Wednesday, October 26, 2016



I have borrowed these shamelessly:

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said. (Peter Drucker) 
(From today's gappingvoid.)

A mistake repeated more than once, is decision. (Paulo Coelho)

Behaving courteously and respectfully in a rude world can be a competitive advantage. (Beverly Langford)


a) Nice additions to my List of yesterday by colleagues who can define better and smarter "REALLY WELL" than me

My void list of yesterday of things going really well in LENR was completed; here are the contributions in chronological order- my thanks go to those who helped:

- Marc Ellenbroek
What is really going well in LENR land?
1. Well, Peter, I think you are, together with Frank Ackland, David Nygren and many others who keep The New Fire alive in our minds by filling your blogs with constant LENR information!
2. All the replicators like Bob Greenyer and those working together with MFMP, but also Alan Smith and Hank Mills who facilitates those who want to replicate. They will be the first to see the New Fire and I envy them..
3. Us the followers of the New Fire. We maintain the story of the New Fire hot and we will inform the world when the New Fire is lit.

Brian Ahern
Re: LENR landscape
-I have shown consistent exces energy with the NIH system funded by EPRI. Se EPRI report 1025575 dated August 2012
- I intend to experiment with other avenues with Randall Mills concepts. I think there may be DDLs or Hydrinos, but only fleeting if not virtual.
- I think it should be required reading to study the DTIC report from 1995 by Thermacore Corp, Lancaster PA. They showed 97 watts of excess thermal energy without electrolysis
- The Thermacore team was under contract to me at the time and I never met more talented heat transfer specialists. This report was neglected at the peril of LENR supporters.
The Thermacore experiments were showing great promise when the company was abruptly sold in 1996. 

Gregory Goble

I just awoke in the middle of the night and read your wish. I'll add three things to the list before returning to dreamland.

The Muon Dance - Leif Holmlid
Sweden gets really cold, ran out of coal long ago and has no oil. They crave heat. Observation of cheap muon catalyzed fusion in LENR is lending credibility to the field. Cold fusioneers doing the muon dance is more exciting than the twist.

Joyful LENR Airbus Envy
Everyone wishes they had labs as nice as those at Airbus. With three LENR patents published in 2016, those labs are aglow with the New Fire. The first was filed in September of 2014 and was not published till July 28, 2016… Happy to note… It was Joyfully GRANTED ON....LY 22nd - 26 DAYS BEFORE PUBLICATION!! Joyful joyful…

Mysterious 250MWe to 5GWe LENR Power Plants
Everyone loves a good mystery… Lawrence Forsley of SPAWAR fame, Chief Scientist at Global Energy Corporation which is out there peddling such huge LENR power plants around the world is a great one. I'm wondering how it will end… just have to wait and see. Looking at the list of chapters in this book, not one is titled scam artist or fraudster.

Anyways, back to sleep and some really wonderful dreams. Sure to wake in the morning much refreshed… goodnight now and great big hugs to all of you.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

 notice Notice of Hearing by ATTORNEY ONLY Tue 11:12 AM 
NOTICE of Hearing by ATTORNEY: Discovery Hearing set for10/27/2016 03:00 PM in Miami Division before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan. (Annesser, John)
Att: 1  Exhibit,
Att: 2  Exhibit,
Att: 3  Exhibit,
Att: 4  Exhibit

2) New Exhibits Posted in Rossi v. Industrial Heat Case — Includes List of Plant Visitors, and Test Plan by Penon 

3) Industrial Heat's James A. Bass: President of Reactance Engineering Inc and Engineer for JM 

4)E-Cat Plant Test Plan (Fabio Penon)

(This is a very relevant and important document)


1. Plant description

The MW1—USA plant under test consists of 115 power generation units, grouped in modules. Only 111 units will be operational during the tests: Four units will be used as spare parts.
Every unit absorbs a power of about 1.1 kW — 2.5 kW
Each unit consists of a reaction chamber, where the nickel powder reacts with the hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst. Electric heaters heat the reaction chamber and by this way trigger the reaction between nickel and hydrogen.The power panel regulates the power supply of the electric heaters.
The cooling water is contained in a tank, placed inside the plant, that receives the water from an external plant. It is conveyed by pumps in the units E—Cat, where it is heated to vaporize. The steam is collected in one tube of the steam line, which conveys it to the outside of the shelter.
The steam is then passed through the customer’s facility, where it cools up to its condensation.
The water is so recycled to the internal tank in a closed loop. The water is distilled water. The external tank is connected with the internal tank, by a water line and a floating valve, so that the level of water inside the internal tank is maintained constant. The water flows from the external tank into the internal tank by gravity.
The heating elements of the E-Cat units, the pumps for the water, the internal services to the shelter and the control panel are powered by the public grid
In the plant some measuring instruments are installed:
– flowmeter for measuring the flow rate of cooling water inlet into the shelter. It is located along the line of return of the water, between the plant of the Customer and the 1 MW E—Cat
– temperature probe for measuring the cooling water temperature at the inlet of the shelter. It is located in the internal water tank, containing cooling distilled water.
– temperature probe for measuring steam temperature at the outlet of the shelter. It is located along the steam pipe at the outside of the shelter
– pressure probe for measuring steam pressure at the outlet of the shelter. It is located along the steam pipe at the outside of the shelter
– power analyzer for measuring the power supply. It is located along the electric power line before the E—Cat

2. Test set up

2.1 List of components

. 60 Water pump ( Prominent). 

115 E-Cat units
1 Water pump
1 Internal Water tank (0.2 C.M. )
1 Auxiliary external water tank

2.2 Measurement instrumentation

-Flowmeter Test report n. 01/2015, dated 2015/01/15
-Power analyzer PCE 830 Calibration certificate n. 0518/15, dated 2015/01/28
-Probe for water temperature measurement HSTC – TT – Tl — 24S.
– Probe for steam temperature measurement TU — T – NPT — U 72
- Probe for steam pressure measurement PX 309—100A5V
– Multifunction calibrator
The measurement chain of temperature a will be calibrated by the thermometer HSTC-TT-Tl-24S-1M-SMPW-M

3. Calculation of the energy multiple

6.1 Calculation of the energy produced ( EP )
The energy produced by 111 power generator units is given by the sum of the heat of heating of water, heat of vaporization of water and heat of superheating the steam.

ER ( energy of heating of water up to100 °C )= Mw x Csw ( va — Tiw)
Mw = mass of water vaporized during the whole test, coming from tank
TiW = inlet temperature of the water, coming from tank
Csw= specific heat of water = 1‘14 Wh/(kg°K)
va = vaporization temperature of the water = 100 °C

Ev = ( energy of vaporization of water) = A x MwA = ( latent energy of vaporization) = 627,5 Wh/kg

Es ( heating energy of steam ) = M3 x Cps x ( Tos — va)
Ms = mass of steam produced during the whole test
Cps =specific heat of steam at constant pressure = 0,542 Wh/kg
Tos = outlet temperature of the steam
va = vaporization temperature of the water
The values refer to the atmospheric pressure

In order to be conservative:
- it will be not taken into account the heating energy of steam
- the temperature of the incoming water will be always considered to be equal to the maximum value of the same measured during the entire test day

It will be possible small leaks of water to the inside of the shelter and are present measurement uncertaintiesTo take this into account the total mass of water transited during the test period will be reduced by 10%..

3.2 Calculation of the energy absorbed ( Ea )
The energy is supplied from the public grid in order to be conservative: — all the supplied energy is supposed be absorbed by the 111 reactors
In reality a part of this energy feeds the pump, which conveys the water from the tankexternal to the reactors This energy doesn’t feed the reactors

3.3 Calculation of the ‘energy multiple’

Energy multiple = energy produced (EP) 
                              energy absorbed ( EA)

4. Test protocol

Before testing Leonardo Corporation will implement the system in accordance with reference documentation
The ERV will provide the measuring devices: robe for measuring water inlet temperature 
probe to measure outlet steam temperature,
probe to measure the outlet steam pressure, 
inlet water flowmeter, 
electrical power analyser
Leonardo Corporation will install measuring devices with reference documentation
Before the plant start up the ERV will verify the compliance of the plant configuration and of the measuring chains with reference documentation.He will carry out a trial run
Leonardo Corporation will start the system
The ERV will then follow the system start-up to reach the operating conditions and at least the next 24 hours of operation
According to data collected after the first 24 hours of operation, he will make an initial assessment of the ‘Energy Multiple’ and he will prepare the report
During the test will be detected the electrical power supplied, the temperature of the inlet water, the temperature and the pressure of the outlet steam, the flow rate of inlet water.
At 00.00 of every day of the test, the measurement system will calculate the mass of water that has passed through the E—Cat and the total energy supplied to the E—Cat.
Every event that occurs from the start until the close of the tests, after 350 days of operation, will be recorded in the logbook by Leonardo Corporation.
During the 350 days of operation, the ERV will visits to the plant with a frequency approximately four months in order to verify the configuration of the system and the measuring chains and make evaluations of Multiple Energy
At the end of the 350 days of operation the ERV will follow the shutdown of the plant. At the conclusion of the test the ERV will produce a final report, showing the results
Abano Terme, 2015/02/09
Fabio Penon ME.
5) A selection of significant abstracts from ICCF-20 kindly sent to the LENR Forum by Vladimir Dubinko


Improved water splitting advances renewable energy conversion
Greenest way to convert electricity to chemical fuel, say researchers
Date:October 25, 2016
Source:Washington State University
A way to more efficiently create hydrogen from water has been discovered by scientists, representing an important step in making renewable energy production and storage viable.

How often do quantum systems violate the second law of thermodynamics?
Date:October 25, 2016
Source:University College London
The likelihood of seeing quantum systems violating the second law of thermodynamics has been calculated by scientists. The team determined a more precise version of a basic law of physics - which says that disorder tends to increase with time unless acted on by an outside force - and applied it to the smallest quantum systems.


  1. Peter: This test plan was published by I.H., so I am surprised you believe it. Note that this confirms that I was right and you were wrong:

    The flow meter is placed downstream from the customer site.

    The loop is unpressurized.

    There is a gravity return from the customer site back to the reactor. This document says there were two reservoirs. I believe in the final configuration there was only one, with a gravity return, meaning the return pipe was half empty.

    1. Your conditions noted say nothing about whether the pipe is full or not without an exact schematic and photo of the piping in place. A simple dip leg as found under pretty much every kitchen and bathroom sink on the planet will assure that the pipe and flowmeter will be liquid full.

    2. I pointed out several times that this problem could be fixed with at p-trap (what you call a dip leg, as in a kitchen sink) but the pipe did not have one. Witnesses said there was none; there is none shown in the diagram, and Penon did not describe one. Rossi at one point claimed there was one, but others dispute that.

      Absent that, with a gravity return the pipe has to be only partially full. Gluck denies this. He also emphatically claimed the flow meter cannot be downstream of the customer site. He denies everything in Exhibit 5. He claims that I.H. lied in that document, and that it is "amateur." Since this document also comes from I.H., and since it says much the same thing Exhibit 5 says, I cannot understand why Gluck believes it.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I'm sorry, Jed, but you are just not proving your case. What witnesses, what diagram?? There are many other ways to assure that pipes are liquid full, a p-trap is only one. And sometimes such subtle details are not shown in depends on the purpose of the specific drawing. As a gross example, an plant electrical conduit schematic often do not show runs of water (or other fluid) pipe runs, even though they may follow exactly the same general paths in the same supporting structures. I suspect that schematics generated by Penon would not show details irrelevant to his specific task.

    For instance, in a system like this, I would expect to see a loop originating in and returning to the main water inlet tank with a dedicated pump leading to and from a set of demineralizer cartridges.

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