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The second Motto is here because I found it at David Gurteen's site this morning and I like it. Not directly related to the subject of today but good!

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t
be trapped by dogma -- which is living with the results of other people’s
thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner
voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and
intuition. They some how already know what you truly want. Everything else
is secondary. (Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011) 


How to measure the (equivalent of) APGAR score of a new document.

It is about a specific document- the announced counter-claims of Industrial Heat
in the frame of their Trial with Leonardo Corp.-  Andrea Rossi. The birth is expected to take place in Miami, Florida and will be announced here:

We can only guess how problematic the birth will be, what complication could arise 
information is missing in this document neo-natology case. Anyway at the ened of this notes we have appended a comment by a latrans family friend who says it will be a very easy birth.
Ok, we will have a newborn document (or not nothing is sure)  and because, as we have anticipated it could be a relevant- in the best case, or symptomatic writing- in the worst case- it is necessary to evaluate it- fast.
Perhaps many of you are familiar with the Apgar score used for newborn babies:

Virginia Apgar invented the Apgar score in 1952 as a method to quickly summarize the health of newborn children- the word has a peculiar etymology- being both an eponym and an acronym, actually backronym for the 5 main criteria for evaluating health/vitality of the newborn: (Appearance, Pulse,Grimace, Activity, Respiration).
Add to these body length and weight.

While I am writing this it is noon in Florida, I can wait not more 3.5-4 hours then I am going to sleep, I am rather an early bird not an owl- Have no idea how the website of the Florida Court works toward- and in  weekends.
No problem we have to create an Apgar like system for the documents

Actually it is quite specific- and fortunately the lawyers are good to excellent in processing the ideas and proofs offered them by the Customer.
Body length will be represented by the number of C-claims, it is an optimum number, in any case less than 7 - the magic number of those who do not tell the truth. Weight is the summum of the individual weights of the  claims- and this is determined by the proofs available and the mode of presentation. The style is the Man, says Buffon, but the style is the document too- exactness and the Customer must contribute to these criteria. In this case we have the bad example f he former Dismiss document- there 4 C-claims were formulated (departing from the testing plan, ienoring inactive reactors, unsuitable instruments, flawed measurements) would all have very low Apgar scores in an ad-hoc system as: 

Aspect exactness and clarity of description, formulation
Plausibility- credibility, veridicity, convincing power
Ground- having simple and obvious, multiple verifiable proofs
Alarming power- the idea that this is a disaster, nothing works-danger!
Realism- the claims are based on real data and facts, also Rational

In the best case the Dismiss claims will get APGAR score of 2-3= no chances of survival in a Trial.

OK- it is 3.25 now in Miami and the document is not available yet. . I will publish and distribute this issue and continue - possibly in a morning edition tomorrow.
Good night!

Addenda other proofles, hostile statements of the propgandist of IH

Jed Rothwell
Rossi's own data shows there is no excess heat. The interpretation of that data by Rossi & Penon is wrong.
It wasn't just done incorrectly. It is blatant fraud, with a fake customer site that had no heat coming from it. Proof of that, plus the calorimetry done by I.H. is all the evidence anyone needs to dismiss this claim. Any expert will testify to that. I do not think there is any need for another test

If Rossi is willing to pay for another test, done by a third party, that might be a good idea, but if I were I.H. I would not pay for any more testing. I expect they have rock-solid proof already.


1) Ruby Carat from COLD FUSION NOW- coming LENR Events

2) Spin Waves and LENR (Axil Axil) 

3The Rossi Effect: Beyond the Mud and the FUD (Hank Mills)


Jones Beene sends this on Vortex- thanks, dear Jones- but it is sad!

How to blow at least $3.5 billion on nuclear fusion and get far less gain that Holmlid’s laser experiment costing 10,000 times less.
One picture says it all … another Big Fizzix fail…
Worst of all, LLNL will not attempt to replicate Holmlid… presumably the embarrassment of success would be too great.


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  1. You seem to forget that Rossi started this fight. If Rossi had not filed the lawsuit, there would be no dispute. I.H. was willing to ignore him and write off the $11 million. I do not think they were planning to sue him. Granted, they were planning to publish the ERV report eventually. Once they publish, every rational person will agree the test was a farce, and there was no anomalous heat. That will make Rossi look bad. But he will survive, because there are many irrational people.

    This is not a war or a moral crusade. This is just Rossi scheming to extort money. He should have kept the $11 million and gone on to Sweden where he is planning to defraud a new group of "investors."

    1. @Jed Rothwell
      In this story the behaviour of IH is absolutely incomprensible and not credible! Something big is missing here (fraud or not)!

    2. You do not know any details of the behavior of I.H., so you are not in a position to say it is incomprehensible. I know little about what I.H. did during the test, but their actions seem reasonable to me. They complained about the test, and they asked Rossi to fix the problems. They complained to me and many others while it was underway. I know they are honest and honorable people, because they are funding other researchers, and the other researchers all think highly of them, and have no complaints. So I doubt there was anything incomprehensible about their behavior.

      I see no evidence that "something is missing."

      What I do know about in some detail is Rossi's data, and the equipment used in this test. I know about this because I have a sample of the data. Many people do. Rossi handed out copies before filing suit. I think I.H. intended to distribute the entire ERV report before the lawsuit was filed. They have been delayed.

      I cannot describe specifics, but I am sure that any person seeing this data who understands calorimetry will see that this test was a travesty. Rossi's own data and configuration show that "the reactor was inoperable, the measurements were flawed and the instruments unsuitable" as I.H. put it in their Motion to Dismiss.

      You and others might dispute that. You might think I am wrong, or lying. Peter Gluck apparently thinks I am lying. However, I have considerable experience working with equipment over the last 40 years. I have seen many badly made products and poorly done experiments. I knew a mistake when I see it. I can read instrument specification sheets. I can see when the wrong type of instrument is used, and when instrument reading are drastically wrong. If you have not seen the data, you have no business second-guessing me. You need to wait to see the data for yourself before judging the situation.

      Peter has seen no data. Rossi has given him nothing. He has no idea why I.H. and I reached these conclusions. He even believes it is not possible for a flow meter to be drastically wrong. Any flow meter manual describes how this can happen. Flow meter manuals specifically warn against the problems in Rossi's setup! They list the problems he has. The Defkalion flow meter was deliberately set up to give a drastically wrong answer. Anyone can make a flow meter produce a big error. I expect Rossi also did this deliberately.

      Rossi made large errors with other instruments as well. I.H. experts checked his work and made independent measurements. They found the source of his errors. They showed that his estimate of the COP at 50 is preposterous. The COP is 1.

    3. I was a midwife. I delivered one baby with what, at the time, I assessed as Apgar 1 (out of 10 being perfect condition). Looking at the Wikipedia page, the score would be 0. The only positive sign was a pulse, at about 30 beats per minute. The Wikipedia page gives below 60 as a score of 0. I immediately began mouth-to-mouth rescuscitation, and the baby started to respond; the paramedics arrived and took over. The baby was fine.

      I identified what was needed for breakthough in LENR, several years ago, and started working for it. It is happening. I used to write about Plan A and Plan B. Plan A was "a commercial device appears." Plan B was to nail down the science, with a kick-butt definitive confirmation of the FP Heat Effect. I thought Plan A was likely, Plan B was backup. I was wrong. Plan A is not ready, that's become totally obvious, except for a few clinging to hope beyond all reason. Evidence about Rossi has accumulated and the likely truth has become quite obvious. He could still pull a rabbit out of a hat, but I'm not counting on it at all. Meanwhile, he is attacking a major funding source for Plan B. I have no direct connection with Industrial Heat, but, Peter, if you care about LENR and the future, you will need to start looking at all this with less personal reactivity and more gravitas.

  2. Jed
    You said this . I have a sample of the data. Many people do. Rossi handed out copies before filing suit.
    How do you know A.R. Handed out copies?
    I find it hard to believe a copy of the data has not made it to the Internet if they were handed out.

    1. I know because other people told me they have the data, and they quoted part of it to me. It is a giant game of "sardines."

      Rossi is to blame for this. If he had not filed the lawsuit, the ERV would have been published months ago. I hope it is included in the filing from I.H.

    2. Jed, you did not get that data from Rossi, did you? Is this 100% honesty from your side?

  3. In strictly legal terms, there is only one possibility for the defendants (Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, Thomas Darden, IPH International B.V., Industrial Heat, LLC, John T. Vaughn) to come out without a conviction:

    Their attorneys at Jones Day have to provide clear evidence that Rossi has supplied false data to meet the requirements for the payment of the 89 million US dollars and thus there is a fraud of Rossi.

    They need the unequivocally prove by a technical expert approved by the court, that the ECAT reactor does not work and they have to bring the prove that the by them commissioned and paid independent expert (ERV), who accompanied the test for a year, has knowingly falsified the data.

    Personally, I consider it is impossible that Darden can bring this prove, because the ERV Reports are correct, otherwise Rossi would never filed a lawsuit at an US district court and sue Darden, when he is not 100% sure that the test data are reliably.

    Darden will, with very high probability, lose this case and they have to prepare to pay substantial compensations, anything else would be a miracle, and miracles do not exist!

    Uwe Doms

  4. Hank Mills - are you kidding? !!
    "I find his words and actions convincing. The way he is going about his business seems rational given the circumstances and, most interesting, there doesn’t seem to be anything going on at the moment that resembles a scam."

    Why would anyone value his opinion ?