Sunday, March 20, 2011


Dear readers,

It is my pleasure to offer you the 10th information newsletter in a new form- lots of interesting things here.
Nothing about the Japan tragedy- its nuclear aspect, the best source for that, in my opinion is Steve Krivit's
New Energy Times- fast, objective, based on facts.
My blog is not dedicated to politics, however I am worried and confused about what happens just now
Lybia. Lybia was a tyranny for many years and tyranny has some very strange effects as shown ithis poem
of Illyes Gyula: the lybians belong to tyranny. Human nature is strange, many victims love their oppressors. Tyranny is internalized by the oppressed, dictators are skilled in implanting memes in their victims' brains




Japan's Internet largely intact after earthquake, tsunami:


80% 0-5 year olds use Internet at least once a week:

Unorthodox links to the Internet:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Wendy B:oswell Web Search 101 - Learn to Search the Web

Knowledge Discovery Resources 2011 - An Internet MiniGuide Annotated Link Compilation:


Blekko vs Google: Search Engine Mouse Teaches Search Engine Lion New Trick:


NachoFoto Unveils First Semantic Image Search Engine:

A great way to find files on-line:

Topsy launches real-time video search:

Internet Explorer 9 speeds past the competition:                                 


What’s New With Blogger:

When will social media become the new e-mail?

Twitter says activity levels are soaring:


Wendy Boswell- Google Advanced Search techniques:

7 Ways Larry Page is defining Google’s future:


Larry Page Wants to Return Google to Its Startup Roots:

Google's Ultra-Real-Time Messaging Tool Lives On:

Google’s Mayer: “We do have too many products in local:

An evaluation of Google’s realtime search:

Google Dance- updates infographic: 

Can Google save itself from Google?:

How Google Circles could beat Facebook:



Information is Beautiful on the books everyone must read:


Bilinguals See the World in a Different Way, Study Suggests:

The future of the textbook: 

18 best sites to download free audio books:


Change and brain science:

Are you prone to mind control?:

A New Evolutionary History of Primates:

How Network Theory Can Prevent Extinctions:


World’s largest rattlesnake roundup:


Graphene Cloak Protects Bacteria, Leading to Better Images:

The University of Colorado database for negative results:



Nature’s Way Of Reminding Us Who Is Really In Charge: I commented to this.


A radical alternative to nuclear reactors:


Rossi’s Energy Ctalyzer in the Wikipedia:

Water, Electricity, and Transportation: Preparing for the Population Boom:


The Missing Link Between Air Density And Wind Power Production:


Nanotech-Enabled Consumer Products Continue to Rise:


High-Tech Concrete Technology Has a Famous Past:


New Desalination Process Developed Using Carbon Nanotubes:


Breakthrough in Nanocomposite for High-Capacity Hydrogen Storage :

Will supercomputing intelligence outsmart human level intelligence?


A Complete List Of Most Useful Free Softwares For Photographers:


13 Best Free Word Processing Suites Other Than Microsoft Word:



Human Prejudice Has Ancient Evolutionary Roots:

The positive psychology of the green-eyed monster:

Environmentalism – the new religion:


The Westrern cult of happiness (thanks, Cultural Offerings):

Library of Congress Launches Music Consortium Website:


Four big ideas that will change the world of training:

The psychology of persuasion:

Innovation needs execution…not creativity:


9 Ways to Sharpen Your Business Intelligence:

Using Influence to Get Things Done:

Nicholas Bate: Totally Tangible Truths 101:

Google’s Quest to Build a Better Boss:

Google Studies Management and Uncovers.... the Fundamentals:


Building a Better Boss? As Google Found, It’s Simpler Than You Think:

Top 10 myths about job interviews:


9 Ways to Sharpen Your Business Intelligence:


Thought leaders – how to balance power and love:

Detach Yourself from Your Work:

Do You Have a Mission Statement, or Are You on a Mission?:

The worst interview questions and how to answer it:

7 ways to upgrade your brain:


Managing Yourself: What Brain Science Tells Us About How to Excel:



Potential Health Effects of Radiation Exposure:

Wearable Scanner Opens New Frontier in Neuroscience:

A  New Approach to Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Does Gingko Biloba really work?:

Keys to Long Life? Not What You Might Expect:



The miracle berry- a solution to world hunger?

A history of coffee in the literature:

What does a vegan world look like?


Couple Denied Adoption Because They're Vegetarian:


How To Make Irish Stew And Dumplings:


Recipes for Enjoying Fresh Asparagus


Superfood Secrets: Three Tips to Boost Veggie Power: I am as vegetarian as an Amurian tiger, but being a honest journalist, I offer you this news too.


New Technologies to Crack Down on Counterfeit Whisky:



Signs, signs, everywhere signs: Seeing God in tsunamis and everyday events:


36 Amazing Uses for the Lowly Plastic Grocery Bag:




Notorious spamming botnet Rustock shuttered:



Choose the Right Antivirus Software for Your PC:


Criminals kick off Japanese disaster scams at record speed:


Some Hard Facts About Wi-Fi and Its Future:

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