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The bond between a man and his profession is similar to that which ties him to his country; it is just as complex, often ambivalent, and in general it is understood completely only when it is broken: by exile or emigration in the case of one’s country, by retirement in the case of a trade or profession. (Primo Levi) 

I am grateful to my Canadian blogger friend Jim Sweeney (I hope he will vsit us next year) owner of the excellent, very cultural
Jim wrote me about a passion we share-"my passion is to inform -and that calls for improving my research and writing skills". He does this exemplary well; he reads a lot about writers, books, book reviews- now he has chosen Primo Levi and has send:
I remembered reading the books of Levi, his tragic life, philosophy, and have chosen the MOTTO. It is about what I have lived: first I loved my profession (chemical engineering) as such more stricto sensu, later this has evolved to loving it in a large context, with increasing intensity. See please below.


a) About the developing cultural history  of LENR

EGO OUT is focused on LENR only- useful energy from deep and deepest hydrogen -metal interactions- however LENR is considered in its broadest context including science, technology, management, history, psychology, philosophy, CULTURE.
A remarkable book is Karoly Simonyi's : " A CULTURAL HISTORY OF PHYSICS"
I have read the original Hungarian text and have enjoyed tremendously its ability of creating a superior vision of things in Physics and I could resonate to its message that the history of physics is open-ended and still marvelous new ideas, achievements will come and surprise us. And not only surprising but also helping to make our lives better and this includes helping culture-culture,

When I think about the cultural history of Cold Fusion-LENR the first that comes in my mind is the excellent book of my friend Roberto Germano: 
Fusione fredda. Moderna storia d'inquisizione e d'alchimia (Italian) 
It was my pleasure to write the presentation of this book for the Infinite Energy Magazine - issue 48. Unfortunately Roberto who has to make a living from research was not active in LENR recently, as far I know..
Obviously many other LENR books, including the two Rossi biographies are in many senses "cultural" too.
I will not define what is cultural here- it is many things- but I will try to continue to  use the cultural approach to LENR in my blog.

b) Shortly about a huge historical half-success

EU and 195 countries adopt Paris climate accord

The decisions will be more or less respected - difficult control and no enforcement or punishment for breaking them. But please consider the meeting was actually about a very wicked impossible problem; my 20 Rules of problem solving
are teaching you how to solve problems and this MUST include impossible problems- Rule 18 actually says "change the premises of the problem" in the worst case- consider the premises changed.
At the end of this Century we will see more clearly (I have to come back with much better eyes) what has happened. Decision takers beware; without LENR not much will happen and you will be considered idealist anti-pragmatic losers. With LENR everything good is possible.

c) I am learning from Andrew Meulenberg  about the connection between neutrini oscillations and LENR

It is not admissible to ignore the concept of  DDL - Deep Dirac Levels promoted by Andrew and Jean-Luc Paillet
My gratitude!


1) Rossi: E-Cat X very interesting after 1 month

2) Climate deal reached in Paris

3) Mathamatics vs Science: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
Posted by Liona Fan Chiang on November 05, 2015
It is about Brillouin...

4) Ben Deniston
Physical Economic Case Study: Costs of the Failure to Go Nuclear – Part 2

Ends with:
"Fission, fusion, and LENR are all “nuclear” reactions (utilizing energy released from a change in the structure (and mass) of the atomic nucleus), so they all fall into this same nuclear category. The energy released from nuclear reactions (from fission or fusion) is hundreds of thousands to millions of times greater than any chemical reaction – and this is where these two aspects you identified are interrelated. The founders and organizers of the zero-growth, green movement don’t want any type of nuclear power to be developed to its full capacity, because this would support population growth, the development of the poorer nations of the world, and a move away from oligarchical systems of rule. That is why fusion never got serious funding in the US, and why fission has been attacked (and why investigations into LENR get slandered). 

The debates between fission vs fusion, LENR vs fission, and fusion vs LENR are distractions. The real fight is a zero-growth, Zeusian outlook vs a Promethean approach to the future."

5)  From the Rossilivecat site
Andrea Rossi is not enthusiastic about tthe results of the Climate Conference; so am I too See please the Notes
December 12th, 2015 at 2:32 PM

Much ado for nothing: there are no details about how every Country will be controlled by a third party: we’ll have a control “a’ la carte”.
Kind of naif, isn’t it?
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi is a workaholic ; so am I. The reason: for some 15 years when my son was ill and we have bought a flat from bank credit I had to earn extra-money all the time, so a day without work was sin and loss-  the situation was habit forming. However I had a genetic pre-disposition to it, my parents were hard-working people
even after retirement..
The 1MW plant needs continuous surveillance and maintenance- the customers of the commercial plants will be normal people, not workaholics. Workaholism can be a modus vivendi for Andrea Rossi, however the E-Cats must be convinced to not require it from their owners.

December 12th, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Jeff S.:
Here are not exceptions, Saturdays and Sundays for us are working days ( and nights), as well as will be Christmas and the New Year First.
To take care of myself I have to remain inside the plant.
Warm Regards,

6) The website of ICCF-20:

7) The Water Crystal- Cavitation and LENR by AXIL-AXIL                                     

8) Jones Beene sends a very interesting SF Bay Area Meetup report:


In perfect harmony with the subject of this issue of EGO OUT:

The Best Science Books of 2015


  1. Alas the new Paris Accord is far from being anything more than a 15 yr. extension on the moribund and failed Kyoto Accord... but there are solutions to the crisis of our menacing CO2. Here are some of my notes on the Paris Accord and the far better alternative.

    1. Dear Russ

      thanks- I have presented your notes in todays issue of EGO OUT
      wise analysis