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Diversity: the art of thinking independently together. (Malcolm Forbes)

What we have to do... is to find a way to celebrate our diversity and debate our differences without fracturing our communities. (Hillary Clinton)

I realize now that it is a real loss for our cause that an important politician like Hillary Clinton is NOT well informed about LENR. Because step by step I am arriving to the conclusion that it is extremely difficult to send a real message to an organization or institution or to the press- a pro-LENR signal will be fast and systematically  diluted by other signals or neutralized, killed by hostile, angry destructive ones. For example I am looking daily to the website fortress of the 29 billionaires who want Clean Energy- it seems impenetrable so I still have not the slightest idea if LENR is, will be, can be included in their plan and funding.
I have hundreds of times written about the Means become Aims tragedies of the organizations- local or at the world level this is their fate.
Therefore the title of this issue: "WITH WHOM TO DISCUSS AND BUILD OUR LENR FUTURE" is also and already  a half of a response- we must discuss with Personalities as much as it is possible. With Leaders,decision takers.
Forums are democratic, open, fast- however terribly inefficient- due to something called "toxic diversity" Too many opinions, too great differences, enemies too well organized- and too many weaknesses of too many kinds in our camp. No dialogs possible mainly babelian polylogies leading to the endemic illnesses of the forums- the six D's.
Today (see below) Ed Storms has also spoken about LENR's internal toxic diversity:
"the people in the field cannot agree on anything about the effect.  Everyone has their own strongly held belief and most people make very little effort to master what is reported by careful study.
He takes it rather principially and philosophically, I am more radical and egocentric:
"people do not agree with my ideas and do not try to apply them in practice, no wonder things are not going well."
For Ed, I add that I don't think that the most careful study of a part, a variant of the 
field can be applied to the whole. So I am part of the toxic diversity now. I hope it will melt away one day.


a) Defining the problems of the field
The problem of PdD is irreproducibility, the problem of NiH is uncertainty, the problem of the entire LENR field is incrementality. Unbearable slowness in progress and development. And limited cognoscibility
It is now a case of "break through or perish" 

b) Ed Storms re the technological failures of the Fusions- both Hot and Cold

Peter, you lament the failure of hot and cold fusion to be used as a source of energy after all this time.  I would like to add my two cents. 

I do not believe hot fusion will ever be a source of practical energy. I expect eventually enough energy will be made this way to power the complex machine with a little left over to supply to the grid. But, the machine will be so complex and so uncertain in its reliability that it will not produce PRACTICAL energy. This belief is growing and will eventually doom the effort.  Meanwhile, a great deal of good science has been obtained and many people have been trained in physics by the effort, so the money has not been completely wasted. 

Meanwhile cold fusion is largely ignored because the hot fusion people work to discount the claims, the skeptics work to spread their ignorance, and the people in the field cannot agree on anything about the effect.  Everyone has their own strongly held belief and most people make very little effort to master what is reported by careful study. 

If you allow me to carry my cynicism a bit further, I would describe the Paris agreement about climate change as a fig leaf. It allows everyone to continue doing what they want while being able to say they tried to stop the seas from rising. They can say to the people being drowned, "we did our best, so stop complaining".  Meanwhile, fossil fuels will be phased out only as fast as is convenient and economically beneficial, as would have been the case without the agreement.  Meanwhile, everyone can be happy for a little longer. 

(Thanks dear Ed, I hope this will be taken over by the Press!)


A Conversation with Mystery Author Bruce Wetterau

"The LENR research took me back to my reference book days. The trick to that kind of writing is making a complex subject clear to the average person, and to do that you need to have a clear understanding of the subject.

Well, that's not so easy when scientists themselves still are not sure about what exactly is going on in LENR reactions. So I read a lot and learned quite a bit, but in the end couldn't work in as much detail as I wanted into Killer Fog. The science is still too unsettled."

From Russ George
It speaks about LENR

A thread of discussions: [Vo]:N. Y. Times article comment:

A LENR EVENT announced by Ruby Carat from Cold Fusion Now:
STAIF 2 Space Technology & Applications International Forum
April 21-23, 2016
Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
It has a LENR session

United States Patent US 9,115,913 B1
With up-dated comments

An interesting comment by Jeff Morriss at;
"The talk I presented stated that Edisonian approaches to finding the necessary nano-morphology in Ni/Li/H are not likely to be repeatable and do not address the underlying lack of a theoretical foundation. I then went on to suggest a possible theory based on localization of energy. The nonlinear terms in the inter-nuclear potential may provide a mechanism (discrete breathers) for sufficient localization of energy between Li-H nuclei to achieve a 0.01A inter-nuclear distances. Later on I proposed using molecular modeling tools as a means of simulating nano-morphologies as a means of testing such a theory."


Burlutskij D.S., Kaleeva Z.G. The Orenburg state university, Orenburg, e-mail: jkaleeva@yandex.ru 

Changing the physical properties of materials experimental impact ball electric discharge, obtained through microwave. Burlutsky Dmitry, Kaleyeva Jeanne. This paper describes a study of the phenomenon of ball electric discharge under the action of microwave radiation on metal and graphite shaft, as well as the impact of this discharge to changes in physical properties of various materials. Keywords: microwave, microwave – radiation level ball, change the properties of materials

The 5 Things You Need To Know About The New Climate Agreement
We still have a lot of work ahead of us.


Historical Cold Fusion papers- less discussed; re-called to our attention by Sanjai Sinha
a) 3 papers by pro-Cold Fusion Nobelist Willis E.Lamb

About the author
b) papers on dealing with the ' Electromagnetic Nature of Nuclear Energy: Application to H and He Isotopes' by Bernard Schaeffer 


How nanoparticles give electrons away
Researchers gain new insights into the electrical charge of platinum particles
\Thanks to Ron Kita!


Get a fresh perspective: Don’t allow groupthink to set in

by Amy Bernstein
The most thoughtful theorists aren't content to promulgate a brilliant insight and preserve it in amber.

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  1. One requirement of the successful application of nuclear power is the preparation of nuclear fuel. In fission, plutonium of U233 must be made or U235 must be enriched. In fusion, tritium and deuterium must be isolated and combined.

    Any theory of LENR must define the process whereby LENR fuel is prepared. In the Cathode 64 experiment, cavitation and the application of super-wave EMF stimulation got the experiment to produce LENR results. But the LENR effect was only temporary; the LENR magic was lost after a number of hours. Theory must also explain how LENR can both come and go so fleetingly. This transient behavior is indeed strange. Once Plutonium or U233 is prepared or U235 is enriched it stays untacked indefinitely.

    Holmlid’s fuel takes weeks of laser fuel irradiation processing before the LENR fuel becomes active. Holmlid says this long fuel preprocessing is why his process has not yet be duplicated.

    Could LENR preparation be comprised of a two-step process where firstly a formation of a seed occurs and then in a prolonged process, a long period of enhancement occurs as that seed grows in power to a point where a threshold is reached, the LENR fuel becomes active and mobile?