Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The first Rule of Probletence

Time is flying and I am disappointed because I still have not received a single friendly message saying "thank you, I have solved this or this stubborn problem using your Rules." But I realize it is my fault. I have not spoken about a powerful law, acting against my rules.

Surely you all know the old saying:

De facto, some people are living from the problem(s), some people are trying to find a solution for it. Accordingly, the First Rule of the problem NON-solving or of probletence i.e. chronic impotence in problem solving, is:

" A problem will NOT be solved if the number, influence or power of the people living, taking profit from the problem, is greater than the same characteristics of the people who want solve the problem." 

The most dreadful and inhuman example I know for this is the problem of the stray dogs on the streets of Bucharest and other Romanian towns.

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