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War requires three things,--money, money, money. (Raimondo Montecuccoli) 

Research is war with the Unknown, so it needs four things- money, money, money and money. 
Unfortunately it needs something else, more subtle and less accessible  too- IDEAS, useful creative ones.


Today I wan and by those who want to give funds- very probably to those t to speak about money, about funding of LENR research in the very near future.- how the situation and perspective can be seen by those who want to get the funds

I will start with the best business model a researcher, consultant or professional problem solver can use and I will speak from experience, not books. Actually  it has started with a book, I was 10-11`years old when after learning an old method of fast reading I started Io read systematically the books from my parents great library
- without censoring the parents were both working and had no time to select the books. So I had a first mental meeting with an ancient institution dedicated to the the oldest profession- by reading George Bernard Shaw's play "Mrs. Warren's Profession" 

Mrs. Warren a former prostitute is now the rich co-owner of a chain of brothels in Europe. I had to make some investigations to understand why and how these brothels work, however I learned that their profitability is bound to the "bordello business model they use" The clients first pay and only after "do".
We researchers, consultants, problem solvers must apply strictly this model, imagine for example a LENR research contract in which results or success gets the money!

My technically quite successful consulting action- C5- that is CITODATA Creative Chemical Consulting Company has failed just because I was unable to apply the bordello business model- 1990-1994 it was high inflation in Romania. I had plenty of contracts problems of applied chemistry- polymers, anti-corrosion. adhesives, additives. I have applied the slogan "bis dat qui cito dat" twice gives who gives fast"
from here the name of the company, however the customers did not paid at term
the money has depreciated fast. The State, very smart has applied the bordello model for taxes. The company has failed.
When doing web search for money I worked much better. Asked the customers to pay first a good sum just to start searching- this has happened when my son had cancer surgeries and I needed extra money.

Here I  want to emphasize that the other rule is- accept only cash NEVER shares even if the value is ten times greater. The company can lose a licence or suffer other losses and the shares are depreciated lower than toilet paper. I am still owning 3 and respective 2% of two small US companies  that have disappeared, No shares, it is important.

Do not misjudge the application of the bordello business rule in research it is a honest deal you need the money to prepare the research and only when you have the proper conditions can you work with full dedication at the limits of your skills and experience and creativity!

In NO case the model means  that you are like a bordello worker- morally speaking. do not do research for criminals as the Drug Cartel, do not associate to ecological big lies as the VW case recently, do not change your opinion to be liked by the Fiunder if he is in some dispute with  a rival company whatever, do not do industrial espionage or ny form of patent theft. Bordello model-yes, whore not a bit!

Re the Funders- we will discuss together WHAT LENR RESEARCH should they support and how?

I think Funders should be aware that  in funding size matters much. Not paying with cash, or giving "bakshish" size sums as say 10,000-25,000 US$ is just temporary 
artificial respiration for a dying research subject.


1) Will Musk Provide Model for E-Cat Manufacturing>,d.ZGg

2) Rossi Responds to IH’s Motion to Dismiss in Court Case

3) Curated by Alain Coetmeur
LENR REvolution in Process, cold fusion.

4) Still fragmentary information...
Hans-Henning Raven According to this web document Israel is heavily investing in LENR technology. Pandora's Box ... opened forever.

NOTE: This information was surprising< i did not know bout any LENR research or activity in Israel from the time when ENERGETICS moved to the Missouri Univ.
A retired Israeli friend who definitely has LENR experience and knowledge says:
"Really, I have come across similar sort of the messages several times.
I think this is obsolete information, which, nevertheless, periodically appears in the network by inertia.
At least, I know nothing about any researches of this kind held in Israel now"
(we will continue to investigate this- an other issue is LENR research NOW in South Korea)

5) THREAD Have IH let their E-Cat license lapse by inaction?

A new battle of incompatible ideas

BTW- a comment re this issue on JONP has beeen sent to my blog too; it so clearly weitten!:
The original author is Ophelia Rump- who m I have sentonce (politely!) to the nanoplasmonastery
D. Boswell
Hi Dr Rossi,

Seen on ECW – simple Logic:
It is a very difficult position to say you did not pay the man the tens of millions you owe him because the product does not work, and at the same time sue the man for control of the territory where he is manufacturing working product. IH has made it’s decision.
They bought rights to a different product which they say does not work, even if they maintained the rights from the initial payment, Rossi will be manufacturing a different product.
I expect that any rational judge would club IH like a baby seal if they contest the territory after having abandon the payment obligation on a technicality. It really looks like IH was only trying to kill off Rossi as potential competition for some other client.
I sincerely doubt there will be any lingering legalities. You are either on the bus or off the bus.
IH is officially off the bus.

Rossi has not commented!

6) Found by Alain Coetmeur
Patent on LENR in Graphene+Hydrogen, examination iterations..

7) From MMM- M ihail Mironov,. MAUS Laboratory TO BE DISCUSSED LATER NOW I GIVE JUST A RAW TRANSLATION  (watching soccer Hungary- Island)

On the issue of E-Cat Andrea Rossi - I can responsibly say that the device has been described in its patents is inefficient, I have repeatedly tested it personally because pure Ni powder by heating in a hydrogen atmosphere you do not get nuclear reactions.  In this way, only occasional, sporadic acts of reactions and energy conversion efficiency can be obtained COP never exceeds 1, the same applies to the heating of the mixture of powders of Li [AlH4] and Ni in a confined space - nuclear reaction starts.

Those results that were got in their experiments of Dr. Parkhomov are purely chemical processes. Not to be unfounded I will describe what's going on in his reactor filled with a mixture of nickel powder and aluminum nickel. When heated to temperatures above 150 * C decomposes to lithium aluminum hydride, lithium, aluminum and hydrogen by the reaction:

 2Li [AlH4] -> 2LiH + 2Al + 3H2

Further to achieve temperatures above 1000 * C begins to react with the aluminum powder to form nickel intermetallic compounds, with the majority of these reactions are exothermic with evolution of heat:

Al + 3Ni = Ni3Al + 37,6 kcal

2Al + Ni3Al = 3NiAl + 46,7 kcal

Al + 2NiAl = Ni2Al3 - 15,4 kcal (endothermic)

3Al + Ni2Al3 = 2NiAl3 + 13,8 kcal

simply put in at Dr. Parkhomov reactor are not talking cold fusion, but simply a chemical reaction - SHS - SHS. And the most interesting thing that a change in external conditions, temperature and pressure, equilibrium can be shifted and the left and right, and even the process can be drove in chemical oscillator mode! So there is a common chemical that Parkhomov took for LENR.

  You may ask, what about the change in the isotopic composition recorded Parkhomov? So there is nothing unusual - the usual physical chemical process - different isotopes Li at different speeds diffuse into the material of the tube wall of the reactor's ratio of lithium isotopes in the fuel and change before and after the reaction ....

  What turns reactor Rossi fake? With all the confidence I can say that there is no - nuclear process in Ni / H system is possible and Rossi, but rather the late Professor Focardi did it, but not as it is written in the patents - in addition to heat, which is needed to facilitate the hydrogenation of nickel, need another additional factor exposure a system that will give the opportunity to "steal" the charge of hydrogen nuclei \ deuterium on one side of the core that will enable kernels will approach to a distance at which begins to act strong interaction and they coalesce, run cold fusion 

 What additional factor used Focardi-Rossi

honestly I do not know because I have come to the technologists LENR his own way, and I can not say that the MWC technology is the only possible way. MWC is just one of the possible ways to start the process.
In a nutshell, to start LENR in Ni / H system at MWC technology grains powder saturated with hydrogen nickel and placed under a hydrogen atmosphere with a dash of "activator gas" needed to affect high-voltage electric discharge so that the "heavy" ions "activator gas" accelerated electric field discharge beaten in hydrogenated grains of nickel powder
An analog device Focardi-Rossi
the photograph is one of my first successfully launched Ni / H LENR cells to run it lacked only 20 watts, and it generates only.

More details about my experiments with Me / H / D LENR devices, interesting effects and results obtained from me will find articles and videos that soon I'll post on my site in the section projects .

 So far, to begin with, I would say that using the MWC technology process can be run under milder conditions than describe Rossi and his followers ......



NSF COMPLEXITY LECTURE SERIES: "A Complex Systems Science of Human Learning" - June 30
We need a LENR Complexity study and course!


  1. Peter
    Mrs. Warren and her business associates
    would be smart enough to invest in research
    in LENR.They would have been better
    partners for A.R.
    I could see the headlines.
    Madam and former prisoner have built
    a Cold Fusion device that works.
    That would shake up the establishment .

  2. This report Peter linked to

    is excellent and is sane ! vs the obnoxious remarks put forward by some groups of incredulous extreme skeptics who exhibit over-the-top obsessiveness embedded in nastiness by peddling anti-LENR claims attacking LENR results with remarks such as "LENR is only claimed by liars, cheats, thieves, and delusional fools". These general and extreme comments are directed at many LENR claimants (not just Andrea Rossi).

    Again, this link offers rational sanity. Thank-you !.

    Doug Marker