Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Cold fusion had many enemies, very vocal ones who have tried to discredit and annihilate this new and rather unlucky area of science.
Actually, there cannot be honest and objective doubt regarding the very existence of the phenomena- hundreds of solid experimental results had been obtained. Perhaps the best e-place to see the good things is
However, the progress was slow, the processes have no univocal theory (more simple –are not understood), and the heat effects are usually weak – in the milliwatts to watts area, not really and quantitatively reproducible (a real curse!),.very sensitive methods of measurement are necessary. Therefore those who wanted to kill cold fusion- of interest, for a career in writing, for a negative meme
for an imaginary noble cause as protecting classical physics, from simple straightforward stubborn scientific sadism (I adore alliterations!)- had a relatively easy job. Cold Fusion- irrespective of its definition was marginalized, under funded, had a dreadful PR. It even became kind of sick metaphor for “impossible”. But it survived due to the heroic actions of many friends of the truth, seekers of a really new source of energy. I am proud to belong to this community even if I not belong to its mainstream orientation or core group.
I will take this opportunity to tell again my opinion- why the skeptics had such an easy job and could attack successfully a potential source of energy that is too far of being like a real source of energy... of low intensity, unreliable, not upscalable.
It is an absolutely personal explanation, as far I know nobody else agrees with it, it is ignored with superiority and hostility. Perhaps Cipolla’s Second Law regarding human stupidity “the probability that a given person is stupid is independent of any other characteristic possessed by that person” is very valid for me too
despite my age, experience and total dedication.
My career being finished because and I do not care of losing authority- ergo I will tell you (again) what I think about the apparent malediction that has hit cold fusion.

In 1992 I have published a paper in which I have tried to define the existential and developmental troubles of cold fusion: “Understanding reproducibility, topology is the key.”- It is a simple unsophisticated paper saying that CF is something like catalysis and that’s good because we will use the experience gained in chemical catalysis to develop it in a technology...
But it is also bad, because catalysis take place in active sites and these have to be protected against destruction.

I wrote there: “In my opinion, this ‘lack of reproducibility’ is nothing else than an extremely high, mimosaceous sensivity of the cold fusion phenomena which can be triggered, delayed, perturbed or stopped by some hyperfine immeasurably small cause, such as sub-parts-per-billion impurities or “esoteric” metallurgical factors.

I still believe this and the most probable culprit is the group of polar impurities from air as SO2, SH2, NOx light hydrocarbons etc. They are also present in the air dissolved in (heavy) water in the electrolysis. Very stubborn, active impurities that are destroying the active sites (or NAE- nuclear active environment- the name they got later) Almost everybody believes that the impurities of air can change the climate of Earth but everybody knows that they CANNOT destroy cold fusion. C’est la vie! I thought that I am not infallible.

This rather long part was the Introduction.

The essence, Piantelli  and then Rossi and Focardi have worked out reproducibly LENR processes using Nickel and hydrogen- sufficiently intense to be used in practice. The curse of cold fusion was defeated. I don’t know for sure if this is a confirmation of my poisoning hypothesis, however I know that Piantelli is using very
drastic methods for cleaning the surface of nickel- high temperature, very high vacuum, many cycles as described in his patent WO 2010/058288. And the Rossi Focardi device is the Energy Catalyzer.

The two Bologna University demonstrations are very convincing. A lot of other data supports the idea of the Solution- a new important, useful energy source has arrived.  It is interesting that the great, important, authoritative skeptics are silent. This is kind of an enigma- what do they know, what do they think? Do they realize that finita la commedia… or they are just preparing
new venomous killer discourses?  Or on the contrary, they will say kind of mea culpas? Time will show.

Is the silence of the skeptics a good sign?


  1. in theory one should expect from skeptics to ultimately trivialize the whole thing. I think I'll rush to "show them my socks". (Esp. to my cousin, L.K.). I can't help it but feel that it's payback time. And I love being rude sometimes!

    At the end of the day, it's always epistemology that counts ;)

  2. Epistemology, yes! Polemiology, no!There are many people who are not able to build or to create and they make an existence from criticism and destruction,they have strong memes of envy and hatred implanted in their brains.
    An other important aspect is this- now only metaphorically told-: I was a male Solveig of cold fusion(largo sensu) but I knew well that Per Gynt is far from being perfect.

  3. If the Rossi Cat is working there is only one reason to hold it back from the people of Earth, namely that it is important not to flood the market with a device that will change basics in our economic systems overnight, this might cause great harm. Slow introduction is to be preferred.

    Maybe this way to introduce this energy source is not a choice of Rossi himself. If the Cat works that is.

    Probably it does not work. We´ll see.

  4. @Berra Thank you. The device works- and now a difficult work of development follows, with lots of surprises of many kinds. An important keyword is infrastructure.