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My Dear Readers,

This issue of my newsletter is published in tandem.
with our first Guest Editorial written by my new friend,
Cancer is one of the greatest enemies of mankind- a very cruel
one and when I started to think –it was the era of the antibiotics and the Salk vaccine, I was firmly convinced that cancer will
eradicated in my lifetime. This was an absolutely erroneous prediction- today approximately 13% of us have the chance to
die from a form or other of this dreadful illness. Ganglionar cancer
has killed my son at the age of 31.

David Haas is telling us that we have to fight against cancer and
shows how we can due it. A noble, human initiative. Thank you David!

As regarding the newsletter there are so many interesting things
that I will ask you to discover them yourselves. I have enjoyed
very much the “vocabulary quiz”- good and fast- you have to take
instant decisions, like in peak experiments, in Flow, or in moments of kairos. Or, when you are in dead trouble.




Can the Entire Internet be Summarized?:


The Web in 2012: Five predictions, starting with IE10:


Imagining 2076: Connect Your Brain to the Internet:


Researchers claim new data transfer rate world record:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Search Engines 101-Part 2:

Yahoo- 2011 year in review:


The Top 2011 Searches from Bing: A Year of Breakthroughs and Heartbreaks:

A source of news:                                  

Inside search engines' war on bad results:

 8 best free online PDF tools:

100 excellent hints and tricks for every computer user:



Microsoft Mixes Social Networking With Search Aimed at students, the new network shows that combining two of the Web's most popular activities has broader potential:


Top 10 Most Significant Search & Social Marketing Stories of 2011:            

Network Thinking:



Google Advanced Search Techniques:

Is Google making us illiterate?:

Chrome 15 puts IE8 in rear-view mirror, takes No. 1 spot

First time in years that a non-Microsoft browser has been top dog:


Why Google TV will win:        


Exclusive: Google CEO's inner circle: Meet the L Team:



Vocabulary quiz:                                           

E-Books, Shmee-Books: Readers Return to the Stores:


In depth: Using the Kindle Fire vs. the Kobo Vox vs. the Nook Tablet:



Human Brain and the Potato: Similarities Within the Mitochondrial Ion Channels:


Tapping the Brain Orchestra:


Potential Explanation for Mechanisms of Associative Memory:


Biophysicists Discover Four New Rules of DNA 'Grammar' For 60 years, biologists have known of only two grammar-like rules that govern the language of DNA. Now they've found four more:

Speed of light lingers in face of new camera:

World's Smallest Frogs Discovered in New Guinea:


Unlocking the Secrets of Snowflakes’ Shapes

Leon Lederman explains the mystery and beauty of the Higgs boson:                                      

Meet the Agta, a tribe where a quarter of men have been attacked by giant snakes:

No Acid Burn for Naked Mole Rats:


ScienceShot: Ant 'Gas Gun' Paralyzes Prey:



Solar Cells Capture Lost Energy:


Discovery of a 'Dark State' Could Mean a Brighter Future for Solar Energy:


Ramping Up Wind Energy Research:

Tilting at Water Turbines A collection of weird and wonderful devices designed to harvest energy from the ocean:

A Greener Way to Make Solar Cells:


Biofuel Research Boosted by Discovery of How Cyanobacteria Make Energy:


The Death of Range Fuels Shouldn't Doom All BiofuelsThe influential biofuels startup failed because its technology proved too expensive:

Highly resonant wood could be commercially produced for Stradivarius-quality "fungus violins”:


Cryogenic treatments database:

5 Disruptive Technologies Happening Now From e-books to 3-D printing, TR spotlights the technologies that are destroying markets and creating new ones.



Brain's Cortex Plays an Essential Part in Emotional Learning:


Brain's Failure to Appreciate Others May Permit Human Atrocities:

The Museum of Mathematics:
How music is good for your brain:

Famous castles in the world:

Is Positive Psychology Prescriptive or Descriptive?:


Why Do People Defend Unjust, Inept, and Corrupt Systems?:


Less Knowledge, More Power: Uninformed Can Be Vital to Democracy, Study Finds:


Are We Happy Yet? The Unexpected Links Between Happiness and Choice:


Media megatrends 2012–2018:


How to increase productivity in the digital workplace:

Find, Hire, Love and Promote the One Percenters:

Why the world still needs bosses:

The Thought Leader Interview: Meg Wheatley An expert on innovative leadership warns that too many companies are reverting to fear-driven management. Instead, executives should hold to their values and build healthy corporate communities:                          


When You Work For A Jerk: A 6-Point Plan For Dealing With A Bad Boss:         

Study Debunks Myths About Gender and Math Performance:

Immortality as Selfishness, Death as an Engine of Innovation:


Before the How and the What comes the Why:


The Rise of the Digital Doctor:   

Why Tuberculosis Is So hard To Cure:

Blood Clot Education for Patients & Professionals


Inbreeding in Bed Bugs: One Key to Massive Increases in Infestations:


Device Tracks Blood Flow in the Brain A headset ultrasound monitor could make it easier to detect the dangerous aftereffects of brain injuries:


Beating Superbugs With a High-Tech Cleanser:


Device Tracks Blood Flow in the Brain A headset ultrasound monitor could make it easier to detect the dangerous aftereffects of brain injuries:

I am not a physician, but in my opinion “Melanie’s Marvellous Measles” is a criminal book:


How the Bioweapon Ricin Kills: Scientists Solve Mystery Through Revolutionary New Technology:


Magnetic Stimulation of Brain May Help Some Stroke Patients Recover:


Medicine Needs Frugal Innovation A low-cost pocket ultrasound device can see into the human heart. So why do so few doctors use it?;

Please explore this new newsletter:


State of the World 2011: Innovations that Nourish the Planet:

Welcome to Peak Water: Scientists Say Time Is up to Prepare for Melting Glaciers:


"Computerized penetrometer" measures the crispness of apples:








Seven Ways to Get Yourself Hacked As targeted scams become more common, it's vital to protect yourself: .

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer - Which Web Browser is Most Secured?:

Bob Rankin- Is your flash drive infected?:


One Million Mobile Apps, and Counting at a Fast Pace:

New Statistics: The Rise of Smartphones, Apps and the Mobile Web:

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