Sunday, March 27, 2011


The World is still functional, has some problems- but as you will see from this new issue of my information newsletter there are people who try to solve the problems..




Fruit flies could hold key to future internet:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Search Engine 101:

What are the best search-engines- in the opinion of Wendy Boswell:

Three new search engines  worth checking out:


Yahoo Search Direct Takes On Google Instant By Providing Answers In The Search Box:

Five visionaries sum up the future of Search:

Knowledge Discovery Resources 2011 - An Internet MiniGuide Annotated Link Compilation:

10 Visually Appealing Online Color Tools You Would Love To Use:


The Social Evolution of Search Engine Result Pages:



Why is a blog article directory better than search engines:


14 Sure Short Ways To Write Compelling Guest Post

Facebook- linked to narcissism?:

LinkedIn reaches 10 million members worldwide:



What Larry Page really needs to do to return Google to its startup roots:


Report: Google most valuable brand of 2011:


25 Things I Hate About Google, Revisited 5 Years Later:


12 Highly Useful Google Cheatsheets For Free Download:

Google launches online magazine “Think Quarterly”: Perhaps the frequency of thinking is not great enough?



Google May Not Realize Its Vision for Books:



Ten things everyone should know about science:


New Insight Into the Brain's Ability to Reorganize Itself:


Massive maps of the brain:


The Evolution of Brain Wiring: Navigating to the Neocortex:


Similarities Found in Brain Activity for Both Habits and Goals:


‘Knowing it in your gut' is real:

Universal test of intelligence:

What is consciousness?


A talk on how organisms have evolved to make use of quantum effects, by Seth Lloyd of MIT.:


Masked Fears: Are Fears That Are Seemingly Overcome Only Hidden?:


World Record for DNA Analysis:

Toads point to new mechanism for evolution:




I have discovered a smart renewable energy website/blog:

Batteries Charge Quickly and Retain Capacity, Thanks to New Structure:


Nano-electrodes may lead to phones that charge in seconds, electric cars in minutes:


Scientists use bacteria to create fuel from sunlight and CO2:


Move over Graphene, there's a new material in town: Silicene Special thanks to Andrs Paszternak creator of Nanopaprika!

More Efficient Means of Creating, Arranging Carbon Nanofibers Developed:

Gemlike 3D microscope lens developed:


Superconducting Niobium Chip Smashes Silicon Power Consumption Standards:

The First Plastic Computer Processor:


Wendy Boswell : use the Khan Academy to learn almost anything for free:

Miki Saxon’s essential question: Education = Thinking?

Natural disasters- counting the cost:

Photography collections

Rules of discussion:

Predictably irrational: Introducing Friend Measure:


Ease of use is a competitive advantage:


Poke The Box: A Review and One Question to Seth Godin:  Thanks to Cultural Offering!

Are we thinking too little or too much?:


10 Body Language Techniques to Make You Succeed in Business:

Get your goals back on the track:


I’m Your Boss, Not Your Friend; 10 Reasons Why Your Boss Shouldn’t be Your Friend:


Managing Yourself: Stop Holding Yourself Back:

2010 world’s most ethical companies:



Wendy Boswell- top 5 medical search engines:

A genomic blueprint for cancer:


Making Targeted Cancer Drugs Work Better:

Potential Health Effects of Radiation Exposure :

Blood Pressure: 100 Million Americans May Be Unnecessarily Labeled Abnormal:

Discovery may lead to cure for drug addiction:

Restless Legs Syndrome Is Due To Decreased Brain Iron Acquisition - New Study:

New Statement Offers Advice on Treating Dangerous, Deep Blood Clot:


World Allergy Organization:

Scientists Grow Personalized Collections of Intestinal Microbes:

Bees could reveal key to dementia:



Nutrition-Quality, not quantity Why small doses of vitamins could make a huge difference to the world’s health:|hig|24-03-2011|editors_highlights


Wendy Boswell- expand your recipe collection with cookstr.:


Are Saturated Fats Really The Enemy?


Chemical-Free Pest Management Cuts Rice Waste:


Dieting is stressful and makes you irritable and angry:



10 Ways Not to Be a Jerk Online:,2817,2371502,00.asp


Feeling Angry? Say a Prayer and the Wrath Fades Away, Study Suggests:



Fighting Search Spam with Blekko Co-Founder Mike Markson



“Your PC is Infected" Phone Scam:


Google patches 6 serious Chrome bugs:

Bob Rankin- is Internet faxing secure?


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