Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Problem solving surprise (pleasant)

I am a bit disappointed that my problem solving rules are still NOT part of the schools' curriculums. However I know that even more important issues-as, say Cipolla's Laws, are also ignored by the practitioners of education; in the same time counter-education uses all the information and misinformation in its favor not wasting time with selection.
Today,  searching for problem solving I came upon Schuman's rules  that were developed independently from my rules (and vice-versa).
OK these fine rules are based on the same NO-based thinking as my rules.
Schuman's rules are:

1- Don't be sure you have the right problem or purpose.

2- Don't be sure you have the right people

3- Don't be sure you have the right process or method.

Happy to see that both Schuman and myself have discovered something really fundamental about the real world

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