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The program of Apr. 14 at ICCF-19 comprises 12 oral presentations, in 3 sets;

First set

Melvin H. Miles
Excerpts from the Martin Fleischmann Letters

Peter Hagelstein
Charge Emission from a Copper foil driven @ MHz frequencies

Vittorio Violante
Heat Production and RF detection during cathodic polarization of Palladium in O.1 MLiOD

David Kidwell
Observation of RF Emission and heat in electrochemical loading experiment.

Second set

Orchideh Azizi
Effect of cathode pretreatment and chemical additives on H/D absorption into palladium via electrochemical permeation

Jirohta Kasagi
Screening Energy of the D+D Reaction in an Electron Plasma deduced from cooperative colliding reaction

Olga Dmitriyeva
Machine Learning to analyze deuterium loading patterns during electrochemical loading.

Ubaldo Mastromatteo
LENR Anomalies in Pd-H2 systems submitted to LASER stimulation

Third set

Dmitry Filippov
Increase in the Probability of Electron Beta Decays in a Superstrong Magnetic Field

Thomas Grimshaw
Integrated Policymaking for Realizing LENR Benefits and Mitigating Its Impacts of LENR

Hioki Tatsumi
Hydrogen absorption property of Pd-doped mesoporous silica

Akira Kitamura
Effect of Minority Atoms of Binary Ni-Based Nano-Composites on Anomalous Heat Evolution under Hydrogen Absorption


1) The 12 milion US$ question goes to Vittorio Violante: has Bill Gates really donated some funds for LENR?

2) The other important questions go to both Violante and Kidwell- (and later to Arik El Boher)- have they obtained significant progresses with the PdD cells , have they discovered actionable parameters of the almost unmanageable system. Is RF emission a good or a  bad sign for the desired excess heat?

3) I would ask Thomas Grimshaw to send me his industry-strategy paper

4) I am very curious to know what has Ubaldo achieved- and I regrte being in impossibility to meet him.

The other papers are very interesting.


Tom Darden’s Approach to LENR

Tom Darden- the whole speech in good quality:

See please this correction on Doktor Bob's Blog:
"The picture I originally posted of what I claimed to be “the Core” of a Cold Fusion Reactor has been retracted. I have been encouraged to call it “a Fuel Capsule that is placed in the Core of a Cold Fusion Reactor”.I apologize for this and other mistakes I have made, and will make during the week. Thanks for pointing this out, and my apologies to Mr Chauvin for my very loose interpretation of what he said to me."

Jed Rothwell has informed me: 

a) Tohoku Univ.have  discussed the past, not the future. They do have 5 people there, which, jed is a pretty good number.

b) Re what's cosmological in Graham Hubler's explanation of LENR- Jed says
"Dark matter as the cause of cold fusion. After his lecture I asked him: "if your hypothesis is correct, that means cold fusion does not produce helium, right?" He said yes, that's right. I asked how he explains results from Miles and others. He said he discounts these findings. (He thinks they are mistaken.)"

Me: In matters of Cold Fusion LENR theories nothing is impossible, on the contrary, the impossible itself is easily possible as the mathematician Florentin Smarandache would say.

ICCF-19 first day report by blogger Claudio Pace
He speaks about Iwamura's talk

Padua ICCF19: "Bill Gates believes in perpetual motion?"


The uncertainty principle has a feature called a squeezed vacuum. When the energy density between two or more particles is saturated, a condition called a Squeezed coherent state exists.

When the vacuum that encloses  two or more particles becomes saturated, These particles share their waveforms through the 5th dimension with out the 4 dimensional world knowing anything about it so that the particles become entangled and equal in energy

Saying this in another way, if two or more particles are enclosed in a strong enough magnetic field, they will share energy and become entangled because the vacuum is saturated with energy. These multiple particles become essentially one particle while the vacuum is saturated. 

The energetic vacuum suppresses quantum fluctuations and decoherence is disabled. The system becomes entangled with total energy sharing


In more detail, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is any of a variety of mathematical inequalities asserting a fundamental limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle known as complementary variables, such as position x and momentum p, can be known simultaneously.

When the energy of the vacuum is high enough, the position of the multiple particles become irrelevant in that space, and the particles become the same particle. This is when this set of particles share energy.

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