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It was somewhere discussed how would an ideal LENR blog look like today. First of all it would write exclusively about LENR science- theory and experiment- and will avoid with superiority to speak about  such things as the Rossi-IH dispute that cannot lead to nothing scientific or good. Idea... I do not like this world in the very moment when it is outside Art and Culture- it cannot be mixed with reality and it becomes a killer. All the authoritarian societies- communism included were ideal-istic. See the first Motto by one of the wisest lady writers who ever lived.
Ideals are used so many times to do evil things.
Back to the ideal LENR blog, I have understood that it is impossible and auto-destructive to ignore reality and the Dispute is an important part of this reality and it is a lot at stake. An army of fighters claiming to be strong and -again- to defend an ideal company against the Evil Andrea Rossi- a collateral victim can be the LENR+ technology- a great unique chance for LENR now.
Unfortunately IH's real people are using far from ideal methods and have a style of speaking and acting similar to that of violent teenagers using well words and empirically apt in many unclean tricks of rhetorics. you can find alone the examples
in the paper No 5) below 
f you are on IH's side please do not read it, it is disappointing for them and will be  for you too.. But can be easily corrected and I will publish too the corrections i.e. direct answers to 5 simple questions.


1) Norway to Ban Internal Combustion Engines by 2025

2) New sources of energy, LENR phenomena during the interaction of hydrogen with transition metals-in Italian by Ubaldo Mastromatteo

3) Remote Area / Disaster Relief AC/DC power, Heated air, Warm Water and Clean Water E-Cat QuarkX System Concept (Engineer48
4) Mad Dog Weaver Confesses He is a Lier and Hypocrite – He is Ok with it Since He has been Forgiven and Pardoned by … ?

5) Very Important Questions to the IH EX(orcists) From Peter Gluck – Why does IH Deny being Satisfied with the 1MW COP~50 Test Until Rossi Payment was Due?


Humanity may be alone in the Universe (Synopsis)\


Science has next to nothing to say about moral intuitions


  1. Peter
    There was also some good discussion about
    Ecat testing between engineer 48 and Jed
    Rothwell and others on Ecat world.

  2. Peter
    Interesting comment from A.R.
    June 21, 2016 at 2:40 PM
    Dear Mr Rossi if I may ask the following:

    Since Court dates are closing, and no matter who is right, that could take lot of time, money and your own energy away from your industrialization plans and Quark-X research.
    Can you in any conditions think of discussing with IH about solving your dispute by negotiations before it goes to court?

    Since beginning of days when humans climbed down from trees, there have been situations where one or both parties have felt hurt or mistreated but by putting feelings behind and being wise and rational humans have overcome even bigger disputes.

    All the best whatever you choose.

    Andrea Rossi
    June 21, 2016 at 3:15 PM
    I am not happy to make a war, but I am ready to make a war if I have to. To make a war it takes two parties, as well as to make a peace it takes two parties.
    Warm Regards,
    Maybe an opening for T.D.

  3. Repeating my prediction: The ERV will not bedeposed as part of the legal disagreement.
    He will not be found on US soil.

  4. Brian
    If you were offered $25 thousand U.S.
    to do a 3 month EVR on the Ecat would
    you accept.
    The reason I ask is if your test was positive
    then we would clear up a lot.
    If negative the same.