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Troubles   come by the kilo and go by the gram. (Ukrainian Proverb)

explains why progress (betterment is so slow overall)

Success will come and go, but integrity is forever.


I have enjoyed translating the essay of Vladimir Vysotskii- I have asked him to tell us about the "philosophy" of his theory of Coherent Correlated States, Very significant
and understandable, I think. See the paper at the end of this issue of Ego Out. At News, paper no 1 is a Lesson of national LENR research and development strategy, also by Vladimir Vysotskii. I am very grateful for his help and for he being an example.
Axil gives a very relevant answer, actually more answers to asked and unasked questions.

Today interesting info, see  e.g. the Heliorite surprise. Tomorrow?


1) The Vysotskii model for national LENR development strategies:

On December 23, Vladimir Vysotskii has made a great presentation-lesson  (2 hours) 
at the ZNANIA  (KNOWLEDGE) community of Ukraine about THE NEW ENERGETICS (problems and perspectives) .This lesson was put on the website of this comunity and will be used for education and information in the entire country. Vladimir speaks in Ukrainian language, however almost all slides are in English, with a few in Russian so you can easily understand what was it about. 

2) French language blog
Fusion froide : le chat (E-Cat) est enfin sorti de sa boîte

3) Andrea Rossi about creativity
December 28th, 2015 at 4:57 PM

When will we see “American home boiler, Rossi effect engine (reactor) Inside”?
Andrea Rossi
December 28th, 2015 at 8:05 PM

You can’t imagine how impatient am I, but I must be patient all the way, working to make it happen as soon as possible. Sometime you can’t foresee: for example, I studied for years how to get out from an E-Cat directly electricity ( we had traces of it), but I have not been able and for those years no progress has been done…suddenly, during a night in the plant, I got an idea that arrived unexpected, and in few seconds we got a progress that we didn’t get in years.
Therefore, it is impossible to give an answer.
Warm Regards,

4) Thanks to Alain Coetmeur- paper possibly connected to LENR

X-ray laser pulses from solids 

Boris I. Ivlev Instituto de F´ısica, Universidad Aut´onoma de San Luis Potos´ı, San Luis Potos´ı, 78000 Mexico 
In experiments on irradiation of metal surfaces by ions of keV energy, X-ray laser radiation was observed despite population inversion was unexpected. The radiation continued after the bombarding by ions was switched off. In this paper unusual properties of that X-ray radiation are analyzed. Anomalous states are formed inside the metal. These states are associated with narrow potential well created by the local reduction of zero point electromagnetic energy. This reminds the van der Waals potential well. States in the well are long-living which results in population inversion and the subsequent laser generation observed.
It is discussed at the LENR Forum thread 
Re-examing Karabut's anomalous collimated X-rays

5) At our fine LENR Forum, it surfaced really interesting information from the Swedish company Heliorite:
Basic LENR in the DEAN model:
AXIL ANSWERS to my question regarding the Grimm paper of yesterday

Science grows through explaining exceptions. For example, Newtonian physics explains most of the universe, but there are a few exceptions that it cannot explain: the orbit of Mercury and the bending of light through the influence of high mass is another. To explain these exceptions, the general theory of relativity is required. Einstein was judged to be a kook until Max Planck took him under his wing and sponsored his ideas. Not until then did general relativity gain any traction in the science world.

LENR is another example of the exception to the rule. Quantum mechanics works well for most things but there are a few things that it cannot handle. For example, what goes on inside the proton and neutron is not subject to the rules of quantum mechanics, so a new force was invented called the color force that handles this exception. The color force is the source of the strong interaction, or that the strong interaction is like a residual color force which extends beyond the proton or neutron to bind them together in a nucleus. The other exception that goes along with the color force is the fractional charge that quarks have. There are also the strange cases that come up involving the fractional quantum hall effect where magnetism produces balls of fractional charge that really surprised physics.

The color force is carried by gluons which makes it different from magnetism. But the quarks inside the protons are thought to be monopoles and they cannot be separated. But why is a quark different than a monopole which can be separated. This confinement is caused by superconductivity inside the proton or the neutron.

If we could produce a monopole that was inside a superconductor, then we would have something special. We would have quarks. This is the exception that quantum mechanics cannot handle. The color force, quarks, and superconducting monopoles are covered by non-associative quantum mechanics.

It just so happens that nano particles can produce a superconducting monopole. This is accomplished in Rydberg matter which has been proven by Holmlid to be superconducting and subject to the meissner effect.

The Rydberg matter that is produced in the LENR reaction is a carrier of the color force that keeps quark contained. This conjecture is proven true in the experiments of LeClair. The water particle is a water based Rydberg matter formed under the tremendous pressure and temperatures produced in the collapsing cavitation bubble. When this nanoparticle begins to eat through material no matter how hard, the particle is protected by destruction from nuclear level forces equal to that of a supernova by the quark based superconductive strengthen color force at the tip of the water crystal. The monopole shield is impenetrable and can withstand a supernova based explosion. When LeClair puts this extra force into the cavitation erosion equations, the equation becomes valid after a hundred years of failure.

LeClair states:

NanoSpire Cavitation Erosion Model Prediction of Fusion Thermodynamics

Mark LeClair of NanoSpire has solved the one hundred year old problem of accurately predicting cavitation erosion for all materials, as a function of cavitation and material properties. Researchers including Lord Kelvin, Lord Rayleigh and many scientists since their day have been unable to solve this seemingly intractable problem. Previous attempts at deriving an accurate general equation have been off by a factor of up to 300X compared to data.

Mark has derived a general equation for cavitation erosion that is a 98% R^2 curve fit for ASTM-G32 cavitation erosion data for 22 different materials. The equation takes van der Waals repulsion into account during high speed impact of cavitation reentrant jets. The equation predicts that a thin layer exists at the point of cavitation reentrant jet impact with a substrate where van der Waals repulsion dominates. The pressure in this thin zone is in the range of a few hundred up to just over a thousand gigapascals depending on the strength of the material.

In cold fusion, we are dealing with a special exception to standard reality involving the color force, gluon force carriers, quark confinement, non-associative quantum mechanics produced by a special shape (topology) of a special nano/micro particle.
See for the theory as follows:

Vortices in Non-Abelian Gauge Field Theory


Data vs theory: the mathematical battle for the soul of physics


From one of my favorite authors, Tanmay Vora: 
Consume Less, Create More
True for LENR research everywhere and always, too!
Prof. Vladimir Vysotskii about "The philosophy of Coherent Correlated States"

As the majority of the physicists does, I also adhere to the concept of Occam's Razor according to which, any (including the anomalous ones) effect can be explained on the basis of already understood phenomena and it is not necessary to postulate new concepts (new forces, new unknown processes and so on...)
To illustrate this to my students, usually I give them the following example: how any automobile works- you can suppose that in the engine under the hood there sits a little Jinn who turns the wheels and has a passion for drinking gasoline. however it is much simpler to not imagine this Jinn and to study the principles of functioning of functioning of the engines.
A similar thing happens also with LENR.

The fact that the conditions and symptom phenomena of LENR are not in accordance with the usual effects of nuclear physics means only that Nuclear Physics had never till now to deal with reactions of charged particles of low energy.
In this situation it is necessary to look/investigate in detail at this processes using the standard quantum mechanics and electrodynamics, and not to imagine new particles or new fields.

Grosso modo, there are only two specific features of LENR:
(1) the great probability to occcur and
(2) the absence of radioactive ash (radioactive daughter products)
During the reaction per se there can appear radiations (many times fixed), however there is no activity after the end of the reaction.
Besides this it must be taken in consideration that LENR can be observed in rather
completely diverse/different systems (predominantly in the process of saturation of the metallic hydrides, sometimes in gases in the presence of transient magnetic fields at low temperatures (Mizuno's experiments). at THz laser stimulation (Little), at the  switching of strong currents, in fields of strong shock waves (Urutskoev) in growing biological systems (our works) and so on...Common in all these systems is the non-stationary interaction.

According to my opinion, both these particularities and all the phenomena observed take place perfectly by the method  of automatic formation of the coherent correlated 
 sates (CCS)  based on same general terms of quantum mechanics, however only when it is in action the fundamental principle of superposition accomplished in non-stationary conditions.
In stationary/steady state  conditions the initial phasing of all states disappears very fast after establishment of some concrete state due to relaxation, however  in non-stationary states it exists- however it can be considerably weakened under the influence of relaxation.

As it is shown in my paper published during the years 2010-2015, this method is automatically realized in all the shown examples of successful cases of LENR. And my friend Leonid Urutskoev is not exactly right, when he says that "it is completely unclear how arises the wave functions  of the quantum particles". This state is as calculated (and it is rigorously calculated for concrete situations according to the Schrodinger Equation)

From these statements come some important results:

1. The formation of CCS leads to the apparition of very great amplitudes of the fluctuations of energy   (and of impulse ) of the particles that exists there for a long time . The amplitude of these fluctuations even at low values of average energy (at the thermal level 0.025-0.1eV) can surpass tens and hundreds of eV (and in principle can even be as high as MeVs)- and this is necessary but not sufficient condition to overcome any barrier. Such energy could be sufficient for breaking any barrier if it would be real not virtual, energy "isolated" just for a short time)
For the removal of the barrier and accomplishment of the reactions on the basis of the fluctuations,as a minimum, there must be implemented two additional

1. The first is that the time of existence of the fluctuations,  should be sufficiently long to allow the particles to come to the barrier, to pass through it and to stimulate the formation pf such composite nuclei that are proper for the necessary reactions.

2. The second condition results from the fact that the fluctuations must still strictly respect the law of conservation of energy (the global energy of any system before the start of fluctuations and after its termination must be the same) From this it flows that the dezagregation (collapse) of the composite nucleus created by the fluctuation and the corresponding release of energy cannot occur later than the existence of the fluctuation, that is only when the fluctuation that "takes time"
 still is active. Obviously if the obtained composite nucleus is long-lived ( that is instable, i.e. radioactive) such a scenario becomes impossible and this channel of reaction does not work!
In discussions with businessmen, I call this mechanism "the principle of the honest borrower who takes interest- free loan from the bank.
This goes the following way- the borrower takes credit (this is fluctuations of energy), uses it (in our variant the particle with the energy received goes through the barrier), gets profit (at us accomplishes the reaction) and returns the credit (at us uses the released energy returning it in the system for respecting the law of conservation of energy).
These conditions can be respected only if the fluctuationsare very great (a great credit) and for sufficiently long duration of the fluctuations  That laso means - such profitable business cannot be made in short time.

So the businessmen can understand better but tiil now this does not lead to funding.

These conditions exists only for the CCS which in the most formalized manner are described by the uncertainty relation of Schrodinger-Robertson) - for example 
  (here  - is the coefficient of correlation and at its maximum CCS , аnd ).
In the normal conditions of non-correlated states that correspond to   
and the "usual" relation of uncertainty of Heisenberg  there can be great fluctuations of energy (however only for short times), or long time fluctuations however with very small quantities of energy 

It is obvious that both these extreme situations, or any intermediary cases based on the Heisenberg relations do not allow the realization of the LENR effects.

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