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Maria Popova' s wonderful BRAIN PICKINGS WEEKLY of today is mainly about Friendship-very inspiring.

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After more than 70 years I still have remorse for lying to a friend. It has happened in  Timisoar my native town. On the Semenicul Street there was a four stores house- I have visited it many times, my cousin Andy was living there. At the background level apartments- I remember three 
persons living there:
- a woman very noisy practicing the oldest profession called "Bestia" both in Romanian and in Hungarian (you guessed: the Beast):
- my teacher of Geography at the lyceum, Mr B.- a guy with a perfect memory and a bad soul; he tormented us with the geography of the Soviet Union asking the names of small villages from far Siberia etc; and the first human I heard (effectively heard)  dying of cancer, the miserable unfortunate  sadist;
- and Palade a lttle boy a few years older than me- suffering of nanism *dwarfism" the son of gipsy musicians, father a violinist, mother a famous singer;
Palade and I had two main preoccupations-  the study of  ants in the little garden of the house a - see please this classic issue of my blog:
and playing football/soccer with coins. I have already told you - glory of the past!- it seems I was created for playing "soccer with coins" and vice-versa, my career ended without a single defeat. But Palade was also very good, ambitious and I had to make serious efforts to win.
Poor Palade was very unhappy with his humiliating condition and I have  tried to encourage him, imagining miraculous hormones and medicines, but he never grew taller than 120 cm. And the poor guy was killed in an accident - hit by a crazy motorcyclist-  son of a local high Party functionary- exactly on his 17th birthday. RIP, dear Palade!
Later I have lied to my wife and to myself when our son Robert was dying from cancer- "surgery helps" I lied to my best friend Paul Z. too when he told that is full with sarcomas- "de-deuterated water can make miracles!"

Good people are lying when the truth is so painful that it has to be rejected.  Useless but human.

As you know I own (or is it the reverse?) a very painful LENR truth, it is my truth, nobody significant in the LENR field agrees with it. And I will take now the risk to re-state it as officially it is possible  on a small blog. Please appreciate the risks I am taking, given that;
- soon at the coming ICCF20 many of our best men, beyond the two PdD giants, ENEA and SKINR will present their updated results- if progress is possible it must have happened;
- Industrial Heat has - they say it- generously funded classic LENR research and, again they say it -the results of these researches and NOT Rossi's 1-year 1MW plant/Test have convinced their British and Chinese partners to invest. IH funded non- and anti-Rossi research will be at ICCF20

I had no courage to say honestly: 
" Palade, you will never grow up" but now I say and I take responsibility for:
"Palladium- deuterium Cell; you will never grow up technologically"

If reality contradicts me, I will not be unhappy- palladium is one of my favorite chemical element, however I will stop blogging and will start a "soccer with coins" private club.


1) Gold From Mats Lewan’s Impossible Invention Book (Engineer48)

2) A new Patent of Dennis Cravens:
Ceramic heating element 

A heating element that includes a ceramic material doped with various elements is described. The heating element can be heated by forcing a fuel to flow through the ceramic material, where the fuel interacts with the dopants. The interaction can produce energy in the form of heat. Inventive aspects of the present material include apparatus and methods for modulation of the heat energy, physical features providing for an increase in the rate of heat release, optimization of materials and material morphology for quantity and efficiency of heat release and provision for fueling and maintenance.

3) New article about Etiam Oy in Finnish technology magazine

5)Next BACF meeting: 
Talk on CF in proton conducting ceramics
bay area cold fusion (lenr)
Title: Anomalous Heat Production in Gas Loaded Palladium Doped Proton Conducting Ceramics.

Deuterium gas loading of Pd nanoparticles in Zirconium Oxide has been previously reported to produce anomalous heating. An engineering approach to materials, processes and calorimetry intended to demonstrate this phenomenon and lead to practical application is described, along with operational results to date.

Curt Brown, CTO and Co-Founder of PointSource Energy.
Mr. Brown began his career over 45 years ago with Hewlett Packard, participating in the design of many computer and peripheral systems. He has served as Senior VP Engineering and CTO for Conner Peripherals, Seagate, Iomega and Lantronix, leading teams of up to 350 engineers and developing products selling in the millions of units and billions of dollars. Mr. Brown has been awarded patents in computers, networking, storage and energy fields.

BS EE University of California, Davis ‘69


Last update: 2016-08-20

Location: Gustavson home

1946 Fallen Leaf Lane , Los Altos, CA


Of great interest for very hot E-Cats, e.g. W based!
Scientists have created a ceramic, resistant to extreme temperatures
Date:August 19, 2016
Source:National Research Tomsk State University
Summary:Scientists managed to create a new multi-layered ceramic material with heat resistance of the upper layer of more than 3,000 degrees Celsius

SPhysicists discover 'apparent departure from the laws of thermodynamics'
Ions subjected to buffer gas cooling never truly reach the same temperature as the surrounding gas


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  1. Peter
    Found this comment from Robert E Godes
    on Ecat world from 3 months ago.
    pg Robert E. Godes
    3 months ago
    Well, when what you have looks like it has been stolen from Rossi, you make the community look that way.

    Robert E. Godes pg
    3 months ago
    That is quite funny when my IP was filed in 2006 before Rossi was even involved in LENR. Rossi by his own admission has studied it extensively taking about 100 pages of notes. I looked at Rossi's IP and it does not teach anything. By the way I don't use Li in my reactor cores. Only occasionally is Li used for diagnostics.