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Today in kindegartenese, tomorrow in legalese-- wild, empty  speculations of  a propagandist.

He is U- unnamed because I wanted to ignore him today. You will identify him based on his style- wording, logic and nastiness that are similar to the 4.5 years bad boy who terrorizes the kindergarten and cannot be punished because his rich parents are sponsors of that institution-  but actually he is grown up, in his sixties I guess  , and despite his dreadful behavior some people still take him seriously and even consider him an oracle or sensei or guru....fatal error! He is immature verbally and mentally and...paradoxically this is his favorite accusation against anybody who dares to NOT AGREE with him.

 Commenting on what I wrote about the coming IH Counterclaims U. starts with a mild insult.

There is no "war." You are making a mountain out of a molehill. You are being silly.

It is not war? Cold fusion was a war zone from its very start and now it is seen that the internal anti-LENR technology war is more destructive than all wars before.

He continues: 
Rossi did a lousy experiment. If the ERV is ever published, anyone who understands calorimetry will see it is garbage. In the history of cold fusion, many people have done lousy experiments, yet the field survives. You should forget about Rossi. He is unimportant.

What proofs have you shown that the experiment was lousy? Have you explained that ERV report, technically? But the horrible thing here is accusing your friends from IH of incompetence- and this is very probable untrue many sources say they are good professionals. Do you forget that they have seen 3 ERV reports after 3, 6, 9 months and have NOT stopped a lousy work, contradicting as you insinuate the most elementary rules  of calorimetry. In the center point of the set-up there was a flawed flowmeter multiplying the readings ten times (obvious for any fool again!) and what have done the IH experts? You say they protested but not why and when they protested?
You say - Rossi is unimportant- a new adjective. He can be anything but not unimportant. What and who is important, more important than Rossi in LENR today? In case he wins- and this is not only about the trial but if the E-Cats will
appear on the market- then you, if you have some residual traces of honesty you have to apologize and retreat from LENR to study e.g. comparative linguistics.

The end is total war:
People publish bad experiments in every field of science. There is nothing unusual about that, or surprising. 
Other people published lousy experiments, but Rossi went beyond the pale. His pretend customer site is a fraud. There was no heat coming from it. Fraud is all the more reason to forget about him. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

It is obvious he knows no limits, he is driven by envy and hatred at pathological levels. And still we have not seen a single proof of his destructive statements.
In the kindergarten language he is full of nothing. Worst quality nothing.

Asked about disliking data bad boysie says 

Not at all. I enjoy playing around with data. This dataset is interesting, and relatively easy to analyze.

Why would I feel that way? I am not emotionally involved with Rossi the way Peter is. I don't care what happens to him or his claims. He is obviously wrong, and probably a fraud, but there have been many mistakes in the history of cold fusion, so it is no big deal.
The only thing I regret is that the lawsuit has blocked the publication of the ERV for now. I hope that will be resolved on Friday

I don't know if it will be, but I hope it is. If the ERV data is published, everyone who understands calorimetry will see that Rossi is full of shit and his claims are ridiculous. I expect a few pro-Rossi fanatics will continue to say he is right, but any engineer or scientist worth his salt will dismiss him. If Rossi had not filed suit, that would have happened months ago.
I am accused here to be emotionally involved with Rossi If my empathy toward him generated by the general campaign of character assassination he was exposed to
making me to remember the impressive baritone aria starting with:'
Cortigiani, vil razza dannata, Courtiers, vile cursèd kind,

if this empathy is emotional involvement, yes, OK. But my initial emotional involvement is with Cold Fusion, LENR technology and it started with the advent of CF and was expressed once for ever (as long I will live) in my "Why  Technology First" paper and he knows this well..

Shamelessly U. attacks again IH for incompetence they are not worth their salt
have not discovered that the first 3 ERV reports mean failure and disaster, NO excess heat  And Industrial Heat does not answer.

However we will know tomorrow (I fear for me this will be Saturday morning!) if the 
Counterclaims of IH mean:

A- total war - accusations of fraud, conspiracy, total incompetence 

B - just gain time- delay, nitpicking, details

Dear Readers make your bets! I think it will be an interesting moment in this sad, regrettable story.


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3) From Andrea Rossi's Blog
Frank Acland
August 3, 2016 at 2:01 PM

Dear Andrea,

Has your production started in one country only, or in more than one location? (you have mentioned you would have production in the USA and Sweden)

Thank you,

Frank Acland
Andrea Rossi
August 3, 2016 at 2:04 PM

Frank Acland:
Now is started in the USA. Soon will start also in Sweden.
Warm Regards,

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5)  E-Cat Il Nuovo Fuoco: Biografia di Andrea Rossi PDF, ePub eBook

6) Reactors based on lithium as alternative of nuclear energetics
Реакторы на литии, как альтернатива ядерной энергетике


Question was if the Judge can ask confirmation experiment of the Test

Sam, I'll add my answer to this question.

The way I see it, the judge is only a judge of the law and it is only that aspect (the contract) that the judge will deal with. Also bear in mind this will be before a jury.

The question when boiled down, is "does IH owe Rossi the est $89 million ?"

The question of "Does LENR work" is not for this judge & jury to prove either way and neither could they.

The judge cannot really be judge of new science, the jury likewise. If the existing ERV is called incompetent or fraudulent there needs to damned good evidence that a Jury can understand. Is that possible ? - simply IMHO 'no'. It would too easily turn into a war of science opinion.

The science community are at constantly each other's throats over LENR - some still argue it is junk science - others put forward substantial testing to claim the opposite. 

I sincerely doubt the judge could or would order another test. But anything is possible.


Sam, If your idea of a court appointed ERV (Engineer Responsible for Validation) is made the arbiter of a test, what is the jury there for ? - why would they be needed. What was wrong with Penon as ERV.

My belief is this is a legal matter based on contract law and will likely only be decided based on law matters and not in proving leading edge science. 

This court has AFAICT no jurisdiction to rule that LENR is real or is false. It can rule on if the terms of the contract were met as explained by law (not science).

There is a difference and it is that did Rossi meet the terms of the contract. Did the ERV carryout his obligations per the contract ?. For IH they are saying no they didn't, now they have to 'prove' why. If they can't point to obvious deception or gross error in the manner the test was conducted, they have a problem even if the eCat theoretically used more energy than it generated. 

Can you see that the issue as you convey it is that only an ERV can be the arbiter of such a test. The judge & jury serve no real purpose. How many ERVs in succession might be appointed in subsequent appeals ?. How can this judge determine that any new ERV did the right thing ?. That can really only come from agreement between Rossi, the ERV and IH. These are the only ones who can truly agree in unison about a further test. Rossi argues he has the results already.

It is an interesting situation and I guess we all are wondering how it will pan out. The law in the USA can move in mysterious ways.


From Cold Fusion Times of Mitchell Swartz
Optical Properties of Fluid Hydrogen at the Transition to a Conducting State

Where does the mass of a proton come from? (Synopsis) by Ethan Siegel


Sense making tools

When it comes to research, search engines are not enough.


  1. Peter, You allow your mystery man 'U' to aggravate you needlessly. His words and long history in the field prove without question that he is a pissant of a human being, a more perfect self-characterization byU as being a despicable troll could not be made. His being a camp follower of cold fusion for many years while attempting self-aggrandizement is perfectly understood by all but fools and similar denizens in the field. He'd be best remembered if he took his beloved Japanophile seppuku way out of the quagmire and stink he has created.

  2. Post 1 of 2

    There are at least three LENR systems now that have now reported strong RF radiation coming from the system. It could be that RF is an integral part of the LENR reaction, either a driver and/or a result of the reaction, thus providing a major clue to how LENR works.
    The presence of RF emanating from these LENR reactors comes from the existence of spin waves that derives from the electrons and other magnetic particles that receive and transmit energy from the reactor.


    When energy is applied to the spins of electron and/or magnetons pairs, that pair precesses. I am using the term magneton to identify the magnetic moment of the Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP). Precession is a change in the orientation of the rotational axis of a rotating body. This precession stores energy as magnetic force and also is transferred to the mass of the electrons and magnetons that makeup the spin wave. In atomic physics, the Bohr magneton (symbol μB) is a physical constant and the natural unit for expressing the magnetic moment of an electron caused by either its orbital or spin angular momentum. The electron magnetic moment, which is the electron's intrinsic spin magnetic moment, is approximately one Bohr magneton. There is a potential for a large amount of energy storage in the spin wave. The SPP is the particle that allows open ended energy storage in the spin wave. For example, energy content of magnetons will increase by advancing the energy and the associated frequency of the photons that comprise these magnetons from infrared into the x-ray range.

    The frequency of the RF from the spin wave is proportional to the energy contained in the spin wave. A high frequency RF emission from a LENR reactor means that it is producing a large amount of energy that is being released as RF and then converted from RF to heat by the reactor struture.

    RF from spin waves is produced when energy is added or released from the spin wave. This energy equalization process is what produces the spin wave. This energy equalization process produces and imbalance in the precession frequencies from one pair of spin particles to the next in the magnetic particle sea that will ripple throughout the entire sea of those particles. These waves are what produce RF.

    Be advised; learn about spin waves if you want to understand LENR.

    The particle and associated charge separation that occurs in "Hole Superconductivity" produced in metalized alkali hydrides is what generates the anapole magnetic fields that are central to the LENR reaction. In metalized alkali hydrides, the positive charges are confined to the interior of the crystal and the negative charges are expelled by the Meissner effect to the exterior surface of the crystal. The spin waves that form are also partitioned with the North Poles all confined to the center of the crystal and the south poles confined to the exterior surface of the crystal. The monopole flux lines are a vector sum based on the precessing angle of the particle spin waves. The North Pole of the magnetic field come from the center of the crystal and the South Pole come from the magnetic flux lines emanating from the exterior surface of the crystal.

    One of the important magnetic amplification mechanisms that superconductivity provides is that all the particles are aligned in the same direction. In a metallic magnet, only a small fraction of the magnetic particles are aligned along the magnetic flux lines resulting in very weak magnetic field production. Simply stated, the metalized alkali hydrides produce super magnetism.

    The magnetic particles that comprise the spin wave don't move, so most of the energy is magnetic. There is momentum transfer as the differences in magnetic spin travel across the surface of the spin wave. One magnetic particle passes magnetic energy to the next...that is momentum transfer.

    1. Axil, another fascinating set of comments :) - it would be really interesting to me to have someone to talk about this in the aspects of angular spin vs intrinsic spin of an electron (orbital spin appears to me as a side issue).

      I was told in a discussion with one scientist that the reason for the term intrinsic 'spin', is that the formula for calculating the resulting electromagnetic force if based just on angular 'spin', would mean the electron 'spin' exceeds the speed of light which he says it can't do.

      Therefore they call it intrinsic spin as the way around this problem. So for myself, am still trying to understand the apparent conflict between identifying the angular momentum spin vs 'intrinsic' spin.

      All in all (an what I take away from your post in totality, is the interaction of electrons spin, the electromagnetic force and the resulting appearance of RF bursts of energy AND POWERFUL MAGNETIC bursts.


      Doug Marker

  3. Peter
    It would be ironic if in a year the Jury rules
    in favour of I.H.
    But at the same time A.R. has built and
    sold Ecats to say 5 happy customers.

  4. Post 2 of 3

    Deflector Shields and LENR

    Space travel during a solar storm just became a little less risky. UK scientists working at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford and the universities of York and Strathclyde have tested a “mini-magnetosphere” enveloping a model spacecraft in the lab. It turns out that their prototype offers almost total protection against high energy solar particles. By mimicking the natural protective environment of the Earth, the researchers have scaled the protective magnetic bubble down into an energy efficient, yet powerful deflector shield.

    This astounding achievement is a big step toward protecting sensitive electronics and the delicate human body against the radioactive effects of manned missions between the planets. It may sound like science fiction, but future astronauts may well shout the order to “RAISE SHIELDS!” if the Sun flares up during a 36 million mile journey to Mars…

    On writing “Scientists Designing ‘Ion Shield’ To Protect Astronauts From Solar Wind” way back in January, I was a little dubious as to whether the preliminary results could be replicated on a full-scale spaceship. At the time, Dr Ruth Bamford (the lead researcher from Rutherford Appleton) had created a mini version of a magnetic shield that acted as a “bubble” in a stream of ions. As ions were charged, they could be deflected by a magnetic field, so the field acts as a barrier to deflect the paths of these ions around the void encapsulated by the magnetic field. All that had to be done was to scale the idea up a notch or two and then place a spaceship in the middle of the protected void. Solved!

    Not so fast. The biggest drawback I could see back in January was the large amount of energy that would be required to power the system. After all, to generate a stable, spaceship-sized mini-magnetosphere would need a vast quantity of electricity (and be very bulky), or it would need to be highly efficient (and compact). As this is space travel we’re talking about, the scientists would need to look into the latter. The mini-magnetosphere would need to be a highly efficient device.

    Eleven months later and it looks like the British team has found their answer. In results just published in the journal Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, they have devised a system no bigger than a large desk that uses the same energy as an electric kettle. Two mini-magnetospheres will be contained within two mini satellites located outside the spaceship. Should there be an increase in solar wind flux, or an approaching cloud of energetic particles from a flare and/or coronal mass ejection (CME), the magnetospheres can be switched on and the solar ions are deflected away from the spacecraft.

    “These initial experiments have shown promise and that it may be possible to shield astronauts from deadly space weather,” Dr Bamford said. After all, the effects of radiation poisoning can be devastating.

    Prof. Bob Bingham, a theoretical physicist at the University of Strathclyde, gives a graphic account as to why this technology is important:

    “Solar storms or winds are one of the greatest dangers of deep space travel. If you got hit by one not only would it take out the electronics of a ship but the astronauts would soon take on the appearance of an overcooked pizza. It would be a bit like being near the Hiroshima blast. Your skin would blister, hair and teeth fall out and before long your internal organs would fail. It is not a very nice way to go. This system creates a Magnetic Field Bubble that would deflect the dangerous radiation away from the spacecraft.” – Prof. Bob Bingham

    Bingham added that the team was currently patenting the technology and hopes to have a working full size prototype within five years. So we have to wait some time until we see some pictures of the system in action…

    Source: Telegraph (UK)

  5. Post 3 of 3

    One of the miracles that pervade LENR is the persistence of both the structure of the hydride and the associated superconductivity that that structure generates at any temperature and pressure no matter how hot. This miracle is a result of the existence of a magnetic spin wave on the surface of the metalize alkali hydride.

    The magnetic particles comprising the spin waves on the surface of metalized alkali hydrides act as analog magnetic monopoles producing anapole magnetic flux lines. This magnetic field repels and isolates heat originated particle collisions to insulate the structure of the metalized alkali hydrides Hole Superconductor from external heat/pressure damage. This monopole field also absorbs any photons because it absorbs their energy and then adds that energy to the protective power of the spin wave.…le-cern-rewrite-laws.html

    Professor Pinfold says the discovery of electronic monopoles will open up a whole new future for materials and technology if scientists can produce large numbers of them. "Monopoles could make materials strong enough to withstand a nuclear explosion and could also enable magnetic levitation.

    It looks like metalized alkali hydrides have provided that monopole magnetic property central to particle impact screening. Just like magnetism keeps heat inside a fusion reactor, the magnetic field of the enveloping spin wave keeps heat out of the LENR based Hole Superconductor.

    For example, powered by the nuclear power output of LENR, the huge strength that this magnetic field can exert is seen in the protection it affords the water crystal in cavitation erosion.