Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dear Readers,

All that I what I want from you is your attention; your comments positive or negative
are chicken soup for my old soul.
I have received- at Gmail- the following comment that DID NOT appeared
here. I don't why, my guess is that using the name Anonymous can have some
negative effect as filtering- but who knows?
Anonymous, who seems to be a Canadian friend, says:

Cold fusion is not dead :

A friend in Qu├ębec, Canada is currently working on a cold fusion boiler to heat a house.

He limits the capacity at 1kw of electricity input and receive 4 kw of heating, using INEXPENSIVE ingredients.

You can visit his web site :!_HydroPlasmol/_le_projet_.htm

You can also visit this web site: 

 I am grateful for this information regarding the Hydro Plasmol Project of Pierre Corbeil et al. It is very interesting
it includes plasma electrolysis- it is still unfinished. Waiting for really good news from them.
The second link is known about Rossi's E-cat..

Thank you, Anonymous!

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