Sunday, June 12, 2011


Dear Friends,

A new issue of my newsletter, nothing sensational
but a lot of progress in many place.
May I call your kind attention to the revised edition
of my problem solving news - 5 new ones plus one
object of a CONTESTnow, secret but the most relevant
of all see please:

It was published yesterday, now we can go to systematic
solutions for all the major problems- starting with energy.

Here comes the newest Informavore:



A big test for the new Internet addresses:

World IPv6 Day: Tech industry's most-watched event since Y2K:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


Search Market Share Static, 2.2 Billion Local Queries On Google:

Free search tools:   


Tracking Down Twitter's Best Rumor Spreaders:

New Conference Paper: “How People Use Twitter in Different Languages”:        

5 truly creative uses of social media:


Google’s daily puzzle:


Powerful Word Tips, Tricks, and Ideas


Be It Numbers or Words, the Structure of Our Language Remains the Same


Huge Ancient Language Dictionary Finished After 90 Years:

4000 books published by the National Academy Press are available for downloading:


100 Must-Read Books: The Essential Man’s Library



Asteroid served up ‘custom orders’ of life’s ingredients:


Are humans extinction proof?:

8 things humans can learn from ants:

Researchers Map, Measure Brain's Neural Connections:

A huge amount of information and pictures about spiders


How the diving bell spider uses physics to breathe underwater:

10 ways our minds warp time:


Water's Surface Not All Wet: Some Water Molecules Split the Difference Between Gas and Liquid:

A brief introduction to infinity:



Will nuclear U-turn leave an energy gap?:


Is The Future Of Nuclear Power In Minireactors?:


Noise Research to Combat 'Wind Turbine Syndrome:


MIT Researchers Developing Batteries Which Can Be Recharged In Seconds

Deep inside the worlds longest tunnel:

Pixel Trickery Helps Create a Brighter Screen:


Nanotechnologists Must Take Lessons from Nature:


I.B.M. Researchers Create High-Speed Graphene Circuits:


Engineers Envision 'Two-Dimensional' Graphene Metamaterials and One-Atom-Thick Optical Devices:


Material Turns Hard or Soft at the Touch of a Button:


Self-taught metallurgist creates lighter, stronger steel in a flash:

Applying Conductive Nanocoatings to Textiles:


Why It's Hard to Replicate Silicon Valley's Successes Abroad:

A practical way to make invisibility cloaks:



Large-Scale Early Education Linked to Higher Living Standards and Crime Prevention 25 Years Later:


The Physics Professor's Ultimate Resources:

Teaching resources” botany and plant pathology:

A visual glossary of religious symbols:

A world of myths- mythology from around the world:

Expertise Provides Buffer Against Bias in Making Judgments, Study Finds:

12 great decisions by Nicholas Bate:


The Naipaul test: Can you tell an author's sex?:

The long great history of zeppelins:

Sand sculpture tips and tricks:


Bacteria That Clean Art: Restorers and Microbiologists Use Bacteria to Make Works of Art Shine Like New:

Can you see me now? Welcome to Deaf World:

Why we love horror films and violent sports:



Gerry Mc Govern- NEW THINKING: The web is critical. The web team is not:

Want innovation? Hire an entrepreneur!ive mistaken beliefs business leaders have about innovation

A remarkable leadership blog:


Is Creativity a Bad Trait for a Senior Leader?:

Stop mixing business with pleasure

Five Techniques for Avoiding Short- Sighted Decision-Making:

Why leaders lose their way:


Ordered Fear Plays a Strong Role in Market Chaos:

Five mistaken beliefs business leaders have about innovation

The Downside -- And Surprising Upside – Of Microcredit:



30 Years In, We Are Still Learning From AIDS:


How advances will alter the medical landscape:

Infographic Of The Day: The Dirty Ties Between Docs And Drug Makers       

Keeping neurons alive in Parkinson’s patients:

Fighting Cancer With Cancer: Researchers Find Promising Use for Thyroid Cancer Gene:



The art of making food beautiful:

19 burger toppings and recipe ideas

It All Depends on the Coffee: The Eco-Balance of Coffee Capsules:


Older people ‘worse liars’:


Canine Connection: Study Explores How Dogs Think and Learn About Human Behavior:





Introducing future crimes:

The trouble with catching crooks online:

Can Google Know Where the Gmail Attack Came from?:


Hackers may try to disrupt World IPv6 Day:


How to Guard Against Phishing & Social Engineering Attacks:


Android vs. iPhone and iPad by the numbers:


The Difference Between The Top Ten IPhone & Android Applications

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