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This Gapingvoid message of today says more than a wise sentence:

It is addressed to those who forgot or got tired to love the great idea of LENR and have chosen the dead end street of hatred and envy.

 Imagini pentru love hatred quotationsImagini pentru love hatred quotations


 Cold Fusion was at the start the love of an idea- Hot Fusion is too hot and difficult for the earthy conditions but Homo Sapiens has found his own way to perform nuclear reactions in an original way. But what has followed is a very unhappy love story- Ed Storms has called Cold Fusion a reluctant mistress - a metaphor is worth thousand images (see below) and actually nothing essential has changed till now
Here is how Ed describes the situation today:

Peter, people are trying to understand LENR using many methods. Of the methods being used, the study of PdD has provided the best information. Your belief about PdD is simply wrong. PdD can be used at high temperature. At the present time, we have no reason to believe that using NiH is any different from when PdD is used. In any case, finding out how LENR works should be the focus, not application of the discovery. Right now many limitations to how the effect works are apparent but are ignored. Consequently, people keep going down the wrong path. I feel like the one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind.

As you know I disagree with him, however I appreciate Ed's faithful love for cold fudion, LENR ;his work is inspired and driven by love of truth and science. My own 
love is directed first toward value (application) and technology, I heretically think and hope that usable LENR based energy generators can be created prior to complete understanding of all the six pillars of this combination of phenomena.

A new era of LENR has started with the claim of Andrea Rossi that he has invented a method to enhance energy release with orders of magnitude in LENR. He has inherited the dream of the founders Fleischmann nd Pons but not their method and basic materials. Very unfortunately - it is a six+ years history, his work has generated much hatred and envy, mainly by people who have never really loved LENR . Despite the fact that Rossi's results are positive with a very high probability these are negated, denied, dismissed with anger; alternative realities are created..
The LENR world is broken, fragmented, polarized. But how would it have been without Rossi and his E-Cats? 
I still hope that when Rossi's E-Cats will be on the market, the spirit of love will return to LENR. Humankind must prepare to enter the LENR Era.


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3) From Andrea Rossi's site

Bernie Koppenhofer
August 19, 2016 at 2:12 PM

Dr. Rossi: Do you agree or disagree?

For the last five years there have been Rossi critics who argue he should simply hand over his IP to “Independent” testers, the government, NASA (the government), a “large company” who can really develop the science, etc. etc……….and he should do this: For the good of humanity.

It is my opinion Rossi is proceeding in the only way he can to insure the most good comes from his IP, for all of humanity, by using a true free market.

To do that, he must not lose control of his IP. If he loses control there are just too many sharks out there ready and able to exploit this game changing new fire. He has already run into two sharks masquerading as honest brokers. There are probably more we have not heard of, and even more waiting in the wings.

Make no mistake Rossi is at the very beginning of this fight. He cannot underestimate the power and influence money interests can apply with the goal of gaining control of this new fire. Politically, they can and do write legislation that is passed by the US Congress. We have already seen scientists playing the stooges for these powerful interest groups; that will intensify. We have only seen the tip of the ice berg of the legal battles that will purposely delay implementation, and fight for control of LENR.

What is at stake? For most of us tucked away in suburbia, it will mean, in ten years paying $2,000 a month for all our power needs rather than paying a $100 bucks a month, if it is not exploited. For that poor family in India and Africa it could mean life and death, clean air, clean water and food.

To those who think Rossi should turn over his IP to “humanity”. Prove to me this IP will not end up being exploited by multi international corporations, billionaires, and Wall Street money interests, who will charge us twenty times more than it costs. Prove to me a family in India or Africa will benefit from this new fire at a fair free market price.

I prefer Rossi to keep control of his IP and let an actual free market decide the price all humanity pays for LENR power in ten years?

Andrea Rossi
August 19, 2016 at 4:58 PM

Bernie Koppenhofer:
In a nutshell: have anybody seen someone invest seriously in a technology without IP ?
Warm Regards,

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From and by Tanmay Vora:
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  1. Peter
    Does this video make sense to you.

    1. thanks, dear Sam I will offer it to the readers. Brillouin has to demonstrate its peak performances. It is an 'other' type of LENR


    2. I have good opinion on Brillouin, but I had good opinion that were reversed.

      What we need is a gppd test done by Brillouin.
      In fact they maybe have already done it to be funded, and as we tolerated to Rossi it is OK to keep good evidence to the one who fund you. He is the only whose opinion is valuable.

      Today, with recent decetion , I start to reconsider my position on Brillouin, who is supported by Tanzella of SRI (He reported good enough result to ICCF17) but I'm not sure McKubre endorsement goes beyond the "it is interesting result"..
      I wait for good report.

      Being funded is not easy, and many good technology is not funded because the market is not ready.
      Being funded is not impossible and even fraudulent claims can be funded if the market is ready.

      I wish the market is ready to fund serious technology, and I with the best to Robert, or to any startup who courageously develop a milestone for LENR.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Dear peter my position on NiH, PdD, theory and improperly names "Edisonian method" have evolved.

    First of all we need a theory, in fact we need tho structurally different families of theories, which converge to the same when science have solved the problem.

    Last kind of theory is that one JF Geneste called at LENRG Milan :
    a theory to allows engineers to improve continuously the technology.
    It does not need to be fundamental, and can be just phenomenological in a restricted range of parameters. However it need to work well.

    Improperly named "Edisonian method" does not work, for many reasons :
    - if really you have no theory, not even phenomenological, you cannot make something work reliable
    - if you have no theory you cannot know what to do to improve your technology, so no industry can emerge
    - if really you have no theory, it can explode or fail at the most dangerous moment

    The first kind of theories, are tools fore experimentalists, and are usually more fundamental than engineers theories, even if they can be "mesoscale".
    Those theories are "to be tested" in the Popper way.
    They are required to direct the way experiments are designed, which are to be replicated from the mass of available data, which sensors are to be installed, which results are to be considered failures to experiment, negative or positive.

    I recently understood that problem of "having a theory to experiment" when EmDrive skeptics shoutaed that there was a refutation results because one cavity did not produce any measurable thrust.
    Michael McCulloch just answered that using his theory the thrust was not measurable in the given setup.
    Similarly another Nasa test refuted the Fetta's theory by proving one key feature ("indent") was not required to have push.
    Skeptics shouted it was proof of artifact, but Shawyer answered that according to his theory Fetta's variant was just less efficient than him and "indent" were just making things worse....

    This is why, even if the battle of theory is mostly sterile today, this debate is what should fuel the experimentalists, even if it is the experimentalist, like the jury, who will have the last word.
    A Jury without good (talentuous and desperately biased) attorneys, will be unable to understand what is important is the crime judged and may miss a key point.

    If I had 250M$ to allocate I would propose the following :
    make a review of all theories.
    list all key experiments that found those experiments.
    list all critics against those theories, and list all experiments that support the critics.
    reanalyse all the theories and try to classify them, and to write partial metatheories that just propose a concept with less precision.
    I think about "NAE" concept , ENP concept, BEC/CQED concepts...
    such a meta theory may be like "there is an animal of that kind, but we don't know what exactly".

    for each theory, meta theories, and critic, try to find new experiments, new sensors, new parameters, improving older, which can provide positive or negative argument to a theory or it's critic.

    give priority to the experiments that are the easier to replicate and refute/confirm the maximum of theories, and distribute it to a competent teams.

    prevent any theory to take over or disappear before enough independent experiments, done with different methods, supports or eliminate those theories.

    maybe that is naive, this is not my job.

    1. Dear Alain,
      A great Thank You, this deserves a well thought out answer!
      And you will receive it, prthaps in the editorisl of tomorrow.

      OTHER what do you know the coming French contribution to ICCF20? Something formidable?

  4. My comment to Rossi Aug 20 some of which he did not publish! I feel strongly that he should be aware of current political climate in USA! Peter I am serious about this & he & his legal team familiarizing themselves with content of book Dark Money by Mayer!
    Know he is not aware of potential problems he put me off! Yo my help with this?

    A warning to my dear friend Andrea Rossi today on his blog about the few wealthy who threaten to convert Our great Democracy to their controlled Oligarchy, no Less:

    Andrea I urge you & your legal team in particular to read Jane Mayer's new book Dark Money how wealthy few convert Our Democracy to a Koch brothers sponsored Oligarcy since the 70s no less! The brothers net worth is around 82 billion $! They are directly responsible for the present dysfunctional governance holding Obama's progress in irons so to say! They Own large tracts of Canadian Tar Sands & want to maintain control over Our fossil energy or all energy for that matter in this great Nation! Be aware & careful as you proceed! They don't like to be in the publics eye & Yours for that matter! They were raised by a John Birch father & truly believe in little if any governance as well as no regulation that benefits Our Nation so much!

    Jane is one terrific investagative reporter shedding light on this cladistine groups compromising Our governance at all levels! 800+5* reviews on Amazon books! I mention this because they are so heavily involved in Our fossil energy industry & I fear they have a desire to Own LENR technology to the citizens detriment at all cost!

    Again do be aware & careful my dear friend Andrea!
    Your friend & long time follower Jim
    Thank you Peter, we do not want Andrea to be hurt!

    1. let's discuss in pivate, ok