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The unity of all science consists alone in its method, not in its material.
(Karl Pearson

In the twenties the late Dr. Glenn Frank, an eminent social scientist, developed a new statement of the scientific code, which has been referred to as the “Five Fingers of the Scientific Method.” It may be outlined as follows: find the facts; filter the facts; focus the facts; face the facts; follow the facts. The facts or truths are found by experimentation; the motivation is material. The facts are filtered by research into the literature; the motivation is material. The facts are focused by the publication of results; again the motivation is material. Thus the first three-fifths of the scientific method have a material motivation. It is about time scientists acknowledge that there is more to the scientific convention than the material aspect. Returning to the fourth and fifth fingers of Dr. Frank's conception of the scientific method, the facts should be faced by the proper interpretation of them for society. In other words, a scientist must assume social responsibility for his discoveries, which means that he must have a moral motivation. Finally, in the fifth definition of the scientific method, the facts are to be followed by their proper application to everyday life in society, which means moral motivation through responsibility to society. (Earl M. Hildebrand)

One aim of physical sciences had been to give an exact picture the material world. One achievement of physics in the twentieth century has been to prove that that aim is unattainable. (Jacob Bronowski)

Truth in science can be defined as the working hypothesis best suited to open the way to the next better one. (Konrad Lorenz) 


a) About the more-than-an-alliance between LENR and materials science

Now this is certain and unchangeable I have lived in the era of the three interdependent and interpenetrating Technological Revolutions, and in my ways I have participated at all three.

(I) The first - Information Revolution was/is an irresistible tsunami and a triumphal march.

(II) The second - Energy Revolution is a difficult challenge and an ordeal- however now it is in the very proximity of its turning point and reversal of fate toward victory.

(III) The third - Matter Revolution is incredibly broad, multifaceted and includes myriads of spectacular local achievements- wonderful materials that Nature simply forgot to create.

My participation: 40+ years in polymer technology (III), 27+ years in LENR (II) and 12 years in Web-search (I) however things have to seen more freely, life is not bureaucratic- thanks Fatum!

One aspect that appears relevant these day is the splendid relationship between LENR- the spearhead of the Energy Revolution and materials science - the high art of pushing the properties of matter beyond its many natural limits.

It is well known that there are terrible materials science problems iin Hot Fusion, however - as we could see and suffer in solidarity with researchers  as Alexander Parkhomov and others- dynamic high temperature LENR also needs resistant materials.
Just now Quark X enters the second day of test in a hellish environments see please the title of paper 1).

But please understand that successful LENR IS in part, materials science

b) Actually this is also about materials science- why I like Mihail Mironov's MAUS concept.

The site:
is still strongly in the building  phase, however important Rossi effect replications will be presented soon.  I have started to discuss with the young Mihail Badimovich - Mironov the creator of the site and leader of the MAUS lab- for now I am translating here the basic paper re MAUS

Metastable controlled atomic fusion (MAUS)

MAUS is revolutionary means to trigger the reactions of controlled fusion- including LENR using a combination of physico-chemical phenomena based on external action on the  active medium, thus converting one or more of its components in an excited-metastable state. As a result there appear the necessary conditions for nuclear fusion- associated with the release of a great quantity of energy. 

For the start of the reaction in the MAUS technology- it is necessary to excite 
to pump up the energy of the atom-mediator ("catalyst")  which at its turn transfers the energy to the nuclei so that the charge of the nucleus becomes one-sided and thus conditions are created for overcoming the Coulomb barrier.

One of the simplest examples of such reactions is the fusion of deuterium nuclei in the target of TiD bombarded with ions of Ne+ have energy less thn 50keV. D+D --. He + 24MeV as confirmed experimentally  by  A.S, Russetskii on the GELIS installation. [1] Similar reactions can go in more steps by forming of short-lived metastable isotopes as the reaction 63Cu+pn--. 65mZn (energy of excitation 53.928keV. Half-time 1.6msec.Spin and parity of the nucleus  is 1/2 and it releases a great quantity of energy at decay Davtian [2], [3]

The reactions taking place in more steps via metastable isotopes are practically more efficient due to easy start and are better manageable as it was confirmed in the first reactors of Andrea Rossi,

The MAUS technology differs fro other methods of activation of LENR by excellent reproducibility and control of the devices- actually full control of the process,a stable fast start, working stability as well as by easy stop of the process in anomalous conditions.
(for references please see the original)


1) Seven Days of Hell for the E-Cat QuarkX (Hank Mills)

2) Andrea Rossi on his blog JONP
Frank Acland:
The test is starting now.
I will talk about it within 10 days from now.
Warm Regards,
3) From Gregory Goble:                                                                                                           2016 US Congress LENR Report and the Department of Defense Commander in Chief - What will Obama Say?

4) Why are DoS, DoD, World Bank, Northrop Grumman and Bechtel keeping a Close Eye if this is Only a Conspiracy?


Physicist conducts experiments indicating efficiency of fusion start-up technique

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Opinion: Students' future isn’t our past


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    Students' future isn’t our past.
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