Sunday, March 20, 2011


It is always risky to belong to a minority and it does not count much how you made it  there- by birth, due to historical circumstances or by choice. Human cultures tend to have dissolving power, are based on conformity and want high degrees of uniformity. “Minority” does not refer always to numbers; there are more women than men in a patriarchal society, but they constitute an oppressed minority.  An other example: slave owners believe slavery is something right,sacred/divine and insist that the slaves should also think so. And a rich owner can have hundreds of slaves. (or almost-slaves) having the functionality of a minority..

However, people with two left hemispheres of the brain are so rare that those authorities who take care of the interest, ruling and favorite memes of the majority, have NOT discovered yet that the Bis (allow me please to use this shortened name for them- singular Bi, plural Bis) are destroying the most sacred traditional values of the society, God hates them and they are in direct opposition with Nature’s way to do the things, they are evil, dangerous and make a lot of harm.
This can change- if the first serious scientific paper re the human characteristics linked to the peculiar brain structure will be analyzed seriously by the experts and the conclusions will penetrate the mass media. I don’t dare to make predictions, but I will fight for the rights of the Bis. They are NOT bad!

The scientific paper is:
“The basics of the anthropology of individuals with two left brain hemispheres.”
by N. Ossianski, Al. Anso Kallinni
Alaskan Annals of Applied Anthropology, Jan-Feb 2011, vol. 16, No. 1 pp 23-74

The authors, Prof Noemi Ossiansky and Dr. Alexander Anso Kalinni are from the Chair of Neuroscipiology, Terra Nova University, well known by their colleagues for their pioneering works re. the morality and sexuality of the hebridians.

This new work is actually a proof of the courage and creativity of these prolific authors.  Being very interestedin the theme, I have asked and received the paper in electronic form- I guess this journal is not available in many libraries in our geographical area.
It is a long paper but well written. I think it is my fault that I have not discovered the exact number of subjects investigated in this study, but I am convinced that it is sufficiently great to validate all the statistical data. 
This study made me happy because an important scientific problem, was ignored for a too long time but now this will change, - obviously with a mixed impact on the lives of the Bis. Do not forget that some Bis are in very high positions, mainly in academies, universities, consulting companies, intellectual groups etc.

What was a real enchantment for me: the authors have used with much skill the same nnegativity as that present in my recently published Problem Solving Rules. This type of convergence- we have to consider the Rules of Sandy Schuman and many other publications that have discovered the importance of NO- yes! all these are fuelling my enthusiasm.

First of all, says the paper, a Bi is NOT an individual missing the right hemisphere of the brain, the specific functions of this are taken over by the two left hemispheres in a very advantageous way.
The brain has a fantastic capacity to reorganize itself. The authors even speak about  a kind of “overcompensation”.

The Bis canNOT think postlogically at all, they are unable to accept authorities and ideas imposed to them, preferring facts and data nad verification to opinions. They never excel in prelogical thinking and canNOT separate logical thinking from critical thinking. A normal, well functioning society can accept only limited doses of such weirdness; therefore you will not meet many successful Bis.

The Bis simply canNOT believe a lot of things quite natural, useful and desired by the other, normal people, as: fairy tales, lies, myths, legends, dogmas, propaganda, spiritualities, slogans, advertisements, absurd things, paranormal, magic and miracles, superstitions and all the kind of usual weird things. The authors consider this inability very harmful. Skepticism toward any scientific idea can be accepted , one of the axioms of the democratic postmodernism is that all ideas, rational or irrational, are created/born equal, except those in which everybody must believe because they belong to us and we to them- but the Bis canNOT understand such elementary truths. And will pay a high price for this.

The Bis do NOT need certainties, idols, sacred, inerrant laws and perfect principles they do not search for hidden significance in naything or the approval of others in order to function optimally. They like to create their aims, purposes, plans, strategies, missions themselves, independently Quite strange.

The authors emphasized repeatedly that the Bis are NOT able to understand and accept symbols- probably in correlation with  their total impotence in postlogical thinking. It is simply impossible to convert a Bi to moneytheism, monotheisms or to any other modern or old religion or spirituality. The Bis think there is always a second chance, but NOT a Second Chance- never! Outrageous!

The Bis do NOT accept automatically the values, heroes and models of their society, they refuse to convey their attention and admiration to the unworthy, weird nobodies inflated with big money, usually known as stars and celebrities. I have sent to Mme Prof. Ossianski my radical word-play or rhetorical question: “Decelebritization or Decerebelization?”
but she has not reacted- I have the impression that she is not very fond of her objects of study. Bis will NOT generate waves of love, I guess.

The Bis do NOT like low quality things or ideas and are known for their strong kitschofobia. They ignore gossip, trivia and tabloids.. They are usually not rich enough to be excused  for being such arrogant, eccentric snobs. They don’t join sects, hate-, suicidal or extremist groups. They don’t care or fight or kill for any sport teams  as normal people do... The word “fan” was not invented for them.

The Bis are NOT idealists- they combine a materialist worldview with realist judgment and pragmatic approach to the problems- being again based on a very unusual mentality and behavior.
The Bis are immune even to the most powerful, influential and popular memes. Ossianski and her colleague have demonstrated
that the memes can be attached only to the right brain hemisphere
and make the bold hypothesis that the most memes-addicted categories of human beings- extremists, bigots, fanatics are actually Bidextrencephalians- i.e. the contrarians of the Bis. This new study will be much easier than the present one- it is a great abundance of material for this study.

The authoritarian leaders at all levels do NOT love the Bis because these non-conformist individuals are NOT mass-moronizable and cannot be made naïve, simple and primitive as necessary for successful ruling of the professional oppressors.

The Bis avoid useless things and actions and this places them many times outside the human societies.

A lot of professions are clearly NOT made for the Bis- e.g. – artist, cleric, politician, historian, gangster, bureaucrat, thief, lawyer, hacker, spammer, swindler, and billionaire. A remark- some Bis are quite good prosecutors or detectives.
They are also not good writers, communicators or successful bloggers because they all suffer from the Cassandra Syndrome.

A paper from the references says” “Not all intellectuals are Bis, however the great majority of Bis are intellectuals”
If, by some genetic mutation, the number of Bis will increase, this can be a major disaster for prophets, preachers, populists, psychics, astrologers, pornographers, fear mongers, expert liars, and organizers of Ponzi schemes, conspiracy theorists and similar human destroyers. Nobody could convince a Bi that ignorance is bliss.

Bis do NOT have strong feelings, except perhaps love, empathy and solidarity.  Their ability for hatred, envy, greed, violence is much reduced in comparison to the standard local and global levels.
A 100% Bi is NOT sad; he/she has no time to be unhappy. Not interested in perfection, they seek continuous perfectibility.

The Bis have NO more certainties as ideas; they don’t need and don’t accept shortcuts to the insurmountable complexity and interestingness of the reality. Instead they work diligently for understanding the World, are ferocious and insatiable but gourmet informavores, strive for knowledge and try very hard to achieve wisdom both by good questions discoveries,,experiments and by refining, cleaning, destroying ideas sold as wisdom but NOT so wise, or NOT wise at all.
Bis are NOT carried away by the omnipresent tsunami of counter-education, they take education and self-education as deadly serious
Even trying to prolong it after their physical disappearance, via programs with/of self-development.

The Bis are NOT very intelligent or creative. Till now NOT a single Bi or an individual suspected to be one (prior the brain hemispheres could be seen properly) could be described as a “genius”.
However, their inherent goodwill, energy, patience, discipline, responsibility, seriousness, dedication to progress, focusing on the essence and the future and professionalism makes them able to achieve important things.
We need the Bis, however it will be always awfully difficult to like them They are not as us, they are different.

The paper end with this wording:

“Bisinisencephalians are people made specifically for problem solving. Other people have the mission to discover the problems. And again others, the greatest crowd, are only generating problems.”

PS The paper does not say it, but I could observe that these Bis do NOT have a normal, healthy sense of humor. When they make jokes, instead of coming with healthy, traditional, commonsense 3S (sex, shit, sadism) funny stories, they pop out with a too subtle, “intellectual humor” (that’s actually an oxymoron!), something really dreadful as Alan Sokal’s famous writing:


  1. I must be one of them because I just had to check to see if the correct issue of the Alaskan Journal of Applied Anthropology was cited. Finding NO evidence for the existence of this journal, within the Google Universe, I must conclude that any issue cited is correct, and that all papers that could be written have been written, if they lie beyond the Universe. I look forward to further wonders from this blog... Thanks, Pierre

  2. Dear Peter,
    thank you for this really encouraging message.
    Be assured that Google is not omniscient (for the time given) so the issue of the journal is correct. Just ask your anthropologist relatives and friends, you will have positive surprises. I dare to call this paper as seminal. Because you think to be "one of them" I am sure you will join the
    Unfortunately, this blog is restricted by its very obligation to tell the truth, and only the truth.