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The deepness of your mind produces the thickness of your thoughts.” 
Michael Bassey Johnson

Create lightning bolt ideas during brainstorms by causing disturbances in your atmosphere. ― Ryan Lilly

Please do not ignore these, they are useful too!:

Really good quotations are never perfectly clear and understandable, they must have an appendix of slight ambiguity.


In LENR the situation is not desperate. It will be, probably after  two steps of radical improvement. I am speaking about enhanced excess heat release and perspectives for a technology not basic science- where the variety and global number of theories tend to overcompensate their lack of connection to the experimental reality. To not forget their intellectual self-esteem and impressive logic (you know, the sure. beaten  path between two 
swamps- trouble is with assumptions!

The publication of the good research report with negative replication of Parkhomov's results has increased the voltage of the discussions, the stress and anger of the participants- but it is just a new addition to a longer chain- where is the best and most complete list of replication 
attempts? We already know: in LENR+ there is a sharp division, it is 
ROSSI AND THE REST. Simply Rossi knows how to obtain enhanced excess heat and the Rest does not.
More precisely it is about Know How owned by Rossi is sufficient for him to work in technological development, very probably he still has some open problems with Know What
and for sure with Know Why (I bet) however he has accumulated all the huge Know What Not-
we the rest are exploring now with an undesired and undesirable success- Rossi knows what works and what must be avoided- for a high temperature and a very high temperature system.
In February-March  (he promised) we will know how well does he know to control and manage the first- at a commercial level. In the very moment he will publish the report for the 1MW plant we will know how far is the commercial future of LENR. Probably his friends who have seen the evolution of the daily COP already have a certainty prohibited for the Rest.
Rossi's greater caliber competition was silenced in unknown circumstances.
I hope the new competition is growing somewhere, but who knows it will be able to take the bull by the horns (i.e. the technological problem)

I intend to organize a peaceful and constructive Revolt against the 'Rossi and the Rest situation'. We have, all together try to find the secret(s), recipe, axioms, principles, techno-tricks.
it is time to think together- in practice this is the opposite of groupthink. 

It is not easy to become a replicator. I got a very negative experience in 1995 when more friends
have tried to replicate Yuri Potapov's YUSMAR cavitation based heat generator. The device is based on a simple bright idea: cavitation takes place between two layers of water not at the metal/water interfaces. If somebody doesn't understand the leading, idea the spirit of an invention he/she will not be able to replicate it.  (I have just got a message in which Ed Storms calls this a "model"- the best name for it) We have not an imagine of Rossi's original AHA idea (I think it came from catalysts not nuclear physics)- and this is the seed of problems.
Perhaps we can guess it with effort, perhaps inspired by some LENR axioms found by other scientist researchers.
Some examples:
- Ed Storms' Axioms:  
Normal materials can not be expected to be nuclear active. A significant change must take place. LENR is firstly a materials science problem.
(however Ed thinks normal voids of proper dimensions can be nuclear active and this is not easy to be applied for the NiH system so we have to combine the axioms with other complementary or extending ideas)ideas

- Piantelli's many principles: stimulation methods, nanostructures, necessity of deep degassing, use of an more active form of hydrogen-H negative ion, the necessity to work at higher temperatures etc.

- Defkalion's fundamental idea "Make hydrogen more reactive and the metal more receptive"
More coming.

Take a look please to the paper at LENR CONTEXT-2. We also have to discover a lot of things we are not allowed to do or think if we want to get the missing link.

A first incomplete list

cold fusion and hot fusion-
cold, hot and very hot LENR- i.e. LENR and LENR+
intensification and measurement
good experiment and bad theories
pre-nuclear, nuclear and post nuclear effects in LENR
PdD and NiH type systems
in LENR+ the heating and the stimulation functions
your partial, pet theories with the whole LENR truth
segmentation with fragmentation and disunity...

I want to continue thinking in this direction- now it is weekend, however for Monday it would be wonderful to see what could a fine brainstorm reveal- this has determined the choice of Mottoes.


Another Negative Replication Set: (it is about the Jeff Moriss experiment)

More details on Ecat, LENR & Cold Fusion (in Swedish)
Kort om Ecat LENR & Kall Fusion

Comments on the Jeff Morriss experiment and paper by Alan Smith

Home made Cold Fusion Reaction 2 DIY

 I recommend you to go to and read his dialogs with Dna C. especially


Researchers demonstrate tracking of individual catalyst nanoparticles during heating

Mystery material stuns scientists
It's a UV light, semiconductor, sensor, superconductor, ferromagnet, optoelectronic device. Just add water.
December 18, 2015
1. Waste time feeling sorry for themselves.I
2. Give away their power.
3. Shy away from change.
4. Squander energy on things they can’t control.
5. Worry about pleasing everyone.
6. Fear taking risks.
7. Dwell on the past.
8. Repeat their mistakes.
9. Resent other people’s successes.
10. Give up after their first failure.
11. Fear “alone time.”
12. Feel the world owes them something.
13. Expect immediate results.

Valid for LENR researchers, too, isn't it?

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