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Dum spiro, cognosco! (Latin saying about life long learning)

An anonymous reader whom I thank and regret he gives not his real name, has sent the the Grimm paper No 1) below and it is possible taking in account what we have learned recently from Leonid Urutskoev, that actually it is an important paper. LENR is even "greater" than we have imagined. I have already asked my wise friends who accept the striking Otherness  of LENR what do they think about the paper. Just now and here I am asking my friend AXIL too.

The ambition of LENR to be connected with both the micro- and macrocosmos, with the fundamental issues of Physics, becomes increasingly obvious, however first let's like LENR for its technological virtues; the Cosmos has no problems however our Planet has and needs this source of energy. First things firsi- or, in the worst case, simultaneously with the second ones.

I have told yesterday about the rise and failure described by the three sagas of LENR- Patterson, Cincinnati Cell, Case.
Other researchers and their working lines were more resilient. The Piantelli storia (not saga) has included a few years of slow progress (I called these the Montalbano years because a lady researcher, Vera Montalbano from Bologna has presented very  detailed reports at the Asti meetings, thorough analyses many instrumental analytic methods- Ni rods before and after experiment.) Piantelli had bad problems with his oppressors but was able to solve the problems and we still  can wait good results from him, soon.
I also hope the Defkalionada is not over and the technology will resurrect.

Not mainstream LENR but something I have participated at and i am trying now to find out what has happened cavitation in excess energy generation. Nanospire is alive active but we are not well informed about their progress and plans.
I have lost any contact with Jim Griggs whom I met at Minsk in 1993 or 1994. 
The line started by Yuri Potapov and his Yusmar has continued at INTERENERGORESURS where I have worked as consultant and Russian to English translator. CTSytems, the company of the Ukrainian inventor Gennadii Ivanenko is
still manufacturing cavitation heaters:
The main product of the company is cavitation based devices for manufacturing biodiesel. I hope to give you more information about the cousins and relatives of LENR organized by its history, but we have to focus on the spearhead part of the field


1) A possibly very significant paper signaled by an Anonymous at Comments:

Quanta transfer in space is a constant
Author: S.E. Grimm 
Physicists and cosmologists are convinced by the idea that energy and space emerge from some kind of magic “substance”. You can concentrate all the energy and space of the universe to the size of a fictional singular point or expand it with no restrictions. Of course, this boundless concept is not in line with the foundations of physics. Moreover, it is a serious obstacle to understand incomprehensible observations like cold fusion. 

ends with:
"So we can simply conclude that the transfer of quanta in space is a constant and is correlated (the transformations are non-local ). 
To express it in a more technical way: when the wave pattern of dense free electrons penetrates Hions that are locked inside a metal lattice, the H-ions are forced to expand their boundary. The result is a BEC-like phenomenon that decrease the Coulomb force of the involved H-ions."

2) More about the recent Brillouin Patent Application
Thanks to David French and Jed Rothwell

3) Dear ECW

5) Some statements by Rossi are discussed in this long, inquisitive Vortex thread, many open questions remain:


If the reactor has a fuel, then Rossi must know how the energy is being produced in the reactor from that fuel. But then he cannot explain how the NI62 formed in the 100 micron ash particle that was produced in the Lugano test. Rossi's theory with Cook does not explain pure Ni62 formation.

Will Rossi explain how heat and electricity is produced in his patent or will just assert that fuel is required without knowing how the fuel produces that energy that his reactor generates? Will the patent office allow such a patent that cannot explain how energy is produced?

Even if Rossi does not understand how his reactor works, will people accept it without that operating description? Rossi might need to make something up to make the patent office and the people sanguine. How can Rossi prove that the E-Cat is not a perpetual motion machine?


10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2015: Where Are They Now?
In February we chose our 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2015—here’s how they have advanced since.By Tom Simonite on December 26, 2015
My favorites:
Supercharged Photosynthesis


It is fatal error and ccounter-productive to think that Competitive  Intelligence is
something illegal as industrial espionage- NO! It is something normal and useful, even for LENR:
Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide
By Sabrina I. Pacifici, Published on December 18, 2015

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