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Scientific correctness is a slippery thing, however you will learn soon that it is lubricated with vitriol. (Yves Henri Prum)

There is a term called political correctness, and I consider it to be a euphemism for political cowardice. (Milos Zeman)

By analogy what is then "scientific correctness"?
Oppression, domination, inertia, laziness, hypocrisy, reactionarism, denial of progress, stopthinking...

These are nasty things, however reality- including European reality and LENR reality, forces me to speak about nasty things. But you my friends,- please enjoy your vacation - you can read wonderfully smart things here:

Blessed should be the memory of the Canadian painter Robert Genn and also the initiative of his daughter Sara to continue her Father's Work!


Outer peace (continuation)
I pre-, -, and post-agree with Leonid Urutskoev's analysis and prediction that LENR 
cannot be nice, meek, obedient science but on the contrary,  its very nature and inherent fate is to be disruptive, radical. sweeping, paradigm breaking and re-constructive (after living so many years in a communist regime both Leonid and I have a somewhat cautious relationship to the words 'revolution' or 'revolutionary', having idealistic negative connotations, but the synonyms are pale, so we have to take in account that a good healthy pre-condition to peace and serenity is the ability to creatively forget the past- its darker sides of it. We have to make peace with our past.
No better name can be find for the ternary, triple, 3-component technological revolution: Information-Energy-Matter.
History shows that progress can be slowed down but is unstoppable- what have we to do? We all. including skeptics lead by a science  with dogmatic traits or believers
hyperbolizing the already discovered preliminary, larvar, incomplete facts- have to enlarge and enrich our vision, to learn superior methods of thinking.
To expect and accept the coming great ideas- LENR is their harbinger! 

Inner peace 

Decrease the terrible fragmentation in the field, learn to communicate and collaborate, please understand that opposing views are actually complimentary and "need" each other. Do not consider different visions if mission and strategy are similar. 
My personal opinion remains that our community will not be able to make real peace
with its past- that means to not more dwell in it till we do not understand it  and do not accept that we were victims of the interests of hot fusionists, of the arrogance and selfishness of the aristocrats of the nuclear physics, of the honest closed minded dogmatics, of the sensationalist journalists, of Koalemos, of green envy and so on, however for the future's sake please believe me that with solid, reliable, decent,  credible, convincing results not needing the huge increase of the performances of calorimetric measurements- the evolution, reputation, situation of Cold Fusion would have been completely different! Much better.
Do you think it wa easy to me to accept that  Fleischmann and Pons were unlucky; geniuses, but really unlucky! They made a "miscovery" in an incurably ill LENR system captive in the cage of its own weaknesses.
Please read these quotations: and do not be angry with me, I am ready to make intellectual sepukku as soon as reproducible results thta can be called promising with some effort...will be obtained with the electrochemical PdD
To be in peace with our professional conscience, being proud that PdD has generated heroically indeed the absolute certainty- EXCESS HEAT EXIST AND IS NOT CHEMICAL!- we must explain the slow progress, why the things went so badly- the broken promises of Energy source and to focus on viable systems. With no regrets, it was beautiful and interesting after all.

LENR was born to suffer and try and eventually it will win and become the leadinng source of energy. Will this be accomplished with the true new theory or prior to it by thr direct contribution of Technology as I predicted/advised it? It is good both ways
so I will rest in peace. Discontent is the essence of the human nature but only of the living humans. The others, who are in majority, don't need it.


1) LENR publications of Akito Takahashi:

 the first one in the list is his JCF-16 presentation:

Chaotic End-State Oscillation of 4H/TSC and WS Fusion
Authors: Akito Takahashi
As a model mechanism to explain anomalous excess heat results observed by nano-Ni-H systems, the weak-strong (WS) fusion rate estimation during the unresolved effective life time of end state for the 4H/TSC condensation/collapse motion is of key issue. The effective life of collapsed end state on the order of 1 fs is expected. Computer simulation study was done in this work using the HME-Langevin program, using several key conditions as time-dependent TSC trapping potential, fix-up at 2.4 fm p-p distance of proton hard core collision, and the DDL (deep Dirac level) component effect by relativistic motion of electrons. Computer simulation generated chaotic oscillation of p-p distance of 4H/TSC in the range of 3-100 fm, behaving as near stable (strange attractor) lasting for rather long time ( a few fs or more may be expected).

Comments: 23 Pages. Preprint of submittal to JCF16 Proceedings

Download: PDF

2) LENR Videos at VIMEO

3) Why Science Should Give Fusion Power a Chance
It’s the end of 2015, but there’s still no Mr. Fusion to power the flux capacitor. Is cold fusion nonsense, as official sciencedom proclaims, or the victim of irrational fear? The biggest worry for some fusion boosters is not being vaporized, but losing face in the scientific community. At at time when climate change threatens man’s very survival, low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research is beginning to look promising. But the field has been relegated to fringe science when the planet’s best and brightest could be on the case.

4) Such companies as this could make us good surprises in 2016:
NEOFIRE™ applied research for a LENR energy source

5) Andrea Rossi's daily report and news:
Andrea Rossi
December 26th, 2015 at 8:35 AM

Saturday, Dec. 26, 08.33 a.m.:
1MW E-Cat: stable
E-Cat X: working, very promising; no breaks after 42 days 24/7.
Warm Regards,

Rossi: the X-Cat does produce electricity directly:

6) In French language:'
Cold Fusion- the energy revolution thought to be impossible by everybody however  the billionaires and the investment funds just start to believe in it (however are they stronger than the others)
Fusion à froid : la révolution énergétique que tout le monde pensait impossible… jusqu'à ce que milliardaires et fonds d'investissement commencent à y croire (mais seront-ils plus forts que les autres ?)

This is also an echo of the Huw Price paper.AXIL DIXIT

A leading LENR experimentalist and a creative thinker, Dr. Leonid Urutskoev states:

"The existing LENR theories are still naive. We are faced with a fundamentally new phenomenon I became convinced that the proposed theories will not be able to explain LENR an entirely new vector (i.e. a new direction) and a new dimension have to be introduced.”

On connecting the dots, both the Holmlid and LeClair experiments shows that there is a disintegration of nucleons occurring thereby producing meson by-products of all kinds. This leads to the proposition that analog monopoles are producing disruption of the color force in the affected nuclei. Monopole fields are connected to non-associative quantum mechanics. This unusual quantum behavior is occurring on LENR. What this then leads us to is a realization that a new kind of physics applies that has its origins in string theory called TOPOLOGICAL GEOMETRODYNAMICS. This system postulates that reality is a completely geometrical layered structure where the plank constant changes based on the level of reality that we are interested in. Just understanding this stuff entails a lifetime of effort, but based on the weird stuff that LENR occasionally is showing us, some far out completely off the wall descriptions of a new reality is in order.


Developing nuclear physics
Forging the link between nuclear reactions and nuclear structure 
W. H. Dickhoff
Department of Physics, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 63130, USA


Good for LENR researchers too- music, especially opera inspires me: 
10 Magical Effects Music Has On the Mind:

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