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Using my favorite definition of intelligence due to the Romanian philosopher Mihail Ralea " TO BE INTELLIGENT MEANS TO NOT MIX/CONFOUND THE POINTS OF VIEW"

a) About reproducibiliity

From time to time LENR's reproducibility is re-discussed passionately on our best Forums. Two things are ignored: reproducibility is necessary but not sufficient condition to really important things as scale-up and development and so it is not aim but means.
I have found in today's Science this paper:
The hard road to reproducibility
Lorena A. Barba
Science 07 Oct 2016:Vol. 354, Issue 6308, pp. 142
Reproducibility of LENR will be very important for understanding the essence of LENRs- there are more of them.

b) ICCF21 organized by Industrial Heat

It would be counterproductive to judge this fact in black or white- its motivation is complex with many factors - as the Trial, the LENR community or the investors of IH
perhaps not enthusiastic for what has happened. 
The LENR community needs funding - let's pray they will spend the money wisely.
Creating real competition for Rossi would be great- its name is multiplicative excess heat.


It is not intelligent to confound the opus with its author. Many of us, me included had conflicts and antagonic opinion with Steve- but he is good journalist and the book is a must read. See:
It can generate creative controversies at least


Thoughts on LENR Based on ICCF20 Reports (Zeddicus23)

NEW THREAD. me356's TWO Secrets For Excess Heat Revealed?

From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Black Hawk

October 6, 2016 at 11:50 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi,
Are you following the ICCF on course in Japan ?
Andrea Rossi
October 6, 2016 at 3:40 PM

Black Hawk:
No, I am sorry. I have bigger issues in this period, that do not allow me time for it: the QuarkX- becoming a fantastic reality- and the meetings with my Attorneys to win the litigation in Court.
Warm Regards,

LENR the Italian technology than can change the world and get it out of crisis
LENR la tecnologia italiana che puo cambiare il mondo e farci uscire dalla crisi
That video is copied and it's published in a channel with unrelated content (to be kind).
The original video I think is the following 

What is Doug Marker thinking 

Some thoughts on possibilities and probabilities ...
It has long been on my mind that Andrea Rossi is being held back  deliberately (purely conjecture on my part) because of 3 factors related to who he is where he is from and how he has conducted himself.
This conjecture is that at highest levels in the US, they know that LENR, LENR+ and Hydrinos work as claimed (perhaps not to the level claimed by Rossi).
But, Rossi doesn't have a scientific explanation, neither is there yet a widely accepted one for LENR (PdD research). But they are getting closer. However Mills does.
In order to do an about-face, those who have opposed new energy (LENR, LENR+ & Hydrino) have to smooth the way.  An instant about face would be severe and destructive to many scientists careers and past positions.
The govt would want a well defined and controlled transition. They have world politics to think of in any world-changing shift to new energy.  The energy companies (who by and large control US Govt (just think in terms of Dick Cheney as the most blatant example) have suficient influence with the US govt to control any such transition.
Andrea Rossi is uncontrollable - so if he has what he claims, he needs to be controlled or blocked. my conjecture is he is being blocked.
I am at a personal level, more than satisfied that these new energy sources are 100% real (even if I lack some conviction as to the extent of Rossi's power claims).
he adds:
I personally, am as convinced as anyone could be that LENR, LENR+ *and* Randell Mills hydrinos are and have been proven for quite a while but have been attacked and suppressed in a concerted manner for several years.  Just who has mounted the effort is beyond my ability to name. But, anyone who looks at the evidence and the 'proven' evaluations and the constantly accumulating scientific backing for these 3 technologies, can and should be asking why anyone is still trying to deny their existence.  Steven Krivit's book is proving to be (like Brett Holverstott's book about hydrinos),inclusive of  stunning detail on the extent of suppression and opposition to these advances. The success of them will surely deprive a lot of powerful people of what makes them powerful.
and also

IMHO future generations will ask the current generation especially the elites "how on earth did you such 'clever' people deny the best origins of dark matter ?". One does not have to have a high IQ to see that dark matter as defined, is the most dominant matter in the universe (an accepted proposition) and that it obviously has to be made from the same quark soup that visible matter is made from and it clearly has to be related to the simplest atom that is already accepted as the 2nd most dominant matter in the universe (hydrogen). It surely must be obvious to anyone that dark matter is *not* a variant of uranium or any other multi proton/neutron atom *but* can be, and is most probably, a diminutive version of the simplest atom that dominates the visible world (hydrogen).   Mills has offered IMHO the most plausible answer. 
Sadly, it will take years for the 'shoe to drop' for even some of the smartest people on this planet.


Katsuaki Tanabe of Kyoto University showed that when sending a laser beam onto the nanoparticles, the magnetic field is increasing within the particles by a factor of 10. In the case of nano particles coated a metal layer the field could grow by a factor of 1,000.

Wonderful presentation showing plasmonic enhancement effects in nano particles and nano shell structures which may inform LENR fuel design.

There has been a half dozen experiments conducted using gold nanoparticles irradiated by medium powered lasers in dissolved uranium salts that show LENR effects.

One experiment showed a reduction in U232 half life from 67 years to 6 microseconds.

Another showed the production of tritium and also its stabilization to He3 together with the fission of Thorium-232 - 232Th.

LENR is a process of amplification of the electroweak force producing amplified nuclear decay. Subsequent secondary nuclear reactions are a result of the production of sub atomic particles produced as a byproduct generated by the nuclear decay through the weak force. Protons and neutron decay producing muons that then produce secondary reactions featuring muon catalyzed fusion of light elements and fission of heavy elements.

See as examples:

Laser-induced synthesis and decay of Tritium under exposure of solid targets in heavy water

Initiation of nuclear reactions under laser irradiation of Au nanoparticles in the presence of Thorium aqua ions


Accelerated alpha-decay of 232U isotope achieved by exposure of its aqueous solution with gold nanoparticles to laser radiation 


Laser-induced caesium-137 decay
----------------------------------- of nuclear reactions.pdf

Initiation of nuclear reactions under laser irradiation of Au nanoparticles in the aqueous solution of Uranium salt

Deviation from secular equilibrium under laser exposure of gold nanoparticles in aqueous solutions of Uranium salt


The shapes of electrons: Solving a cryptic puzzle with a little help from a hologram

Date:October 6, 2016
Source:Bar-Ilan University
A recent discovery provides an innovative technique for calculating the shapes of electrons. This finding will help scientists gain a better and faster understanding of the properties of complex materials. Scientists used holographic logic to compile an algorithm for visualizing the shape of an electron in a superconducting material. This successful collaboration clarified the puzzling results of a series of experiments performed in the past 15 years, resolving a mysterious scientific enigma.


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