Saturday, March 12, 2011


The weekly publication of Dr. Robert Park. “What’s New” has
said again nothing about LENR, ignores the E-cat of Andrea Rossi. Silence. (Issue of March 12)

Taking in account the strong negativity of existence- from now
on- it is too late for skeptics.

See please the rule No.11 of Problem Solving:  

11. NOT the quality of the solution but the speed of its implementation is the decisive factor in many cases. It can be better to have a partial solution applied fast, than a slower, almost perfect solution.

If cold fusion or LENR is the enemy of true science and it the problem is that it has to be annihilated, than the Skeptics had made a fatal error. They forgot that the speed of reaction is more important than the reaction itself. From now on, they can write what the want- it will be no more relevant and a great part of their influence was lost.

When capitalism has arrived to us, I have founded a small uni-personal consulting company, focussed mainly on industrial ecology. The name of the company was C5- “CITODATA Creative Chemical Consulting Company” CITODATA comes from the Latin saying – one of my favorites” Bis dat qui cito dat”
(“he gives twice who gives promptly”). The reverse is not true,
he who gives slowly, gives not a half but much less, perhaps the tenth part of what was due. As consultant I have solved many problems in the industry- however the costumers have paid with great delay- and this in the conditions of a great inflation. The State, on the contrary, wanted that I should pay taxes  in advance (really, I am not joking- I had to anticipate my income). It applied the well known and verified bordello model- “pay first, do (or not) it later” riskless for those who get the money. I got such a serious case of taxophobia that I have ceased the actvity of the consulting company. Time is Money can be something very complex.

Actually the E-cat works,therefore it was too late for the skeptics from the start and to shut up was and is the best solution for them.
Their alternative of the problem is simply insoluble.

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