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I have called the Paris COP 21 agreement a "huge half success" both the success and its "halfness" are impressive-perhaps can be described by the following rather perverse word play 
Did you hear about the fellow whose whole left side was cut off? He's all right now.

This nice saying has, beyond any doubt, a small dose of idiocy in it, not harmful for humor; on the contrary (I bet you all know well my S-Theory of Humor - condensed n this Septoe: 
92. Recipe of humor: sex, stupidity shit, sadism. surprisingly.")

however therefore it is my obligation to offer you an alternative MOTTO, sane, smart  well fit for LENR:

Peculiar I say, how so often the smallest, most seemingly insignificant details later unveil their faces as vital means for progression.” (Criss Jami)


A rhetoric question: Is LENR (born Cold Fusion) actually a SHORTCUT to the nuclear energy promised by Hot Fusion?  If yes, then in which sense?

The concept of "technological shortcut" obsesses me and I have joined the Cold Fusion movement faster than instantly in March 1989 because my idea of technological optimism predicted that fusion energy MUST become a reality. If direct Hot Fusion does not work, there MUST be an alternative way. More than two-and-a- half decades later the situation is anything but rosy- Hot Fusion is still unaccomplished and Cold Fusion is not a complete, total certainty. Not on the technological level. But so many things have happened! Cold Fusion has a better name LENR- but it is still unsure about its true identity, spirit, meaning and historical
mission. My certainty conquered with effort is: it is not a form of Hot Fusion taking place at lower temperatures,it has its specific "otherness"
It has the best chances to be indeed a shortcut to the energy of the nucleus.
Do you noticed this quote:
"Traditional science is all about finding shortcuts." (Rudy Rucker) ?
I dare to say that is more about shortcuts, they are at home in in technology, there are not only spatial shortcuts but also temporal ones and logical- including lateral thinking a la Edward de Bono, etc.

O.K., recently at an initiative of Ed Storms, our patent specialist colleague, David French has answered with a preliminary condensed wisdom essay and has generously accepted that I should offer it to my Readers:

Ed Storms has said:  “I'm suggesting that nuclear interaction has been explored only using high energy, on which "normal" nuclear physics is based.  LENR shows that nuclear interaction can occur at low energy. This condition has not been explored. QM and the basic ideas of physics apply equally to both conditions.”  
Gentlemen, would it be helpful to elucidate the distinctions between Hot Fusion and Cold Fusion?  Here is a start.
1)     Hot Fusion occurs in a plasma where electrons have high mobility.  Cold Fusion occurs in a host crystal where electron mobility is constrained.
2)     Hot Fusion occurs at high temperatures where colliding particles are travelling at in excess of 1 km/sec. Cold Fusion occurs under relatively low temperature conditions between nearly stationary particles.
3)     Hot Fusion occurs where both conservation of energy and conservation of momentum must be accommodated by the colliding particles.  Cold Fusion occurs in an environment that can absorb resulting momentum.
4)     Hot Fusion occurs in an environment free of nearby heavy nuclei.  Cold Fusion occurs in an environment surrounded by heavy nuclei, present as atoms.
5)     Hot Fusion produces high energy radiation. Cold Fusion produces virtually no high energy radiation.
6)     Hot Fusion of Deuterium appears to always produce branching ratio products and only a little Helium.  Cold Fusion of Deuterium appears to, ultimately, produce only Helium.
This is a start.  Others may add further distinctions.  Can this tell us something?
My thanks to David- and to Ed.
A problem of vital importance- I hope the discussion will continue (by me in any case
because I am an shortcutophile); however now I will take it a bit easy, starting with some metaphors for the difference between Hot Fusion and Cold Fusion.

The first was made ad-hoc by Mitchell Swartz:
" Given the unique, requisite roles of both the solid state lattice and its coherent excitations (phonons) in assisting cold fusion, 
Cold fusion (lattice enabled nuclear reactions) is for hot fusion what catalysis is for chemistry.

The second was written by my very regretted friend Christopher Tinsley:Cold Fusion is for Hot Fusion what Biochemistry is for Chemistry.

The third is my own, I composed it at one of the Asti Workshops- specially
for a pleasant and instructive discussion with Akito Takahashi:
Hot Fusion is force brute,Cold fusion is smart nuclear jujitsu.

Hot Fusion vs Cold Fusion? -as the French would say: vive la diffĂ©rence!
(to be continued and not only by me, here)


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My roblem is to see if the Japanese researchers will undergo the LENR satori and will
know that only with Technology added to Science they can solve the Problem(s)

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3) Andrea Rossi about construction materials
December 13th, 2015 at 9:55 PM
We use materials fit for the purpose. If the products will be produced, the warranty will be the same as any other device of the field ( usually 2 years).
Warm Regards,

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From Miki Saxon's blog-I am reading each issue of it; it is smart and instructive for the Management context of LENR;

Do you see the whole or then hole?


  1. About the "nature" of cold fusion I have an intuition, an incompetent intuition.
    This is clearly founded on Edmund Storm approach.

    The preference for low energy outcome of LENR is finally the key observation.
    Sure LENR seems related to material science, thus to collective phenomenons and associated pseudo-particles, but the real miracles are low energy triggering and outcome.
    low excitation of output nucleus, low kinetic of output particles...

    I will relate that to frugal innovation, inverted innovation...

    Hot fusion is about injecting huge energy passing overs coulomb barrier, raping the nucleus, and obtaining over excited outcome that burst full of the energy that broke the barrier and the one from the strong force.
    This is big science, high-tech innovation, venture capitalism...

    Cold Fusion, aka LENR, seems to be the opposite.
    My intuition is that it is a collectivity of atoms, of nucleus which find a way to save energy by reconfiguring in a lower than disordered energy level. This tribe is discovering some frugal innovation to rest in a lower energy state ... how ? no idea, and it seems impossible.
    They can thus emit the saved energy, slowly, as they save it, like poor villagers who obtain microcredits because they have good projects (eg: fusion).
    at one moment they reach a state where energy is that same as a disordered matter state, but with one pair of nuclei which have fused.
    It is as if they could buy an hotel with the accumulated cash, renovate it, and payback the bank after selling it.

    Since , like Edmund Explains, this system is insulated from outside (NAE), nobody cares in which state they are... ordered frugal, or fused normal...
    except that the disordered state can survive decoherence.

    This vision is naive, but really all theories which assume you rape a nucleus and that the raped victim does not explode in furor, devastating all around, are very optimistic.
    Those that expect that some nuclear umbrella can protect all the innocents from the victim's revenge are optimistics.

    the nature of LENr for me is in that soft power, in that bottom-up, that indebted venture capitalism, the frugal fusion.

    As someone said before, it is seduction, not rape.

    It is not beating the girls until she surrender, but offering rose until she falls in love.

    1. I think it would be worthwhile for you and Peter to re-examine the thinking of Julian Schwinger on the possibility of LENR. Probably the greatest mathematical formalist of physics of the Twentieth Century (after Einstein), he pointed out many of the same differences between hot and cold fusion reinvented here.

    2. Please tell more exactly about the connection
      and I will publish the idea at NOTES. However please sign it. Thanks

    3. one question to competent theoretician could be :
      is there a way for a collectivity of uncorrelated nucleus/atoms, to dissipate energy when the get correlated, so they reach an energy level lower than the usual minimum

      the second is if that way can dissipate total energy of >24MeV, and later allow a tunneling to fused outcome ?

      for me it seems impossible, because it would require something like strong force transition of few keV distributed among thousands of atoms.
      but correlation of the atoms may be the secret ?

      one direction could be to find pseudoparticles that may express into the collection of nucleus, if they are strongly correlated.

      as I understand entanglement is monogamous, so it is not the solution.... however I don't understand how superconductivity, superfluidity, can happen and how the atoms are correlated there.

    4. If there was an energy storage mechanism that could buffer energy release and that could contain a few million GeV of energy but has a gradual dispersive mechanism of the energy over time, and if that mechanism became easily entangled with others and shared energy between the members of the BEC, things would work out nicely. The energy transfer mechanism is the monopole magnetic field where the rules for nonassociative quantum mechanics apply.

      The analog micro black hole provides multiparticle entanglement. This new form of entanglement associated with black holes was proved to exist last year.
      All this has been experimentally verified. The hang-up is nobody accepts these experimental results. See