times. This time its rediscover will not be forgotten. Cold fusion or LENR+ as we call it will be put to use and its theory and engineering will be understood.