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The Internet gets physical:          

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


How would you create the perfect search engine?


Search engines: improve your skills and find exactly what you want 

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One-Word Searches: Search Engines Doing More With Less:


How Bing Is Rethinking The Way We Search: Part 1 w/ Stefan Weitz:                                           


Blekko –new and improved site, same mission:


Biggest Search Events of 2011 & Predictions for 2012:

Great Web brands- Survey Monkey                                     

What it's Like when the Net Giants 'Defriend' You:


Bing- the future of search and social:

Why you shouldn’t avoid twitter any longer:


The Law of Online Sharing Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg will eventually have to deal with the fact that all growth has limits:


Information's Social Highways A startup studies the paths taken by viral messages:

Social media’s envy effect:



Google's Zeitgeist: Don't Dig Too Deep for Meaning:


Test your creativity with our search caption challenge:

Tips & Tricks for the Google TV Pro:


Humans Make Language, Language Makes Us Human:

E-book lending lures readers back to libraries:

Using tablet computers, e-libraries, and family literacy initiatives to encourage young children to read:

Publishers vs. Libraries: An E-Book Tug of War:


Probing the Unconscious Mind Cognitive psychology is mapping the capabilities we are unaware we possess


Visualizing Human Intention Neuroscientists may predict what you will do before you do it.


Crucial Advances in 'Brain Reading' Demonstrated:


Neuroscientists identify a master controller of memory

One gene appears to regulate the brain’s ability to form new memories:            


The top 10- species discovered in 2011:


Chinese Fossils Shed Light On Evolutionary Origin of Animals from Single-Cell Ancestors:

Ironing out Details of Earth's Core: Researchers Obtain Highest-Pressure Vibrational Spectrum of Iron:

First Ever Direct Measurement of Earth's Rotation:



Is there a Moore’s law for energy efficiency?:


Chemicals and Biofuel from Wood Biomass:

To Survive, Some Biofuels Companies Give Up on Biofuels Companies such as Gevo hope to become profitable by turning corn into chemicals:


New Biofuel inspired by fir trees:


Towards Artificial Photosynthesis for Solar Hydrogen Generation: Algal Protein Gives Boost to Electrochemical Water Splitting:


The Best Predictions of 2011 Drawing from a variety of sources throughout the past year, the editors of THE FUTURIST take a look at some of the best predictions for the world’s future:


THE FUTURIST Magazine's Ten Favorite Predictions for 2011: 

Ultimate guide for tablets:       

Marc Andreessen: Predictions for 2012 (and beyond:


My 10 Favorite Technologies of 2011 A year of new gadgets and wonders that greeted the world:


Gadgets in 2011 : Top 5 of Everything – Part I:


Need a new material? New tool can help Exhaustive reference system and interactive toolkit could revolutionize materials research, potentially enabling new types of manufacturing:


Novel Device Removes Heavy Metals from Water:


MIT launches online learning initiative

'MITx' will offer courses online and make online learning tools freely available.:                        

Just Enough Aversity Breeds Resilience


Why Humans Are So Sociable These Days:


Prejudice Comes from a Basic Human Need and Way of Thinking, New Research Suggests:


EarthSky 22: Mayan calendar and December 21, 2012


'We are the 99 percent' chosen as year's top quote:

Miki Saxon’s Selection; Quotable Quotes by H.L. Mencken:

Celebration of the Future:

Who is alive and who is dead:


The 50 most innovative companies 2011:

Why failure drives innovation:


The 50 best blogs for future leaders:


Fire, Snowball, Mask, Movie: How Leaders Spark and Sustain Change:                                             


I’m still learning. The day I stop reading, the day I stop learning – that’s the day I stop leading & likely the day I stop breathing:         


Developing future leaders- It’s imperative not to wait:



Innovation- Matrix'-style learning cements new skills in brain

Repetition in the head can mean better performance on certain skills, researchers find:



Brain function — a new way to measure the economic impacts of aging:                                             


Scientists May Be Able to Double Efficacy of Radiation Therapy:


Technological Healing A leading researcher says digital technologies are about to make health care more effective. But is so much data really beneficial?:

The Mystery Behind Anesthesia  Mapping how our neural circuits change under the influence of anesthesia could shed light on one of neuroscience's most perplexing riddles: consciousness:


What Makes Anesthetics Work:


How Pregnancy Changes a Woman's Brain:


New Light On Medicinal Benefits of Plants:

Gene therapy for ears:

New plasma “brush” may mean painless plasma filling:



One Billion Holiday Wishes Nourishing the Planet:

Making Drought Resistant Crops:

Why Does Asian Food Taste So Different From Western Food?:

Which Wheats Make the Best Whole-Grain Cookie Doughs:



Why People’s Names Are So Hard to Remember:

The Mall as a Sanctuary: Study Finds Holiday Shopping Outlets Aren't Just Shrines to Spending:





Seven Ways to Get Yourself Hacked As targeted scams become more common, it's vital to protect yourself:

Is your voicemail vulnerable to hackers:

Firefox security tips and tools:

A lot of hoaxes attacking us but stopped here:     


Intel Shows Off Its Smart Phone and Tablet for 2012  Prototype devices show Intel chips running devices that could challenge the iPhone and iPad early next year:

Bob Rankin- What is Windows Phone7?:

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