Friday, August 19, 2016



“From our myopia arose our dystopia.” (Anthony Marais)

Symbolically speaking for sure!


a) LENR is a domain dominated  by dystopia.

Yesterday I got some really sad messages from good Cold Fusion LENR friends and have read this Vortex thread:
Vo]:The Type A palladium saga -- what Martin said . .

Here, in an excellent essay/paper from 2000, Jed Rothwell than still a fighter for LENR's industrial future describes what has and what has not happened with the best kind of palladium tested in Fleischmann-Pons cells The tragic aspect, in my opinion is that even the BEST palladium does not give any hope for a successful development and scale up. From the other messages, it results that again that the Rossiless or counter-Rossi LENR research has a very dim future.

Due to these negative ideas and thoughts I had especially bad nightmares.
I need  name for them- and today while travelling with the bus to our Central Market
for shopping- and back; I tried to use only my own memory and not the usual help of the Internet (about Internet and human memory see a paper below) 
I composed this small essay.

It is well known that books have their destiny- in Latin "Habent sua fata libelli"

But this true for words "verbis" (and this is the task of etymology) and even for letters (litteris) too There letyters negative and positive, predominantly. So I arrived to the idea that the letter D - at the start letter of words is definitely bad. Think about: D- desperation, demoralization, devil, demons, damnation, danger, danages, destruction, depression,  dystopia, 5D's of our forums (Dilutitis, Detailitis, Disputitis, Disfocusitis, Defrostitis) destiny,dementia, degradation, difficult decision, deluge, dilemma, drugs, , detractors, demagogue, dirty, dark... dentist too. 
Positive concepts starting with D - I found a few too: democracy, discovery, dignity, duty, distinction, dawn...
But my feeling is that D is a letter better usable for bad things persisists - and I found the D-name for the reality-future in classic LENR- DYSTOPIA. The thinking, if you ignore the reality of LENR+ ( enhanced excess heat release a la Rossi) is dystopic and dysfunctional.
Andrea Rossi disagrees with this, he has written somewhere: 
"6 years ago LENR were totally ignored and produced nothing. Now we have a factory that manufactures industrial plants."

OK, you skeptics, will believe him only when you will see those plants
Then you will discard your dystopias.

b) Start of an interesting discussion 

IH exhibit item 5 states:
According to the data you have reported (averaged data for 10 months or for 3 ERV reports),
1) the conserved mass flow rate of the system from February to November 2015 was on
average 33,558 kg/day (1,398 kg/h).
2) the temperature of the water and steam were on average68.7º C and 102.8º C, respectively.
3) the steam pressure was reported (for the entire period) to be 0 kPaG
Surprise, Surprise Jed's claimed 36,000kg/day is not correct. I mean does that really surprise anybody?
As for the 0.0 barG steam pressure, the superheater steam can be drawn through the piping and into the heat exchanger by a slightly lower pressure, maybe -0.2 barG on the outlet of the primary side of the heat exchanger.
So what we have here are 10 months of the ERV's averaged input water temp, flow rate, output superheated steam temperature and pressure that seems to be more realistic than Jed's flow statement
"It was 36,000kg/day every day and it never varied".
Well Jed that statement is now "BUSTED".

Jed is trying to build a LENR+ dystopia and to sell it to us.. 
I do not buy techno-kitsch NO!

I hope he will not continue this action, detrimental for his destiny.


1) The History of Cold Fusion, Jean Paul Biberian 's conference In French

2)   Analyzing E-Cat Plant Pump Photos Indicate COP>1 (Engineer48)

3) RNBE 2016 William Collis - a heretical theory involving unusual particles.


The new economics of energy storage
By Paolo D’Aprile, John Newman, and Dickon Pinner

Origin of high-temperature superconductivity in copper-oxide compound uncovered


Here Is What The Internet Is Doing To Human Memory

A Book:
Tough love for technology
Cynthia Selin
The Ethics of Invention Technology and the Human Future Sheila Jasanoff Norton, 2016, 318 pp.
+ Author Affiliations
Science 19 Aug 2016:
Vol. 353, Issue 6301, pp. 756
DOI: 10.1126/science.aag2783


  1. Jed Rothwell unfortunately was misinformed all along by his Industrial Heat handler.

    Maybe Jed was offered something in return but now is holding a bag of rocks, as we know that's the way IH operates.

    How does it feel Jed?

    1. I made a minor mistake. It had nothing to do with I.H. I overlooked part of Exhibit 5. Exhibit 5 confirmed that the flow rate was 36,000 for a month, as I said.

      The other items listed by Engineer48 from Exhibit 5 are not disputed, and not mistakes by me. He just listed them. He listed the pressure as 0, but if you read the document you will see this is impossible. No one disputes that is what Rossi's data says, and that is what I reported.

  2. Peter
    Some positive "D" words

    1. thanks butit leads to some Hungarian sites, humor mny of them known. This was your intention or is some error?

    2. Peter
      Google "positive D words You Tube".
      Strange how links do not work sometimes.