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Ziarul Vaii Jiului


And discover there Valeriu Butulescu's aphorisms!

In English:

Ignorance is the heaviest burden. But who carries it, does not feel it.

Each year we pass unconsciously through the day of our death

Do not believe that your enemy admires you. He only searches your vulnerabilities.

Death. Is it full stop or comma?

He, who is wandering will discover new ways.

The consensus of the stones breeds foundations or avalanches.

Education. If you give life to somebody, add instructions of use too.

Before negotiating with the wolf, put him a muzzle.

The lack of information must also be put in alphabetical order and that results in a kind of Encyclopedia of Ignorance.

A nuclear war is always possible because it is easier to ennoble uranium than people.

Penguin. A bird can survive on ice. But it does not fly and it does not sing any more.

Some people have more money than they are able to count.


A mini-interview with Andrea Rossi

EGO OUT is dedicated to Problem Soling, can you please tell us what
basic principles new ideas in technological development have you learned, and can teach us- during your E-Cat years?

I got  an enormous experience related to the behavior of the materials of every component, an experience that gave to Leonardo strong advantage upon the competition.
To teach is problematic respective to the IP and I must remind the IP is fundamental to allow the investments necessary to make massive our  production. Nobody invests seriously in some thing he has not the ownership of.

IIn your opinion what is the role of surprises- powerful, checkmating ones in an major conflict as yours with IH?

I do not think there will be surprises for IH. I think they already know the evidence that we will produce in Court. This is why they are raising mud.

Their Counter complaints and the Amendments to them speak loudly about their total lack of serious arguments. The sole evidence that is there is the evidence of the fact that they have no evidence at all to sustain their case.

My comment to this.

Sincerity obliges me to tell that I agree only in part with what Rossi tell about the evidence. Zero evidence is actually something clear against which you are fighting with rather standardized known methods. As here, finding a building has no ventilation, what do you do?
Ventilation was on the front right side of the building. We will publish a photo of the rear left side and say it was not ventilation at all. Looks like a proof for the Court, more or less. But this is only for the legal discussions.

On the BLOGOSPHERE the situation is much much worse! (better spell 'whorese')
Instead of zero evidence, false, fabricated, fake, fuzzy, feeble, f----d evidence abound. It comes, shines, grows and bursts as the frog in this Aesop fable:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Frog_and_the_Ox
It is true that after burst it is again zero evidence; but till then it knows fame and glory!
Just three examples, mastered by Jed Rothwell:

1- the mysterious ERV report fragment
Received or stolen from Andrea Rossi- Jed knows when. It is simply wonderful, everybody and his mother in law looks to it, any fool and has an instant revelation:
zero excess heat in the 1 year Test. Beyond any doubt. However not a single proof, data, datum, description, feature is given- except an ukaz to believe every word and statement otherwise you are an evil and idiotic inhabitant of the Rossi Planet.
However if true this leads to a perfect winner scenario for IH: it publishes the ERV Report and everybody...etc. sees it and it was no trace of excess heat- why IH  pays money to the elite of the lawyers world? Jed's idea is simple and faultless the ERV Report ruins Rossi- finita la storia!
But this did not happen, so it must be something wrong with the ERV report; or it is simply good for excess heat- as in was for 3 times 3 months of the Test. Mystery.
Jed automatically repeats this story from time to time but it is passee, over, useless.

2- The evil flowmeter chosen by Fabio Penon- too much words were consumed or used for this impossible story- we have seen a good quality flowmeter from Poznan
unable to multiply the rfeading. The replacement story- pipes miraculously half full
was short lived

3- 1Megawatt heat energy is unmanageable- Jed and hid new transhumanist ally Giovanni-a smart physicist it seems who hates Rossi and his co-workers  make lot of calculations to demonstrate however they are totally ignorant of the real situation and circumstances. This will last a while but I bet they will be very surprised at th end..

Such blog forum evidences MUST demonstrate that Rossi technology is unproductive or, even better both unproductive and principially impossible. Actually they are techno-kitsch.


1) Rossi's Oath


2) Fusione fredda / LENR - Andrea Rossi giura sulla Bibbia: l'E-cat funziona!

3) Has there been more development in cold fusion? Is it going to be possible in the future?https://www.quora.com/Has-there-been-more-development-in-cold-fusion-Is-it-going-to-be-possible-in-the-future

4) The belief, the facts and the hamsters
La credenza, i fatti e i criceti


Fifth force of nature? Light particle may be key to understanding dark matter in universe


The Action Learning Process (problem solving) 


  1. Peter,

    As this saga winds its way through the court system much has been written both pro and con regarding whether or not Rossi has truly made the discovery he says he has. As you know I firmly believe that he has, given everything I have read and the questions he has answered including the way he has answered them. As this works its way towards a resolution, hopefuly positive with regards to Rossi, I have been thinking about what the responses that will be given by the rather rabid skeptics. They will say things like, "It was Rossi's fault because of his penchant for secrecy", or it was his, "Sloppy science or lack of science", or "His attitude", or a million other excuses. But the most hurtful and I think it probably under lies the other excuses as well is the constant refrain of, "He is a fraud". Without one concrete piece of credible evidence they have tarred him with "Fraud". All of this is most probably caused by sheer envy in all its ugliness. To me this is unforgivable. I don't have a problem with people that don't consider that his discovery to be real, but to call someone a "Fraud" without proof is despicable and unacceptable. If somehow it turns out that I am wrong, I will admit it publicly in various places, without excuses, if the skeptics are wrong, let's see if they have the solidness of character to admit they were wrong without hiding behind some pathetic excuse and personally apologize to Rossi and beg his forgiveness. If I am wrong, at least I didn't paint someone as a "Fraud" without proof.

  2. Comment on Robert Dorr's comment.
    Robert you are a better wordsmith than I am.
    Let me say that I agree fully with your comment.
    Rossi says he has a COP >1. We just need to wait and see until he produces proof. When , how and why is actually his decision.
    I have been placed on Jed Rothwell's kill list (proud of that) because I tried to argue exactly what you worded better. We will see if Jed can see his judgment as a reaction not acceptable in a civilized society.
    One can have thoughts and suspicions about others but to publicize it is not acceptable. Claiming it is beyond discussion is rather childish.
    Thank you Robert.