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This was published:
We will see tomorrow exactly what does this mean

NOTE: I was unable to continue with the Apgar analysis of IH 's expected Counter-claims for the very simple reason that it was not (yet) published at:

Reason unknown and I am not speculating, and my guess is that we will see the document in its full splendor Monday, Aug 8,  early morning Miami time. However a wise e-friend 30 years younger then me wrote:"Do you see how good Cherokee's lawyers are, they can distinguish the possible from the impossible!" His opinion.

INV-INT: Trying a new journalism genre inverted interview 

It is an alternance of answers (statements) disliked by the interviewer who piltely asks the interviewed how and why was he able to say such CENSORED. In a good quality inverted interview the question are catalytic- see please LENR IN CONTEXT-2

A. IH was planning to publish the ERV report eventually. Once they publish, every rational person will agree the test was a farce, and there was no anomalous heat. (J.R.) 

Q- First, are the IH experts rational people or not? Havent't they seen 3 ERV reports in 2015? Why they have not reacted as you say it is rational?  Why they have not published that killer ERV report when the Trial started- up to now if it shows so convincingly the failure of the Test?

A. This is not a war or a moral crusade. This is just Rossi scheming to extort money. 

Q- Was the contract not legal? Why it was not terminated fast say after the first ERV Report? How much time needs an angelic company to discover that it has a relation with  demonic inventor? (J.R.) 

A- In this story the behaviour of IH is absolutely incomprensible and not credible! Something big is missing here (fraud or not)! 

Q- How do you dare to say such things? Who are you to contradict such an authority and model of honest, impartial thinking as J.r.? What o you want to insinuate? What do you know and we not?

A. I know little about what I.H. did during the test, but their actions seem reasonable to me. They complained about the test, and they asked Rossi to fix the problems. They complained to me and many others while it was underway. I know they are honest and honorable people, because they are funding other researchers, and the other researchers all think highly of them, and have no complaints. So I doubt there was anything incomprehensible about their behavior.

B.  To whom has complained IH, and what w\exacrtly? Can you find a single person confirming openly what you say? Can you show a fragment dated- of that complain?
In your opinion is funding LENR research a sure sign of honesty and honorability even if you do in the frame of killing an existing LENR solution? Isn't the source of funding the money obtained by boasting with the LENR technology they try to kill now? If the Ross technology is so disastrous how could these benefactors collaborate with him, three long years?i

A.-What I do know about in some detail is Rossi's data, and the equipment used in this test. I know about this because I have a sample of the data. Many people do. Rossi handed out copies before filing suit. I think I.H. intended to distribute the entire ERV report before the lawsuit was filed.

Q- To whom has Rossi handed out copies of the ERV report- he does not confirm this? Who on the Earth can confirm what you say?



1) Lakota Tribe Embraces LENR


3) Received from David Fojt- thanks!

Formation of Calcium in the Products of Iron–Aluminum Thermite Combustion in Air

A. A. Gromova,d , A M. Gromovb , E. M. Popenkoc , A. V. Sergienkoc , O. G. Sabinskayab , B. Raabd, and U. Teipeld 
a Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 117977 Russia 
b AO FNPTs Altai, Biysk, Altai krai, 659322 Russia 
c Biysk Technological Institute, Altai State Technical University, Biysk, Altai krai, 656038 Russia 
d Georg Ohm Nürnberg Technical University, 90489 Nürnberg, Germany
Received September 17, 2015 

The composition of condensed products resulting from the combustion of thermite mixtures (Al + Fe2O3) in air is studied by precise means. It is shown that during combustion, calcium is formed and stabilized in amounts of around 0.55 wt %, but is missing from reactants of 99.7 wt % purity. To explain this, it is hypothesized that a low-temperature nuclear reaction takes place alongside the reactions of aluminum oxidation and nitridation, resulting in the formation of calcium.

Discussed at the LENR Forum:

4) Robert George, CEO of Brillouin Energy Interview on Infowars

5) Rossi's hopes:

Lisha Ackland
August 5, 2016 at 12:30 PM

Dear Andrea Rossi,
If the massive production of the E-Cats will be made how many jobs you realistically think will be produced :
1 hundreds
2 thousands
3 tens of thousands
4 hundreds of thousands
Andrea Rossi
August 5, 2016 at 4:16 PM

Lisha Ackland:
With all my heart I hope hundreds of thousands.
Warm Regards

6) The Low Energy Nuclear Reactions - Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions LENR-CANR ("Cold Fusion") is the Multiscale Multiphase (Multispecies) HSP-VAT New Science


In strictly legal terms, there is only one possibility for the defendants (Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, Thomas Darden, IPH International B.V., Industrial Heat, LLC, John T. Vaughn) to come out without a conviction:

Their attorneys at Jones Day have to provide clear evidence that Rossi has supplied false data to meet the requirements for the payment of the 89 million US dollars and thus there is a fraud of Rossi.

They need the unequivocally prove by a technical expert approved by the court, that the ECAT reactor does not work and they have to bring the prove that the by them commissioned and paid independent expert (ERV), who accompanied the test for a year, has knowingly falsified the data.

Personally, I consider it is impossible that Darden can bring this prove, because the ERV Reports are correct, otherwise Rossi would never filed a lawsuit at an US district court and sue Darden, when he is not 100% sure that the test data are reliably.

Darden will, with very high probability, lose this case and they have to prepare to pay substantial compensations, anything else would be a miracle, and miracles do not exist!

Uwe Doms


Scientists discover light could exist in a previously unknown form


the concept of Catalytic Questions!
Ask Better Questions to Unlock Creative Solutions


  1. What it means, Peter, is that Rossi is a fraud and he has conspirators who will probably be given deals so they can testify against him when the criminal charges are filed. This seems inevitable. Rossi is going down much like Defkalion but with much more activity because of the huge amount of money he received for absolutely nothing.

    1. who, when, how, why has pid Rossi huge money for absolutely nothing?

    2. IH paid him $11.5 million, have you forgotten that? Peter, read the Answer and the Exhibits. Yes, Rossi gets to reply.

  2. Hi Ged, the main document is available from Sifferkoll, link:

    1. All the case documents are on newvortex. Peter is a subscriber, he should be able to access them all immediately.

    2. Just FYI I have no access to Newvortex because it asks a Yahoo account and I get one (a new password) and it does not work. Made this for 5 times, YUahoo is ill there. Sorry.
      But the documents are already everywhere.

    3. Just FYI I have no access to Newvortex because it asks a Yahoo account and I get one (a new password) and it does not work. Made this for 5 times, YUahoo is ill there. Sorry.
      But the documents are already everywhere.