Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This is the second and final part of my demonstration regarding
a possible bisociation between ‘opera music’ and ‘new energy.’

Before starting is useful for you to make a short Google search for “opera singers decibels.”

The Director of the W.E. Opera House has presented us the major problems of his prestigious institution that has myriads of problems.

“Our old singers are simply dreadful, obsolete, terrible voices, doing a lot of harm and fight, thinking that nobody can ever replace them. Do you know the wording “toxic bosses”? We have toxic singers now- and very soon we will lose our public.

There is hope, but it will not be easy! First of all, there is C.F.
whose greatest merit is that he had the very courageous idea that new singing is possible. He has tried for many years- more than 22 to get a job at the W.E. Opera House. We like him- but you cannot rely on him. Unfortunately he has a very small, weak voice, one day he whispers intermittently as a tenor, next day he mumbles as a basso, the third day he shrieks almost as a contralto; then the following day you see his lips moving but you cannot hear anything even when wearing a sensitive hearing  aid. I want so much to help him, he has great merits, is working like a slave- but the Opera cannot use whispering singers! The best medical doctors have examined his vocal chords; there are tens of very different diagnostics- but no real cure. He is so ill, that many times we have been told that he is dead. I don’t think so…or he is very skilled in re-incarnation.

F.P is a real bella voce- he has been the very first to discover the deepest secrets of new singing. He sung in at least two opera world premieres and could be a great professor of singing for all the other potential singers. He is ill- has both asthma and the Cassandra Syndrome. His real musical genius is associated with a medical genius- he is a very important researcher regarding the most wicked illness that can hit humans. Therefore he is very busy, but I am still positive that we will hear his unique voice on our stage soon.

A.R. – the most hopeful, the singer de jour- has recently demonstrated that he has a good, strong voice- and can sing for long times. He obviously wants strongly to be the First Tenor
But he wants- first of all, to test his own voice multiplied a hundred times in this style perhaps
Not a simple task! And dangerous! Chorus singers and opera solo singers are different species- it seems. But we wish him much skill, good plan, luck and success. Our Opera house and the world desperately need good, new singers. But do not forget the danger of voice slipping e.g. an accident always possible even with the best singers.

However, this list could not be complete without R.M. a unique peculiar voice. And what a voice! The voices of all the others are heating the souls of the public, R.M’s voice directly electrifies them- by a special technique known as CIHT. He knows and says that his voice is different. He well knows how to sing is a vocal theorist too. His problem was to sing continuously for long time in great roles. He says that the problem is solved and will make a sensational debut later this year.

We want to show you many good operas; we need a lot of excellent, famous singers. The life of an opera director is not easy.

Tags- fossil fuels, cold fusion i.e. Pd-D LENR, Ni-H LENR a  la Francesco Piantelli and a la Andrea Rossi, Randell Mills’s hydrino energy.
Intensity, Reproducibility and Controllability, Continuity,
Scale-up. Safety


  1. Hi Peter,

    you wrote A.P. . I think it was A.R. .

    Amyway, good, lyric post.

  2. Thank you, corrected. Anyway dramatic too, I think.

    I was very impressed when, based on the excellent play OXYGEN by Djerassi and Hoffman- an Austrian composer wrote an opera. Science is a good subject for modern operas.
    I will be in my grave (connected to the Internet and with a renewable mini-bar) when the premiere of the first Cold Fusion opera will have its world premiere.

  3. As the saying goes, "The show's not over until the fat lady sings"; unfortunately, she is taking a long time warming up backstage while the orchestra in its cacphony tries to find the correct pitch. But we wait expectantly: will it be the Dawn theme from Daphnes and Cloe or blazin triumph like 'Zarathustra'?