Monday, February 4, 2013


I ceased to publish my INFORMAVORE’s SUNDAY web search newsletter, but I kept my habit to read a lot and to be informed.
Last week I came upon this paper:

Vegetarianism can reduce risk of heart disease by up to a third:

Nothing special here, myriads of similar correlations, some even not false are sold by the scientific press. Vegetarian and vegan proselytism is highly active worldwide, many important personalities were engaged in vegetarian practice and propaganda, and the vegetarian memes are potent and have formidable penetration power and stickiness. Reasonable short vegetarian episodes can be really beneficial, sometimes. Difficult subject, there are great differences between what people say and what they do (eat).

I was ready to ignore this paper, but then I had a sudden revelation:
What will happen if EVERYBODY will take this paper as true and absolutely serious?
And then a second paper will demonstrate that strict veganism from cradle to grave decreases the probability of heart diseases to 3.4%? (this is very probably true because many babies are killed by veganism; you realize that mother milk is prohibited too?). Vegan cradle is a shortcut to the grave,
I have imagined a vegan revolution, ultra-fast pandemics- say in a year we have 7 and a bit billions of fanatic plant-eaters worldwide. The consume of meat in any form, of pork, beef, chickens, fish etc., dairy products and honey will go down to zero. The towns will be renamed after savory plants, New York will become Broccolyork,
Very probably absolute veganism will be associated with total
anti-alcoholism, self-imposed prohibition, from beer to tequila and from kvass to tzuika – the world reserves will be poured into the ocean with no fear of a mega tsunami.
OK, too much non-intelligent distopic imagination is harmful, however I dare to think that you already are aware about the problems generated by this radical change to economy (many branches of industry- not only Big Food destroyed, jobs lost, shrinking agriculture) and ecology (wild species fighting for the former food supplies of fowl and cattle). The Vegan Revolution will be a disaster- and I even have not mentioned the most tragic fact: our brains need a blood afflux and energy that can be given only by energo-intensive cooked meat ergo geniuses will disappear, independent thinking will become impossible, science and technology will regress. It will be a very disruptive change!

I have sub-zero attraction to vegetarianism so I continued this thread of thinking. Any disruptive change, even if it is all good in essence,it will be a catastrophe in practice.
We know what are the causes of evil in our world, a wise lady has told me the truth, see here:
Say these main causes of evil will suddenly disappear- what happens if Koalemos dies? Can this world exist with no stupidity, zero greed or complete lack of violence? It is such a fine equilibrium between the sellers and buyers of stupidity, many professions cannot exist without stupid people, and the destruction of sancta simplicitas will be very harmful.
Please think about this, find your own personal examples and please accept that: the speed of change is a factor of equal importance to the direction of change, good or bad.
Mobile phone is really good-and actually it came slower than we think:

But this was only a rather hazy introduction, actually I want to tell you about New Energy, more specifically LENR or HHENI, how it will be started and implemented. It is usual to speak about an Energy Revolution because we are taught that “revolution” is
by definition something good, positive, to be desired. The bad old is replaced with the good new. This is true, but only in part- I will not annoy you with the historical examples as the French or the Russian great revolutions, our own Romanian Revolution from December 1989. The most recent ones- the Arab Spring have replaced autocratic kleptocracies with kleptocratic theocracies or similarly garbled ones. My favorite writer does not believe in the finality of revolutions please read this book that I quote often: “THE REVOLT OF THE ANGELS” by ANATOLE FRANCE
Revolutions bring good things but it is unavoidable that a lot of bad things come too; revolution devours many of their own children- both humans and ideas.
Really good changes are fast but not abrupt, sustaining not disruptive based on replacements and not on displacements, is powerful but smooth, deep but not radical.
The old is adapting not collapsing, the new is healthily, steadily growing but not exploding. The world needs diversity.

Analyzing today’s news re LENR, the general situation of the field, and the fear of a disruptive change induced by the advent of LENR energy almost disappears.
Let\s be realists, ladies and gentlemen! Total power in world is 15.10exp12W; the most promising LENR/HHENI generators have 10-40.10exp3W. The world will need hundreds of millions of E-cats or Hyperions-and/or much greater generators than the present ones.
No disruption, no bankrupt oil industries, just slowly changing infrastructure. In the best/worst/worst case a R-Evolution i.e. rapid evolution, step-wise, slower than exponential. Being given my ardent desire to see a brave new HHENI world, I am using soul migration management and resurrection techniques to come back in 2050, summertime; I am so curious!



  1. Nice article as usual.
    About vegetarianism, a relation was diabetic and anemic in an Asian country... eating meat and fish, but few, and much rice and fried things...
    She get in the country of cooking, France, and solved all... much more meat, too much for her she found, but after some adaptation it is not perfect but much better.

    as I've learn in "little Buddha", if you pull the string too much it break, not enough it doesn't sing.

    about LENR my computation a year ago with data from Defkalion were giving the following estimation for a total transition to LENR :

    few % of nickel production used each year (assuming the nickel is transmuted, which is no more the main hypothesis today).
    Energy cost mostly work, investment, not fuel.
    6 month of GDP to invest in Hyperion style reactor (forgot about optimization , and also about turbines, and also assume all is electric, yet pure thermal is cheaper).
    electricity 10 times cheaper than french cheap nuclear energy. 100 times less than solar, and more if you account for storage, grid cost, and induced backup power plant.
    even better for heat-only.
    thus energy is no more a problem
    10% of saving minimum, but probably much more if you account solving soot problem, CO2 problem, electric lines and grid cost, autonomy for many applications, loss of monopolies in energies, development of some farm-helping technology (water cleaning, pumping, desalinization, greenhouse or anti-greenhouse)...

    1. Thank you! Re diets reason and evlution has to decide; we are not herbivores, normal good life is at high intensity
      including intense thinking.
      RE HHENI- I hope to live eneough to see (approx) the first
      100,000 Hyperions working for people.

    2. funny to see people worried that we produce enough of those semi-simple machine (simpler that condensation gas boiler)...
      Of course if only one factory does it, but imagine if it became a business...
      ah ah ...
      not more complicated than a mobile phone, just bigger.

      No need of subsidies to sell LENR.
      No need of UNO support.
      No need of NGO campaign.
      No need of political support.

      we only need UNO, NGO, Politicians, to let LENR develop. That is the point that will be the most difficult, as I expect strong resistance from business (only the incumbent) and non-business lobbies (those depressive anti-humans you describe well) .
      UNO and government will just follow the lobbies.

    3. we discuss about it, Defkalion has to solve this,
      partially bureaucratic problem too.

    4. the big risk with "defkalion alone" approach is that it will be easily captured by big incumbent lobies that want their market not to change of structure...

      Creating a nework of small business that cooperate and compete, will be much more lean.
      this is the approach of, based apparently on similar ideas prepared to change the energy market for renewable.

      we need to go faster and smaller than thet big business , the big lobbies, faster than the policician can vote, and the media can manipulate...
      see what happens to shale and GMO in EU, killed before being tested.
      If we are not fast enough, in western continental europe it will be forbidden before being accepted by SciAm.

  2. Dear Alain, we have luck- Defkalion doesn't want to go alone,
    see please their new website. Their coopetition will appear for sure.
    What will do Rossi is a mystery, we cannot exclude that something good can happen some day with the E-cat.

    GMO is a dreadful subject

  3. For a country to "go vegetarian" is a bit like disarming. Unless the other country (or the other guy) goes first, you lose. Humans can be vegetarians; they can even be vegans (but if Dennis Kucinich is any example, they shouldn't). We were designed to be omnivores. Our teeth are carnivourous, as is our digestive system.

    1. I agree, vegetarianism is unsustainable- inside not outside.