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We are exactly where we have chosen to be (Vernon Howard)


It seems, my friends, if indeed want to convince the new huge Clean Energy Fund
to take care - with priority- of our dear LENR, then we have to answer smartly, honestly- on a rational and causal basis, to 5 fundamental questions re LENR.

 WHY had the field such a bad start, lack of acceptance and funding , outright hostility, bad press  and its reputation is still not completely fixed?

 WHY the field had a slow development, and its vital problems- as explanation, management of the experiments- intensification, reproducibility, scale-up are still far from solutions 

WHY the field is so fragmented that it needs a rational taxonomy and holistic vision now, being ruled by uncertainties, ambiguities, complexity, diversity, conceptual chaos?

WHY despite its tragic past and fuzzy present the field is full of wonderful realistic
possibilities as an energy source in various forms, the best, most powerful, cheapest
cleanest, most handy, versatile New Energy, the leading Energy Technology of the future?

WHICH is the shortest and fastest way to these valuable, novel technologies?.

We can add that the greatest obstacles on this way could be the "means replacing
aims" errors. The aims are technologies.


1) Technologies for the No Subsidy Imperative

'As funders of the supply side of clean energy innovation may find out in due course, even unconventional energy technologies have the potential to make a game-changing contribution at some point. Take low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR). LENR is a type of nuclear reaction theorized to occur at near room temperatures, thought to have roughly four orders of magnitude more specific energy and three orders magnitude greater peak power than gasoline. Skeptical scientists have long ridiculed LENR. The argument: the laws of physics as we currently understand them do not permit a LENR device to work.
The jury is not yet in though. Being open-minded may not be so dumb. Let us not forget that immediately before the advent of quantum physics one hundred years ago, Albert Michelson, the first American to receive the Nobel Prize in sciences, argued: “All that is left in physics is to figure out the sixth zero behind the decimal.
Once quantum physics burst onto the scene, we learned that this assessment was wrong"
2) Andrea Rossi's Reaction and LENR

3) New Interview with Rossi Presented by Vessela Nikolova at Italian Pariament Meeting
Italian Senate: A workshop with the E-Cat

4) Brillouin "Hot Tube" Boiler

5) E-Cat Story by Enzo Penneta

6) LENR theory paper cannot be accessed for free, requested from the author
 11, 12], apart from general regularities of CCS for- mation, the possibility of using these states
for optimizing nuclear reactions at low energy in specific systems and for interpreting earlier
experiments was considered. General nontrivial features of a nuclearreaction induced by a ...

7) Videos re LENR from the Laboratory of Alternative Technological Developments
in Russian LATR)
- studies for CNT
- LENR prototype
- CNTheater prototype 2
8) I don't remember to have seen this, but I remember to the author many years ago, a creative personality                                                                                                 ATOMIC HYDROGEN HEAT GENERATOR by Alexander Frolov, 2013

9) Alexander Shevelev - book and presentation about the Structure of the Nucleus
we have seen so fine models as those of Stoyan Sargoytchev and Norman Cook, this is also beautiful- wonderful mental constructs
10) Andrea Rossi, asked by Maryana to take care
December 3rd, 2015 at 9:25 AM

I am well, thanks God I can sustain the work I am doing. Besides, it is not true I am the sole man able to make real LENR: as a matter of fact, it is soon to say if I am able at all… the tests on course are not finished, yet.
Thank you for your kind care, though!
Warm Regards,
p.s.: your comment is the # 26 000 of this blog.


We can’t build a bridge without a plan. We can’t get LENR to work without a valid theory. I am beginning to think that LENR is caused by magnetic particles, let’s call them Exotic Neutral Particles (ENP) that can float on currents of air. This theory has implications to getting LENR to work. If a reactor is build out of material that is transparent to ENPs then these important particles could escape the reactor without producing more ENPs thus keeping the LENR reaction energy starved. But if the reactor could be insulated from EMP escape, then the reactor would hold onto the energy that it produces and become gainful.

Replicators are perplexed by the success of Parkhomov’s reactor. Why can’t anybody get the Parkhomov reactor to work even with the same fuel that he used? But everybody is amused by the old iron pot that Parkhomove ran his experiment in. That iron pot could be keeping the magnetic ENP from escaping the confines of his reactor. All the other replicators let their precious ENPs escape into the air.

Why does Rossi enclose his fuel in a cartridge containing layers of steel? Could the iron particle in the Lugano fuel sample come from a magnetic confinement system? Does Rossi have an iron mesh inside the alumina tube to produce magnetic confinement? If theory says that keeping ENPs confined is important, then the use of iron and steel in Rossi type reactors becomes interesting.

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