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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep. (Unknown) \


The rule or domination by a meme or memes which are cultural practices or ideas that are transmitted verbally or by repeated actions from one person's conceptions to the minds of other people.

 Memes are popular and the most effective ones are populist. I like to think independently, I do not consider fanship as good for anything see: 
I seem to be a negativist (but I am just in a good sense, realistic) so very probable I will never be able to create a true meme. "Scipiology was misunderstood, a probletence tsunami pushes the Old Continent to cultural and forensic self-destruction but the word  'probletence' has zero impact ; who cares that it is the Black Death of the 21st Century!
Nothing good in LENR either, my "active sites" were replaced by N.A.E. fast when this acronym was created.
Less than 10% of my LENR friends accept the existence of my LENR+ idea. The field is considered as united, not divided in static and dynamic.
My "Technology first" was eaten alive by the Scientific Method. 
However please read this paper posted by a scientist extremely hostile to LENR:

Why trust a theory? Physicists and philosophers debate (Synopsis)

A comment says: When it gets to the point that theories can’t be tested, that is the end of science.

A temporary situation; end of science does not mean end of the world, of the research or death of the problem. For the time given, LENR is just building testable theories and this does not mean we have to stop development- we have to help science with technology and this is possible, you will see. I want to resurrect the Technology First meme.

You can also find here a remarkable paper, 3) by our Vortex colleague Eric Walker (3) 
have the impression Eric accepts here, explicitly or implicitly the memes of complexity, diversity, dynamicity even otherness? Or is it just wishful thinking of an old champion of loser memes? 


1) LENR through monopoles

2) Rossi Addresses Italian Senate

3) A qualitative analysis of isotopic changes reported in LENR experiments

Eric Walker
December 8, 2015 

A few patterns are identified in the isotopic changes seen in LENR experiments. These patterns are shown to be consistent with the parallel operation of several related processes: α decay, α capture, fragmentation of heavier nuclides following upon α capture, and β decay/electron capture. The results of several researchers working in the field are examined in the light of these processes. The analysis developed here is then applied to the 2014 report by Levi et al. on the test of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat in Lugano, Switzerland, whose fuel and ash assays are found to be broadly consistent with the isotope studies. The different processes are seen, then, to operate in systems making use of palladium, nickel, electrolysis, gas diffusion and glow discharge. A suggestion is made as to what might be inducing these decays and capture and fragmentation reactions. 

4) A terror-fiction book 
Killer Fog
 (Clay Cantrell Mystery Series Book 2) Kindle Edition
by Bruce Wetterau (Author)
Prof. Willard Wentworth, an American scientist, is about to realize his ambition of making a world-changing discovery. His Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) device, when perfected, will flood the world with cheap, clean energy--and end our addiction to oil.  (it continues...) 

5) Andrea Rossi
December 9th, 2015 at 11:48 PM

Robert Verdoux:
at 11.46 p.m. of Wednesday Dec 09 the 1 MW E-Cat is marching without troubles and the E-Cat X is working. I can study without interruptions and this is good.
Good night!
Warm Regards,

6) The reactor of Andrea Rossi based on the isotope Li-7 as alternative of the present nuclear energetics
Реакторы Андреа Росси E-Cat на изотопе Li-7, как альтернатива современной ядерной энергетике

7) Continuation Part II - Cold Fusion Claims (a forum of mainly skeptics)

8) An other model of the nucleus
V.A. Shashlov: "Electrical and magnetic moments of the nuclei"
Akademia Trinitarianizma No 77-6567 Publ 21536, 10.12.2015

9) Newsletter Power N. 026 Dicembre 2015.

AXIL SAYS - in completion and support to/of his paper 1)

Holmlid has seen mesons produced in his experiment. This is called  magnetic monopoles catalyzed nucleon decay Seeing protons and neutrons turn into mesons is a test for the existence of the monopole.


"Some beyond-the-Standard Model grand unified theories (GUTs) explicitly break the baryon number symmetry, allowing protons to decay via the Higgs particle, magnetic monopoles or new X bosons. Proton decay is one of the few unobserved effects of the various proposed GUTs. To date, all attempts to observe these events have failed."


Heat radiates 10,000 times faster at the nanoscale:
thanks to Giancarlo Gazzoni for signalling this

Problem solving- an opinion:
Column: Progressive means never having to be accountable

I think Jean-Francois Geneste is also interested in this 
Paradox at the heart of mathematics makes physics problem unanswerable

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